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Probabilistic Evaluation of Three-Dimensional Reconstructions from X-Ray Images Spanning a Limited Angle

Author(s): Anja Frost | Eike Renners | Michael Hötter | Jörn Ostermann
Facial Image Processing

Author(s): Garcia Christophe | Ostermann Jörn | Cootes Tim
Decoder-Side Motion Estimation Assuming Temporally or Spatially Constant Motion

Author(s): Sven Klomp | Marco Munderloh | Jörn Ostermann
Signal Processing Strategies for Cochlear Implants Using Current Steering

Author(s): Waldo Nogueira | Leonid Litvak | Bernd Edler | Jörn Ostermann | Andreas Büchner
Facial Image Processing

Author(s): Christophe Garcia | Jörn Ostermann | Tim Cootes
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