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Artificial 64-Residue HIV-1 Enhancer-Binding Peptide Is a Potent Inhibitor of Viral Replication in HIV-1-Infected Cells

Author(s): Mouhssin Oufir | Leslie R. Bisset | Stefan R. K. Hoffmann | Gongda Xue | Stephan Klauser | Bianca Bergamaschi | Alain Gervaix | Jürg Böni | Jörg Schüpbach | Bernd Gutte
High specificity of line-immunoassay based algorithms for recent HIV-1 infection independent of viral subtype and stage of disease

Author(s): Schüpbach Jörg | Bisset Leslie | Regenass Stephan | Bürgisser Philippe | Gorgievski Meri | Steffen Ingrid | Andreutti Corinne | Martinetti Gladys | Shah Cyril | Yerly Sabine | Klimkait Thomas | Gebhardt Martin | Schöni-Affolter Franziska | Rickenbach Martin
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