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What to Do To Promote Mental Health of the Society

Author(s): A Hajebi | B Damari | A Vosoogh Moghaddam | A Nasehi | A Nikfarjam | J Bolhari
Mandibular First and Second Molars with Three Mesial Canals: A Case Series

Author(s): Mohsen Aminsobhani | Behnam Bolhari | Noushin Shokouhinejad | Abdollah Ghorbanzadeh | Sholeh Ghabraei | Mohamad Bagher Rahmani
Coronal Microleakage in Root Canals Obturated with Lateral Compaction, Warm Vertical Compaction and Guttaflow System

Author(s): Mohsen Aminsobhani | Abdollah Ghorbanzadeh | Behnam Bolhari | Noushin Shokouhinejad | Sholeh Ghabraei | Hadi Assadian | Marzieh Aligholi
Retreatment of a 6-Canalled Mandibular First Molar with Four Mesial Canals: A Case Report

Author(s): Mohsen Aminsobhani | Noushin Shokouhinejad | Sholeh Ghabraei | Behnam Bolhari | Abdollah Ghorbanzadeh
Assessing the Efficacy of Citrus Aurantifolia Extract on Smear Layer Removal with Scanning Electron Microscope

Author(s): Behnam Bolhari | Mohammad Reza Sharifian | Mohsen Aminsobhani | Hamid Reza Monsef Esfehani | Pardis Tavakolian
The Role of Depression, Stress, Happiness and Social Support in dentifying Suicidal Thoughts in Students

Author(s): Hamid Poursharifi | , Mojtaba Habibi | Fariba Zarani | Ahmad Ashouri | Mitra Hefazi | Ahmad Hajebi | Jafar Bolhari
The Study of Suicidal Behaviors Rates in the Community Sample of Karaj City in 2005

Author(s): S.K. Malakouti | M. Nojomi | M. Posht Mashhadi | M. Hakim Shoshtari | S. Asgharzadeh Amin | J. Bolhari | A. Asadi | Sh. Moshirpour
Medical and Psychological Interventions in Reducing the Risks of Drug Abuse and Improving the Psychological Status of Drug Addicts in Iranian Prisons

Author(s): S.K Bayanzadeh | J Bolhari | M.K Atef Vahid | R Nori-Ghasem Abadi | F Lavasani | I Karimi Kisami
The Study of Demographic Characteristics of Suicide Attempters Attending Emergency Rooms of Karaj Hospitals in 2003-2004

Author(s): M Nojomi | J Bolhari | S.K Malakouti | M Hakim Shooshtari | S Asgharzadeh Amin | M Posht Mashhadi
The Survey of Divorce Incidence in Divorce Applicants in Tehran

Author(s): Jafar Bolhari | Fatemeh RamezanZadeh | Nasrin Abedininia | Mohammad Mahdi Naghizadeh | Hajar Pahlavani | Mehdi Saberi
Comparison of Predisposing and Effective Factors on Divorce Application between Men and Women

Author(s): Nasrin Abedinia | Jafar Bolhari | Fatemeh Ramezanzadeh | Mohammad Mehdi Naghizadeh
Evaluation of Mental Health Program Integration into the Primary Health Care System of Iran

Author(s): Jafar Bolhari | Hamidreza Ahmadkhaniha | Ahmad Hajebi | Seyed Abbas Bagheri Yazdi | Morteza Naserbakht | Issa Karimi-Kisomi | Siamak Tahmasebi
Report of a Visit from Supporting Housing for Mental Health Patients

Author(s): noushin zarei | Masoud Ahmadzad Asl | Jafar Bolhari
Criticism of Mental Health Program in Iran

Author(s): Masoud Ahmadzad Asl | Noushin Zareie | Jafar Bolhari
Challenges of Mental Health and Addiction: Report of an Expert Panel

Author(s): Naghme Mansouri | Seyed Vahid Seyed Vahid | Mosleh Mirzaie | Yashar Daroshaffa | Jafar Bolhari
Urban Mental Health Service: Primary Health Care Model with Community Participation

Author(s): Jafar Bolhari | Ali Zojaji | Issa Karimi-Kisomi | Mahboobeh Nazari-Jeirani | Sakineh Tabaee
An Article on Challenges of Mental Health and Addiction in Iran

Author(s): Jafar Bolhari | Seyed Vahid Shariat
Attitude, Knowledge, and Satisfaction of Health Personnel and General Population about the Program of Integration of Mental Health in PHC in Iran: Systematic Review

Author(s): Seyed Vahid Shariat | Naghme Mansouri | Banafsheh Gharraee | Jafar Bolhari | Reza Yousefi Nourai | Afarin Rahimi Movaghar
Ultra Rapid Detoxification: A Review of advantages and Disadvantages

Author(s): R. Rostami | Sh. Sardar Pour Goodarzi | J. Bolhari
Validity and Reliability of an Objective Structured Clinical Examination in Psychiatry: A Guided Survey

Author(s): Abbas Attari | Gholam Reza Mir-sepassi | Arsia Taghva | Jafar Bolhari | Mahin Aminoroaia | Akbar Hasanzadeh
Validity and Reliability of the First Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in Psychiatry in Iran

Author(s): Arsia Taghva | Maryam Rasoulian | Leili Panaghi | Jafar Bolhari | Mehran Zarghami | Mehdi Nasr-esfahani | Brian Hodges

Author(s): Jafar Bolhari
Running the First Psychiatry OSCE in Iran and Satisfaction of Consultants, Residents, and Standardized Patients

Author(s): Jafar Bolhari | Arsia Taghva | Maryam Rasoulian | Mehrdad Mohammadian | Leili Panaghi | Homayoun Amini

Author(s): Jafar Bolhari
The Prevalence of Drug Abuse among University Students in Tehran

Author(s): Farhad Taremian | Jafar Bolhari | Hamid Pairavi | Mahmoud Ghazi Tabatabaeii
Screening For Mental Disorders Among Afghan Immigrants Residing in Tehran

Author(s): M. Mohammadian | M. Dadfar | J. Bolhari | E. Karimi Keisami
Correlation of Social Support and Negative Life Events with Depression

Author(s): N. M. Bakhshani | B. Birashk | M. K. Atefvahid | J. Bolhari
Effect of Father Loss on Behavioral Disorders in Primary School Children

Author(s): Keramat Keramati | Jafar Bolhari | Ali-asghar Asgharnejad Farid
Evaluation of Mental Health Program Integration into the Primary Health Care System of Sanandaj District

Author(s): Fariba Tairi | Ali-asghar Asgharnejad Farid | Jafar Bolhari | Ahmad Ghazizade
Predicting Factors of Suicide Attempts in Karaj General Population

Author(s): Marzieh Nojomi | Seyed Kazem Malakouti | Jafar Bolhari | Marjan Posht Mashadi | Safieh Asghar Zadeh Amin
The Role of Demographic and Psychological Variables in Predicting Violence in Victims of Spouse Abuse in Tehran

Author(s): Mohammad kazem Atef Vahid | Shahrbanoo Ghahari | Elham Zareidoost | Jafar Bolhari | Eisa Karimi-kismi
Public knowledge and attitudes toward Epilepsy in Tehran

Author(s): K. Gharegozli | F. Abbasi siar | A.S Kolahi | J. Bolhari | GH. Zaman | Z.T. Keyhanidoost | P. Poortaherian
The effect of carvacrol on Enterococcus faecalis as an intracanal medicament-Invitro study

Author(s): Sharifian M. | Bolhari B. | Nosrat A. | Aligholi M.
Comparison of coronal salivary microleakage in obturated root canals using lateral compaction, single cone gutta-percha and System B vertical compaction methods

Author(s): Ghorbanzadeh A | Aminsobhani M | Asadian H | Bolhari B | Shokouhinejad N | Ghabraie SH | Kharraziefard MJ
Case finding in integration of Mental Health Services into Primary Health Care System: systematic review of the studies conducted in Iran in recent two decades

Author(s): Banafsheh Gharraee | Seyed Vahid Shariat | Naghmeh Mansouri | Seyed Jafar Bolhari | Reza Yusefi Nouraee | Afarin Rahimi Movaghar
The change in attitude and knowledge of health care personnel and general population following trainings provided during integration of mental health in Primary Health Care in Iran: a systematic review

Author(s): Mansouri Naghmeh | Gharaee Banafsheh | Shariat Seyed Vahid | Bolhari Jafar | Yousefi Nooraie Reza | Rahimi-Movaghar Afarin | Alirezaie Narges
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