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Recent progress of acrylamide in heat-processed foods

Author(s): ZHU Yu-Chen  | WANG Fei | SONG Jian | ZHAO Meng-Yao | CHEN Fang
Isolation and characterization of gypenosides from Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Author(s): LIU Hui-Min  | YANG Jing | CHEN Dao-Jin | PIAO Xiang-Lan
Analysis and control of bacterial flora in African style salad

Author(s): CHEN Ying  | WU Hai-Feng | JIANG Yun-Sheng
Stress Analysis of Shallow Sea Gas Pipelines

Author(s): Xiaonan Wu | Yi Jiang | Hongfang Lu | Shijuan Wu | Xiaoxiao Chen
Imaging Drumlin Architecture with Electrical Resistivity

Author(s): Januka Attanayake | Yongping Chen | Rory Henderson | Zhao Zhao
Preparation and characterization of chitosan/cellulose blend films using ZnCl2·3H2O as a solvent

Author(s): Shan Lin | Lihui Chen | Liulian Huang | Shilin Cao | Xiaolin Luo | Kai Liu | Zuhua Huang
Immobilization of lipase on chitosan beads for removal of pitch particles from whitewater during papermaking

Author(s): Kai Liu | Guanglei Zhao | Beihai He | Lihui Chen | Liulian Huang
Effect of thermal treatment with methylolurea impregnated on poplar wood

Author(s): Heyu Chen | Qian Lang | Yilin Xu | Zifeng Feng | Guofeng Wu | Junwen Pu
Protective Role of Andrographolide in Bleomycin-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis in Mice

Author(s): Tao Zhu | Wei Zhang | Min Xiao | Hongying Chen | Hong Jin
Heavily Tm3+-Doped Silicate Fiber for High-Gain Fiber Amplifiers

Author(s): Yin-Wen Lee | Han-Wei Chien | Che-Hung Cho | Ju-Zhe Chen | Juin-Shin Chang | Shibin Jiang
The specific heat of wheat

Author(s): Cao, Y. | Li, G. | Zhang, Z. | Chen, L. | Li, Y. | Zhang, T.
Effects of Bullying in Schools: The Teachers’ Perspectives

Author(s): Clifford Gomba | Kuan Chen Tsai
Microsurgical procedure combined with thoracoscopic resection for thoracic spinal canal dumbbell-shaped tumors

Author(s): DUAN Bo | GUO Jia-long | QIN Jun | CHEN Liang | ZHAO Hong-yang
Surgical strategy for intra- and extra-vertebral dumbbell-shaped tumors

Author(s): SUN Li-yong | CHEN Zan | CHEN Yong-jie | WU Hao | JIAN Feng-zeng
Use of Chlorella for the Treatment of the Soft-shelled Turtle Processing Wastewater

Author(s): Yong-jun Zhang | Dong-yang Su | Gao-fan Zhang | Jia Li | Song-xue Hu | Sheng-hua Han | Ling-tao Zeng | Ting Chen
Intraspinal tumors and spine stability

Author(s): CHEN Zan | JIAN Feng-zeng
Uniform and Conformal Carbon Nanofilms Produced Based on Molecular Layer Deposition

Author(s): Peng Yang | Guizhen Wang | Zhe Gao | He Chen | Yong Wang | Yong Qin
Two Novel Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cycle Inhibitory Cyclodepsipeptides from a Hydrothermal Vent Crab-Associated Fungus Aspergillus clavatus C2WU

Author(s): Wei Jiang | Panpan Ye | Chen-Tung Arthur Chen | Kuiwu Wang | Pengyuan Liu | Shan He | Xiaodan Wu | Lishe Gan | Ying Ye | Bin Wu
A New in Vitro Anti-Tumor Polypeptide Isolated from Arca inflata

Author(s): Jian Xu | Zhiyan Chen | Liyan Song | Lili Chen | Jianhua Zhu | Shuangshuang Lv | Rongmin Yu
Adsorption of Cu(II) from aqueous solution using activated carbon derived from mangosteen peel

Author(s): Yandan Chen | Mingjie Huang | Weiqun Chen | Biao Huang
The circumferential mechanical properties of bamboo with uniaxial and biaxial compression tests

Author(s): Zehui Jiang | Fuming Chen | Ge Wang | Xing’e Liu | Sheldon Q. Shi | Hai-tao Cheng
Minimum time trajectory for helicopter UAVs: computation and flight test

Author(s): Michael Zhu | Shupeng Lai | Randy Boucher | Ben Chen | Xiang Cheng | Wei Kang
The Effect of Methylated Vitamin B Complex on Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms and Quality of Life in Adults with Depression

Author(s): John E. Lewis | Eduard Tiozzo | Angelica B. Melillo | Susanna Leonard | Lawrence Chen | Armando Mendez | Judi M. Woolger | Janet Konefal
CD14 Gene Variants and Their Importance for Childhood Croup, Atopy, and Asthma

Author(s): Donna C. Rennie | Chandima P. Karunanayake | Yue Chen | Kazuko Nakagawa | Punam Pahwa | Ambikaipakan Senthilselvan | James A. Dosman
A Simple Spatial Working Memory and Attention Test on Paired Symbols Shows Developmental Deficits in Schizophrenia Patients

Author(s): Wei Song | Kai Zhang | Jinhua Sun | Lina Ma | Forrest Fabian Jesse | Xiaochun Teng | Ying Zhou | Hechen Bao | Shiqing Chen | Shuai Wang | Beimeng Yang | Xixia Chu | Wenhua Ding | Yasong Du | Zaohuo Cheng | Bin Wu | Shanguang Chen | Guang He | Lin He | Xiaoping Chen | Weidong Li
Active Disturbance Rejection with Sliding Mode Control Based Course and Path Following for Underactuated Ships

Author(s): Ronghui Li | Tieshan Li | Renxiang Bu | Qinling Zheng | C. L. Philip Chen
Dynamic Intelligent Feedback Scheduling in Networked Control Systems

Author(s): Hui-ying Chen | Zu-xin Li | Pei-liang Wang
Implementation of Fall Detection and Localized Caring System

Author(s): Ming-Chih Chen | Yi-Wen Chiu | Chien-Hsing Chen | Ei-Jo Chen
An 8-Bit ROM-Free AES Design for Low-Cost Applications

Author(s): Ming-Chih Chen | Wei-Ting Li
Mobile Visual Recognition on Smartphones

Author(s): Zhenwen Gui | Yongtian Wang | Yue Liu | Jing Chen
Optimization Algorithm of Control Channel Selection for Wireless Networks

Author(s): Jian Chen | Huahui Yu | Jingyu Hua | Xiaoyan Zhang
Multiplex Immunoassays of Plant Viruses Based on Functionalized Upconversion Nanoparticles Coupled with Immunomagnetic Separation

Author(s): Mingzhe Zhang | Wujian Chen | Xi Chen | Yongjiang Zhang | Xiaojia Lin | Zhiyi Wu | Mingfu Li
The Liquid Sensor Using Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator with C-Axis Tilted AlN Films

Author(s): Ying-Chung Chen | Wei-Tsai Chang | Kuo-Sheng Kao | Chun-Hung Yang | Chien-Chuan Cheng
Prediction of Drugs Target Groups Based on ChEBI Ontology

Author(s): Yu-Fei Gao | Lei Chen | Guo-Hua Huang | Tao Zhang | Kai-Yan Feng | Hai-Peng Li | Yang Jiang
HBV Genotype B/C and Response to Lamivudine Therapy: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Xiu-Li Chen | Man Li | Xiao-Lan Zhang
Association of Genetic Variants of BMP4 with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Clinical Traits in a Chinese Han Population

Author(s): Shanshan Tang | Rong Zhang | Weihui Yu | Feng Jiang | Jie Wang | Miao Chen | Danfeng Peng | Jing Yan | Yuqian Bao | Weiping Jia
A Hybrid Multiobjective Differential Evolution Algorithm and Its Application to the Optimization of Grinding and Classification

Author(s): Yalin Wang | Xiaofang Chen | Weihua Gui | Chunhua Yang | Lou Caccetta | Honglei Xu
Modeling and Control of Complex Dynamic Systems 2013

Author(s): Zhiwei Gao | Dexing Kong | Chuanhou Gao | Michael Chen
Learning Rates for -Regularized Kernel Classifiers

Author(s): Hongzhi Tong | Di-Rong Chen | Fenghong Yang
A Note on the Square Roots of a Class of Circulant Matrices

Author(s): Ying Zhang | Huisheng Zhang | Guoyan Chen
The Investigation on Color Purity of Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (BOLED) by Hole-Blocking Layer

Author(s): Kan-Lin Chen | Chien-Jung Huang | Wen-Ray Chen | Chih-Chieh Kang | Wen-How Lan | Yu-Chen Lee
Preparation of Vertically Aligned ZnO/TiO2 Core-Shell Composites for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Author(s): Lung-Chuan Chen | Shuei-Feng Tsai | Jean-Hong Chen | Gaun-Wen Wang
Ubiquitous Sensing: Services and Applications

Author(s): Ming Liu | Yonggang Wen | Guihai Chen | Chao Song
Low-Grazing Angle Detection in Compound-Gaussian Clutter with Hybrid MIMO Radar

Author(s): Jincan Ding | Haowen Chen | Hongqiang Wang | Xiang Li | Zhaowen Zhuang
MIMO Antenna Design and Channel Modeling 2013

Author(s): Wenhua Chen | Manos M. Tentzeris | Yuan Yao | Yan Zhang | Li Yang
Comparison of User-Directed and Automatic Mapping of the Planned Isocenter to Treatment Space for Prostate IGRT

Author(s): Zijie Xu | Ronald Chen | Andrew Wang | Andrea Kress | Mark Foskey | An Qin | Timothy Cullip | Gregg Tracton | Sha Chang | Joel Tepper | Di Yan | Edward Chaney
Helicobacter pylori Infection and Anemia in Taiwanese Adults

Author(s): Hsiang-Yao Shih | Fu-Chen Kuo | Sophie S. W. Wang | Yi-Chang Liu | Meng-Chieh Wu | Yang-Pei Chang | Guei-Fen Chiu | Pi-Yu Chang | Deng-Chyang Wu | Ming-Chia Hsieh | Yao-Li Chen
A Network-Based Systematic Study for the Mechanism of the Treatment of Zhengs Related to Cough Variant Asthma

Author(s): Di Chen | Fangbo Zhang | Shihuan Tang | Yan Chen | Peng Lu | Shaoxin Wen | Hongchun Zhang | Xi Liu | Enxiang Chao | Hongjun Yang
Clinical Effect of Acupuncture on Endemic Skeletal Fluorosis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Author(s): Zhou Jincao | Wu Zhongchao | Chen Zhongjie | Zhao Xiaoguang | Hu Jing | Jiao Yue | Li Guiran | Pang Li
Systemic Revealing Pharmacological Signalling Pathway Networks in the Hippocampus of Ischaemia-Reperfusion Mice Treated with Baicalin

Author(s): Haixia Li | Yingying Zhang | Yanan Yu | Bing Li | YinYing Chen | Hongli Wu | Jingtao Wang | Jun Li | Xingjiang Xiong | Qiongyong He | Jinzhou Tian | Zhong Wang | Jie Wang
Tai Chi Chuan Exercise for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

Author(s): Ching Lan | Ssu-Yuan Chen | May-Kuen Wong | Jin Shin Lai
Electroacupuncture-Induced Neuroprotection against Cerebral Ischemia in Rats: Role of the Dopamine D2 Receptor

Author(s): Ming-Shu Xu | Shu-Jing Zhang | Dan Zhao | Cheng-Yong Liu | Chang-Zhi Li | Chun-Yan Chen | Li-Hui Li | Ming-Zhe Li | Jia Xu | Lin-Bao Ge
Relevance of Plasma Obestatin and Early Arteriosclerosis in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Peng-ying Gu | Dong-mei Kang | Wei-dong Wang | Yan Chen | Zhi-hong Zhao | Hui Zheng | Shan-dong Ye
A Gradient Boosting Algorithm for Survival Analysis via Direct Optimization of Concordance Index

Author(s): Yifei Chen | Zhenyu Jia | Dan Mercola | Xiaohui Xie
A Voxel-Map Quantitative Analysis Approach for Atherosclerotic Noncalcified Plaques of the Coronary Artery Tree

Author(s): Ying Li | Wei Chen | Kaijun Liu | Yi Wu | Yonglin Chen | Chun Chu | Bingji Fang | Liwen Tan | Shaoxiang Zhang
Biomedical Signal Processing and Modeling Complexity of Living Systems 2013

Author(s): Carlo Cattani | Radu Badea | Sheng-yong Chen | Maria Crisan
Exploring the Effects of Different Walking Strategies on Bi-Directional Pedestrian Flow

Author(s): Lili Lu | Gang Ren | Wei Wang | Chen Yu | Chenzi Ding
Long-Term Use of Probiotic-Containing Yogurts Is a Safe Way to Prevent Helicobacter pylori: Based on a Mongolian Gerbil's Model

Author(s): Chao-Hung Kuo | Sophie S. W. Wang | Chien-Yu Lu | Huang-Ming Hu | Fu-Chen Kuo | Bi-Chuang Weng | Chun-Chieh Wu | Chung-Jung Liu | Pei-Yun Tsai | Tsung-Cheng Lee | Li-Wei Chen | Kuang-Hung Cheng | Lin-Li Chang | Deng-Chyang Wu
Uptake and Distribution of Cd in Sweet Maize Grown on Contaminated Soils: A Field-Scale Study

Author(s): Wending Xu | Guining Lu | Zhi Dang | Changjun Liao | Qiangpei Chen | Xiaoyun Yi
Biclonal IgD and IgM Plasma Cell Myeloma: A Report of Two Cases and a Literature Review

Author(s): Zhongchuan W. Chen | Ioanna Kotsikogianni | Jay S. Raval | Christine G. Roth | Marian A. Rollins-Raval
Bifurcations and Periodic Solutions for an Algae-Fish Semicontinuous System

Author(s): Chuanjun Dai | Min Zhao | Lansun Chen
Synchronization between Two Discrete-Time Networks with Mutual Couplings

Author(s): Meng Xiao | Weigang Sun | Fangyue Chen
N-n-Butyl Haloperidol Iodide Ameliorates Cardiomyocytes Hypoxia/Reoxygenation Injury by Extracellular Calcium-Dependent and -Independent Mechanisms

Author(s): Yanmei Zhang | Gaoyong Chen | Shuping Zhong | Fuchun Zheng | Fenfei Gao | Yicun Chen | Zhanqin Huang | Wenfeng Cai | Weiqiu Li | Xingping Liu | Yanshan Zheng | Han Xu | Ganggang Shi
Carbon Monoxide Attenuates Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Colitis via Inhibition of GSK-3β Signaling

Author(s): Md. Jamal Uddin | Sun-oh Jeong | Min Zheng | Yingqing Chen | Gyeong Jae Cho | Hun Taeg Chung | Yeonsoo Joe
Molecular Mechanisms of Treadmill Therapy on Neuromuscular Atrophy Induced via Botulinum Toxin A

Author(s): Sen-Wei Tsai | Hsiao-Ling Chen | Yi-Chun Chang | Chuan-Mu Chen
Building a Smart E-Portfolio Platform for Optimal E-Learning Objects Acquisition

Author(s): Chih-Kun Ke | Kai-Ping Liu | Wen-Chin Chen
Dynamic Ride Height Adjusting Controller of ECAS Vehicle with Random Road Disturbances

Author(s): Xing Xu | Long Chen | Liqin Sun | Xiaodong Sun
Study and Testing of Processing Trajectory Measurement Method of Flexible Workpiece

Author(s): Yaohua Deng | Sicheng Chen | Bingjing Li | Jiayuan Chen | Liming Wu
Effect of Dual Fuel Nozzle Structures on Combustion Flow Field in CRGT Combustor

Author(s): Hongtao Zheng | Gang Pan | Xi Chen | Xiaoming Hu
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