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Diabetes distress among type 2 diabetic patients

Author(s): Islam MR | Karim MR | Habib SH | Yesmin K
Development of Exchange Rate Estimation Method by Using Artificial Neural Networks

Author(s): M. Niamul Bary | M. Habib Ullah | M.T. Islam | M.R. Ahsan
Sero-monitoring of Peste Des Petits Ruminants (PPR) Antibodies in Small and Large Ruminants in Bangladesh

Author(s): M.E. Haque | S. Habib | M.R. Islam | K.A. Khan | A.S.M.A. Hannan | A.K.M.M. Anowar | E.U.A. Nadir
Survey of Arthropod Biodiversity in the Brinjal Field

Author(s): M.A. Latif | M.M. Rahman | M.R. Islam | M.M. Nuruddin
Comparative Study of Statistical Skin Detection Algorithms for Sub-Continental Human Images

Author(s): M.R. Tabassum | A.Ul. Gias | M.M. Kamal | S. Islam | H.M. Muctadir | M. Ibrahim | A.K. Shakir | A. Imran | S. Islam | M.G. Rabbani | S.M. Khaled | M.S. Islam | Z. Begum
Inoculation Times with Strains of Macrophomina phaseolina and Colletotrichum corchori on the Seed Yield Contributing Characters of Late Jute Seeds

Author(s): M.M. Islam | K.Sultana | M.M. Hussain | M.G. Mostafa | M.R. Islam | M.L. Rahman | M.A.Kashem
Effect of Aqueous Extracts of Some Weeds on Germination and Growth of Wheat and Jute Seeds with Emphasis on Chemical Investigation

Author(s): B. Roy | M.R. Alam | Bikash C. Sarker | M.S. Rahman | M.J. Islam | M.A. Hakim | R.I. Mahmood
Effects of Irrigation Water Arsenic in the Rice-rice Cropping System

Author(s): M.R. Islam | S. Islam | M. Jahiruddin | M.A. Islam
Importance of Mammary System Conformation Traits in Selecting Dairy Cows on Milk Yield in Bangladesh

Author(s): M.M. Bhuiyan | M.R. Islam | M.L. Ali | M.K. Hossain | M.A. Kadir | N.S. Lucky | B.R. Das
Plant Regeneration of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal (Ashwagandha) from Nodal Segments Derived Callus an Endangered Medicinal Plant in Bangladesh

Author(s): N.A. Siddique | M.A. Bari | Sharmin Shahnewaz | M.H. Rahman | M.R. Hasan | M.S.I. Khan | M.S. Islam
Available Feeds and the Quantities Fed to the Large Ruminants in Different Areas of Bangladesh

Author(s): M.M. Zaman | M.M. Rahman | M.R. Islam | M.K. Hossain | K.A. Khan
Changes in Some Biochemical Parameters of Mulberry (Morus sp.) Leaves after Infected with Leaf Spot Disease

Author(s): Lipika Ghosh | M.S. Alam | M.R. Ali | A.M. Shohael | F. Alam | R. Islam
Haemagglutination Antigen Preparation of Newcastle Disease Virus on Vero Cell Line

Author(s): M. Mehedi | K.M. Hossain | M.J.F.A. Taimur | B.K. Sil | M.R. Islam
Adaptation of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV) on Vero Cell Line

Author(s): M.M. Ahasan | K.M. Hossain | M.R. Islam
Genetic Variability, Heritability and Correlation Studies in Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.)

Author(s): M.G. Mostofa | M.R. Islam | A.T.M. Morshed Alam | S.M. Mahbub Ali | M.A.F. Mollah
Arsenic Status at Different Depths in Some Soils of Bangladesh

Author(s): M.M. Hossain | M.A. Sattar | M.A. Hashem | M.R. Islam
Effect of Some Organic Substances on the Root-knot Disease of Brinjal

Author(s): S.M.E . Hassan | S.M.E . Hassan | M.R . Amin | A.T. M. R . Hoque | S.M.S . Islam
Effect of Nitrogen Supplied from Manure and Fertilizer on the Growth, Yield and Nutrient Uptake of Rice

Author(s): S. Begum | M.M. Rahman | M.J. Abedin Mian | M.R. Islam | M. Uddin
Surface Wave Analysis Using Morlet Wavelet in Geotechnical Investigations

Author(s): Z. Chik | T. Islam | M.M. Mustafa | H. Sanusi | S.A. Rosyidi | M.R. Taha
Agronomic Characteristics of Jute, Kenaf and their Plant Biomaterials Effect on Soil Nutrient

Author(s): M. Nasimul Gani | A.K.M. Maqsudul Alam | M.R. Islam | M.M. Rahman | M. Nuruzzaman | Shafi Iqbal
Development of Deterministic Service Time Traffic Model for Packet Communication

Author(s): Md. Shahriar Karim | Md. Imdadul Islam | Adnan Rab | Md. Rakibul Hasan | M.R. Amin
Efficacy of Different Commercial Vitamin - Mineral Premixes on Productive Performance of Caged Laying Pullets

Author(s): M. Asaduzzaman | M.S. Jahan | M.R. Mondol | M.A. Islam | A.K. Sarkar
The Anatomical Studies of the Kidneys of Rhode Island Red (RIR) and White Leghorn (WLH) Chicken During Their Postnatal Stages of Growth and Development

Author(s): Kh. N. Islam | M.Z.I. Khan | M.S.I. Siddiqui | M.R. Islam | N.S. Lucky | M.K. Hossain | G.N. Adhikary
Haematological Parameters of Fayoumi, Assil and Local Chickens Reared in Sylhet Region in Bangladesh

Author(s): M.S. Islam | N.S. Lucky | M.R. Islam | A. Ahad | B.R. Das | M.M. Rahman | M.S.I. Siddiui
Regeneration of plantlets from node-derived callus in Aegle marmelos Corr.

Author(s): M.R. Islam | S. Zaman | K. Nasirujjaman
Biological Screening of Some Sewage Microbes in Bangladesh

Author(s): M.E. Haque | M.M. Pervin | M.Z. Rahman | K.M.K.B. Ferdaus | M.H. Kabir | M.A. Rahman | M.A. Bari Miah | M.R. Islam | M.T. Hoque
Effect of Irrigation and Mulch on Bushbean Production in the Hill Valley

Author(s): S.N. Mozumder | M. Moniruzzaman | M.R. Islam | S.M. Faisal | M.A.R. Sarkar
Yield Performance and Grain Quality of Wheat Varieties Grown under Rainfed and Irrigated Conditions

Author(s): A.M.A. Kamal | M.R. Islam | B.L.D. Chowdhury | M.A. Maleque Talukder
Reproductive Problems of Cows at Bangladesh Agricultural University Dairy Farm and Possible Remedies

Author(s): M.A.S. Talukder | M.A.M.Y. Khandoker | M.G.M. Rahman | M.R. Islam | M.A.A. Khan
Food and Feeding Habits of Puntius gonionotus (Thai Sarpunti) in Rice Field

Author(s): M.R. Mondol | S. Dewan | M.A Hossain | M. Asaduzzaman | M.A. Islam | U.A. Rozario
Commercial Enzymes Production by Recombinant DNA Technology: A Conceptual Works

Author(s): Sarder Nasir Uddin | A.M. Hasan | M.R. Anower | M.A. Salam | M. J. Alam | S. Islam
Relative Merits of Homo and Heterospermic Bull Semen in Respect of Preservation Quality

Author(s): S.A. Azmal | M.R. Amin | H. Khatun | M.S. Islam | M.P. Mostari | P.C. Goswami
Relative Merits of Homo and Heterospermic Bull Semen in Respect of Fertility

Author(s): S.A. Azmal | M.R. Amin | P.C. Goswami | M.P. Mostari | M.S. Islam | R. Khatun
Genetic Diversity in Irrigated Rice

Author(s): M.R. Islam | M.A.B. Faruquei | M.A.R. Bhuiyan | P.S. Biswas | M.A. Salam
A Study on the Physico-chemical Characteristics of Some Mango Varieties in Khulna Region

Author(s): M.A. Mannan | S.A.K.U. Khan | M.R. Islam | M. Sirajul Islam | Ayesha Siddiqa
Sero-prevalence of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV) Specific Antibody in Chicken

Author(s): P. Shrestha | M.M. Ahasan | K.M.D. Islam | M.M. Billah | M.E. Islam | M. Mehedi | S. Mitra | M.R. Islam
Lymphoid Tissues in the Digestive Tract of Deshi Chicken (Gallus domesticus) in Bangladesh

Author(s): M.L. Rahman | M.R. Islam | M. Masuduzzaman | M.Z.I. Khan
Effect of Shrimp Culture on Livestock Feeds and Fodder

Author(s): M.Z. Rahman | A. Reza | M.S.K. Sarker | F. Kabir | M.R. Islam
Effect of Timing of Nitrogen Application on the Growth and Yield of Separated Tillers of Transplant Aman Rice

Author(s): M.R. Alam | M.A.R. Sarkar | K.M. Khalequzzaman | Md. Nazrul Islam | M.K. Anam | Md. Abdur Rahim
Field Evaluation of Integrated Management Practices on Garlic Production

Author(s): M.R. Karim | S.M. Asaduzzaman | F. Islam | M.A. Islam | S.M.N. Islam | Q. Naher
Histological Studies on the Arterial Walls of Main Arteries Supplying the Mammary Glands of Dogs (Canis familiaris) in Bangladesh

Author(s): M.A.A. Prodan | M.R. Islam | S.K. Das | M.A. Awal | M.N.H. Siddiqi | M. Kurohmaru
Genetic Evaluation and Selection Criteria of Hybrid Rice in Irrigated Ecosystem of Bangladesh

Author(s): K.M. Iftekharuddaula | M.S. Hassan | M.J. Islam | M.A. Badshah | M.R. Islam | Khaleda Akhter
Effect of Manures and Fertilizers on the Growth and Yield of BRRI Dhan 30

Author(s): M. Khanam | M.M. Rahman | M.R. Islam | M. R. Islam
An Empirical Distributed Matrix Multiplication Algorithm to Reduce Time Complexity

Author(s): Md. Nazrul Islam | Md. Shohidul Islam | M.A. Kashem | M.R. Islam | M.S. Islam
Face Recognition Using Genetic Algorithm and Back Propagation Neural Network

Author(s): Sarawat Anam | Md. Shohidul Islam | M.A. Kashem | M.N. Islam | M.R. Islam | M.S. Islam
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