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Apolipoprotein ε4 polymorphism does not modify the association between body mass index and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol: a cross-sectional cohort study

Author(s): Rahilly-Tierney Catherine | Arnett Donna | North Kari | Pankow James | Hunt Steven | Ellison R Curtis | Gaziano J Michael | Djoussé Luc
Specificity of a whole blood IGRA in German nursing students

Author(s): Schablon Anja | Diel Roland | Diner Genia | Anske Ute | Pankow Wulf | Ringshausen Felix | Nienhaus Albert
The transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) polymorphism may be associated with focal arteriolar narrowing in Caucasians with hypertension or without diabetes: the ARIC Study

Author(s): Yan Yu | Klein Ronald | Heiss Gerardo | Girman Cynthia | Lange Ethan | Klein Barbara | Rose Kathryn | Boerwinkle Eric | Pankow James | Brancati Frederick | Ballantyne Christie | Köttgen Anna | North Kari
Role of BMI in the Association of the TCF7L2 rs7903146 Variant with Coronary Heart Disease: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study

Author(s): Anna M. Kucharska-Newton | Keri L. Monda | Suzette J. Bielinski | Eric Boerwinkle | Thomas D. Rea | Wayne D. Rosamond | James S. Pankow | Anna Köttgen | Gerardo Heiss | Kari E. North
THOC5/FMIP, an mRNA export TREX complex protein, is essential for hematopoietic primitive cell survival in vivo

Author(s): Mancini Annalisa | Niemann-Seyde Susanne | Pankow Rüdiger | El Bounkari Omar | Klebba-Färber Sabine | Koch Alexandra | Jaworska Ewa | Spooncer Elaine | Gruber Achim | Whetton Anthony | Tamura Teruko
Suggestion for linkage of chromosome 1p35.2 and 3q28 to plasma adiponectin concentrations in the GOLDN Study

Author(s): Rasmussen-Torvik Laura | Pankow James | Peacock James | Borecki Ingrid | Hixson James | Tsai Michael | Kabagambe Edmond | Arnett Donna
Association of sICAM-1 and MCP-1 with coronary artery calcification in families enriched for coronary heart disease or hypertension: the NHLBI Family Heart Study

Author(s): Tang Weihong | Pankow James | Carr J Jeffrey | Tracy Russell | Bielinski Suzette | North Kari | Hopkins Paul | Kraja Aldi | Arnett Donna
An evaluation of the metabolic syndrome in the HyperGEN study

Author(s): Kraja Aldi | Hunt Steven | Pankow James | Myers Richard | Heiss Gerardo | Lewis Cora | Rao DC | Province Michael

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