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Randomised phase I/II study to evaluate carbon ion radiotherapy versus fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy in patients with recurrent or progressive gliomas: The CINDERELLA trial

Author(s): Combs Stephanie | Burkholder Iris | Edler Lutz | Rieken Stefan | Habermehl Daniel | Jäkel Oliver | Haberer Thomas | Haselmann Renate | Unterberg Andreas | Wick Wolfgang | Debus Jürgen
Non-randomized therapy trial to determine the safety and efficacy of heavy ion radiotherapy in patients with non-resectable osteosarcoma

Author(s): Blattmann Claudia | Oertel Susanne | Schulz-Ertner Daniela | Rieken Stefan | Haufe Sabine | Ewerbeck Volker | Unterberg Andreas | Karapanagiotou-Schenkel Irini | Combs Stephanie | Nikoghosyan Anna | Bischof Marc | Jäkel Oliver | Huber Peter | Kulozik Andreas | Debus Jürgen

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