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Mitigating the risk of opioid abuse through a balanced undergraduate pain medicine curriculum

Author(s): Morley-Forster PK | Pergolizzi JV | Taylor Jr R | Axford-Gatley RA | Sellers EM
Risk Factors for Chronic Mastitis in Morocco and Egypt

Author(s): Hanna N. Oltean | Amr S. Soliman | Omar S. Omar | Tamer F. Youssef | Mehdi Karkouri | Azza Abdel-Aziz | Ahmad Hablas | Taylor Blachley | Ali Tahri | Sofia D. Merajver
Attitudes toward Genetic Testing for Hypertension among African American Women and Girls

Author(s): Jacquelyn Y. Taylor | Bronwen Peternell | Jennifer A. Smith
Systematic review of the dry powder inhalers colistimethate sodium and tobramycin in cystic fibrosis

Author(s): Lesley Uttley | Sue Harnan | Anna Cantrell | Chris Taylor | Martin Walshaw | Keith Brownlee | Paul Tappenden
The Ecorat project: development of ecologically-based rodent management for the southern African region

Author(s): Mulungu, L. S. | Belmain, S. R. | Dlamini, N. | Eiseb, S. | Kirsten, F. | Mahlaba, T. | Makundi, R. | Malebane, P. | Von Maltitz, E. | Massawe, A. | Monadjem, A. | Taylor, P. | Tutjavi, V.
Overview of the LIFE fuel cycle

Author(s): Reyes S. | Babineau D. | Davis R. | Taylor C. | Anklam T. | Dunne M. | Flowers D. | Gentile C. | Latkowski J. | Maroni V. | Martinez-Frias J. | Miles R. | Willms S.
Effect of perturbations on yield in ICF targets – 4π 3D hydro simulations

Author(s): Taylor S. | Appelbe B. | Niasse N.P. | Chittenden J.P.
Measurements of the High Dose Rate Profiles Inside a Shutdown CANDU® Reactor

Author(s): C. Jewett | J. Chow | D. Comeau | G. Jonkmans | B. Smith | B. Sur | D. Taylor | S. Yue
Rubiaceae endémicas del Perú Rubiaceae endémicas del Perú

Author(s): Delicia Pino | Charlotte Taylor
Protective Factors as Measured by the DECA —Interrelations and Predictability of Co-Occurring Behavior Concerns

Author(s): Dylan S. T. Voris | Seema Mahdavi | Kyle H. Davis | Kara L. Constantine | Katelin daCruz | Taylor B. Hicks | Jeffrey D. Shahidullah | Brittany Mash | Nikki Horn | Brittany Brewer | JoLynn Y. Hawkins | Amy Nasamran | Angela Finkbeiner | Madison Chapman | John S. Carlson
Identity and Ideology: Welfare Managers' Understanding of

Author(s): Jackuelyn Towne-Roese | Tiffany Taylor
Changes in Foliar Host Reaction to Ascochyta Rabiei With Plant Maturity

Author(s): Vicki L. Elliott | Paul W. J. Taylor | Rebecca Ford
Outcomes associated with conventional versus lipid-based formulations of amphotericin B in propensity-matched groups

Author(s): Campbell RS | Chaudhari P | Hays HD | Taylor RJ | Nathanson BH | Bozzette SA | Horn DL
Mycological study for a management plan of a neotropical show cave (Brazil)

Author(s): Erika Linzi Silva Taylor | Maria Aparecida de Resende Stoianoff | Rodrigo Lopes Ferreira
Líder Siervo: Un Nuevo Paradigma

Author(s): John Wesley Taylor V
Use of Noninvasive Gas Exchange to Track Pulmonary Vascular Responses to Exercise in Heart Failure

Author(s): Bryan J. Taylor | Thomas P. Olson | Chul-Ho-Kim | Dean MacCarter | Bruce D. Johnson
Radiographic Parameters in Predicting Outcome of Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treated with Yttrium-90 Microsphere Radioembolization

Author(s): Mohamed E. Salem | Nitin Jain | Gregory Dyson | Stephanie Taylor | Sherif M. El-Refai | Minsig Choi | Anthony F. Shields | Jeffery Critchfield | Philip A. Philip
Modulation of the Hepatic Cytokine Response to Portal Endotoxaemia using the Probiotic Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v

Author(s): Badger SA | Jones C | Regan M | Diamond T | Parks RW | Taylor MA
Canine Cyanotoxin Poisonings in the United States (1920s–2012): Review of Suspected and Confirmed Cases from Three Data Sources

Author(s): Lorraine C. Backer | Jan H. Landsberg | Melissa Miller | Kevin Keel | Tegwin K. Taylor
Characterization of In Band Stray Light in SBUV/2 Instruments

Author(s): L.-K. Huang | M. T. DeLand | S. L. Taylor | L. E. Flynn
Assessment of the Elasticity of Erythrocytes in Different Physiological Fluids by Laser Traps

Author(s): Taylor Barnes | Adam Shulman | Anthony Farone | Mary Farone | Daniel Erenso
Remediation of Heavy Metal (Cd, Cr, Cu, Co, and Ni) Ions from Kaolinite Clay Using Molecular Micelles Chelators and D-Optimum Experimental Design

Author(s): Sayo O. Fakayode | Ashley M. Taylor | Maya McCoy | Sri Lanka Owen | Whitney E. Stapleton | Carmen Grady | David A. Pollard
Biophysical Characterization of Genistein in Its Natural Carrier Human Hemoglobin Using Spectroscopic and Computational Approaches

Author(s): Biswapathik Pahari | Sandipan Chakraborty | Bidisha Sengupta | Sudip Chaudhuri | William Martin | Jasmine Taylor | Jordan Henley | Donald Davis | Pradip K. Biswas | Amit K. Sharma | Pradeep K. Sengupta
Delimitação entre os lenhos juvenil e adulto de Pinus elliottii engelm Delimitation the juvenile and mature wood of Pinus elliottii engelm

Author(s): Gilmara Pires de Moura Palermo | João Vicente de Figueiredo Latorraca | Elias Taylor Durgante Severo | Alexandre Miguel do Nascimento | Marcos Antônio de Rezende
Biological activity of the mite Sancassania sp. (Acari: Acaridae) from bat guano associated with the pathogenic fungus Histoplasma capsulatum

Author(s): Daniel A Estrada-Bárcenas | José G Palacios-Vargas | Edith Estrada-Venegas | Pavel B Klimov | Alejandro Martínez-Mena | Maria Lucia Taylor
The interaction between Histoplasma capsulatum cell wall carbohydrates and host components: relevance in the immunomodulatory role of histoplasmosis

Author(s): Patricia Gorocica | Maria Lucia Taylor | Noé Alvarado-Vásquez | Armando Pérez-Torres | Ricardo Lascurain | Edgar Zenteno
Pneumocystis diversity as a phylogeographic tool

Author(s): S Derouiche | M Deville | ML Taylor | H Akbar | J Guillot | LE Carreto-Binaghi | M Pottier | EM Aliouat | CM Aliouat-Denis | E Dei-Cas | C Demanche
Myths of community-based health care

Author(s): Carl E. Taylor
Working across sectors for public health

Author(s): Roberto Bertollini | Vivienne Taylor Gee
International law and public health

Author(s): Allyn L. Taylor | Douglas W. Bettcher
WHO code of practice on the international recruitment of health personnel

Author(s): Manuel Dayrit | Alynn Taylor | Jean Yan | Jean-Marc Braichet | Pascal Zurn | Alynn Taylor | Esther Shainblum
Fibrolipomas de Cavidad Oral: Tumores Comunes en Sitios Poco Frecuentes: Reporte de Dos Casos y Revisión de la Literatura Oral Fibrolipoma: Unusual Presentation of Common Tumors: Report of Two Cases and Review

Author(s): Alma Angélica Rodríguez Carreón | Leonardo Alvarez Paque | Juan Carlos Cuevas González | Rogelio Reyes Sanchez | Erika Rodríguez Lobato | Adalberto Mosqueda Taylor | Elisa Vega Memije
The Definition of Community: A Student Perspective

Author(s): Hunter Link | Taylor McNally | Ariel Sayre | Rachel Schmidt | Robert J. Swap
The Importance Placed on the Monitoring of Food Safety and Quality by Australian Consumers

Author(s): Julie Henderson | Loreen Mamerow | Anne W. Taylor | Paul R. Ward | Samantha B. Meyer | John Coveney

Author(s): WJR Taylor | Thomas L. Richie | Emiliana Tjitra
East Timor: forced resettlement

Author(s): John G Taylor
UN Security Council Resolution 1325

Author(s): Jackie Kirk | Suzanne Taylor

Author(s): Neil J. Kohan, | Brian K. Via, | Steven E. Taylor
Constructing And Rendering Vectorised Photographic Images

Author(s): J. W. Patterson | C. D. Taylor | P. J. Willis
Digestibility and IgE-Binding of Glycosylated Codfish Parvalbumin

Author(s): Harmen H. J. de Jongh | Carlos López Robles | Eefjan Timmerman | Julie A. Nordlee | Poi-Wah Lee | Joseph L. Baumert | Robert G. Hamilton | Steve L. Taylor | Stef J. Koppelman
PROPRIEDADES FÍSICAS DOS LENHOS JUVENIL E ADULTO DE Pinus elliottii Engelm var. elliottii E DE Eucalyptus grandis Hill ex Maiden

Author(s): Melany Maria Alonso Pelozzi | Elias Taylor Durgante Severo | Fred Willians Calonego | Paula Lúcia Martins Rodrigues
From Pathological Dependence to Healthy Independence: An emergent grounded theory of facilitating independent living

Author(s): Liz Jamieson, Ph.D | Pamela J. Taylor, F Med Sc | Barry Gibson, Ph.D
Double Dose: High Family Conflict Enhances the Effect of Media Violence Exposure on Adolescents’ Aggression

Author(s): Karin M. Fikkers | Jessica Taylor Piotrowski | Wouter D. Weeda | Helen G. M. Vossen | Patti M. Valkenburg
Diminishing Risk for Age-Related Macular Degeneration with Nutrition: A Current View

Author(s): Molly Schleicher | Karen Weikel | Caren Garber | Allen Taylor
Líder Siervo: Un Nuevo Paradigma

Author(s): John Wesley Taylor V
Dynamical processes in space: Cluster results

Author(s): C. P. Escoubet | M. G. G. T. Taylor | A. Masson | H. Laakso | J. Volpp | M. Hapgood | M. L. Goldstein
Are Recent Medical Graduates More Skeptical of Vaccines?

Author(s): Michelle J. Mergler | Saad B. Omer | William K.Y. Pan | Ann Marie Navar-Boggan | Walter Orenstein | Edgar K. Marcuse | James Taylor | M. Patricia deHart | Terrell C. Carter | Anthony Damico | Neal Halsey | Daniel A. Salmon
Delineation of 2q32q35 Deletion Phenotypes: Two Apparent “Proximal” and “Distal” Syndromes

Author(s): Adrian Mc Cormack | Juliet Taylor | Nerine Gregersen | Alice M. George | Donald R. Love
Restless Legs Syndrome as a Comorbidity in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author(s): John A. Gjevre | Regina M. Taylor Gjevre
Lorcaserin for weight management

Author(s): Taylor JR | Dietrich E | Powell J
Angiogenesis and Endometriosis

Author(s): Ana Luiza L. Rocha | Fernando M. Reis | Robert N. Taylor
Obstructive Jaundice as an Initial Manifestation of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: Treatment Dilemma and High Mortality

Author(s): Dhara Chaudhari | Sarah Khan | Atif Saleem | Tamarro Taylor | Chakradhar Reddy | Thomas Borthwick | Mark Young
Physiological compensation for environmental acidification is limited in the deep-sea urchin Strongylocentrotus fragilis

Author(s): J. R. Taylor | C. Lovera | P. J. Whaling | K. R. Buck | E. F. Pane | J. P. Barry
Sulphur compounds, methane, and phytoplankton: interactions along a north–south transit in the western Pacific Ocean

Author(s): C. Zindler | A. Bracher | C. A. Marandino | B. Taylor | E. Torrecilla | A. Kock | H. W. Bange
Hemoglobin A1c in early postpartum screening of women with gestational diabetes

Author(s): Mahesh V Katreddy | Joseph M Pappachan | Sarah E Taylor | Alan M Nevill | Radha Indusekhar | Ananth U Nayak
Title Page and Table of Contents

Author(s): Jason E. Taylor (ed.)
Editor's Notes

Author(s): Jason E. Taylor
The role of the community nurse on health committees

Author(s): V M Taylor | E J Gross | S D Roos
Assessing Community Health Risks: Proactive Vs Reactive Sampling

Author(s): Sarah Taylor | Chelsea Papadopoulos | Sarah Vieillet | Peter D. Marco
Boosted Regression Estimates of Spatial Data: Pointwise Inference

Author(s): Marco d. marzio | charles c. taylor
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Biconvergence of Washed Harmonic Series

Author(s): Christopher M. Davis | David G. Taylor
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