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Affective and Behavioural Dysfunctions in Patients with Subcortical Stroke

Author(s): Luis Gutierrez Cabello | Isabel Gómez-Ruiz | Angel Aguilar Alonso | Salvador Pedraza Gutiérrez
Knigth's Move in the Periodic Table, From Copper to Platinum,Novel Antitumor Mixed Chelate Copper Compounds, Casiopeinas,Evaluated by an in Vitro Human and Murine Cancer Cell Line Panel

Author(s): Isabel Gracia-Mora | Lena Ruiz-Ramírez | Celedonio Gómez-Ruiz | Mabel Tinoco-Méndez | Adriana Márquez-Quiñones | Laura Romero-De Lira | Álvaro Marín-Hernández | Lucía Macías-Rosales | Ma. Elena Bravo-Gómez

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