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Development of a two arm, high energy, high power laser for plasma research in India

Author(s): Joshi A.S. | Kamath M.P. | Sharma A.K. | Raghuramaiah M.R. | Patidar R.K. | Ansari M.S. | Sreedhar N. | Chandra R. | Navathe C.P. | Naik P.A. | Gupta P.D.
Experimental Study on CFRP Strengthened Cold Formed Channel Columns

Author(s): Sreedhar Kalavagunta | Sivakumar Naganathan | Kamal Nasharuddin Bin Mustapha
Patents, Health Policy and Access to Medicines

Author(s): Manthan D Janodia | I Meenakumari | MA Ganapathy | VM Subrahmanyam | N Udupa | D Sreedhar | Virendra S Ligade
Digital PI Controller Using Anti-Wind-Up Mechanism for A Speed Controlled Electric Drive System

Author(s): Srikanth Mandarapu, | Sreedhar Lolla, | M.V.Suresh Kumar,

Author(s): Ch.Satish Chandra | J. Sreedhar | M.Sudhir Kumar
Methylcellulose Based Thermally Reversible Hydrogel System for Tissue Engineering Applications

Author(s): Sreedhar Thirumala | Jeffrey M. Gimble | Ram V. Devireddy
[Fe2L3]4+ Cylinders Derived from Bis(bidentate) 2-Pyridyl-1,2,3-triazole “Click” Ligands: Synthesis, Structures and Exploration of Biological Activity

Author(s): Sreedhar K. Vellas | James E. M. Lewis | Madhu Shankar | Alia Sagatova | Joel D. A. Tyndall | Brian C. Monk | Christopher M. Fitchett | Lyall R. Hanton | James D. Crowley
Geldanamycin Combination with Colcemid Induces Mitotic Arrest Through Stabilization of bubR1 Mitotic Kinase in Human Tumor Cells

Author(s): Pitke Vikrant Vinay | Lebaka Prasanna Anjaneya Reddy | Jonnala Ujwal Kumar | Sugunan Sreedevi | Upasana Sarangi | Amere Subbarao Sreedhar
The prevalence of A2 and A2B subgroups in blood donors at a tertiary care teaching hospital blood bank of Rayalaseema region: a pilot study

Author(s): I.S. Chaitanya Kumar | A. Yashovardhan | B. Suresh Babu | Anju Verma | K.V. Sreedhar Babu | DS Jothi Bai
Chronic eosinophilic leukaemia: a case report

Author(s): K.V. Sreedhar Babu | A.K. Chowhan | N. Rukmangadha | B. Vengamma | M. Kumaraswamy Reddy
Varied presentation of hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemia

Author(s): G. Rajagopal | P. Amaresh Reddy | P. Satish | V. Suresh | C.V. Harinarayan | M.N. Pawan | K.V. Sreedhar Babu | A.Y. Lakshmi | Alok Sachan
Cerebellar liponeurocytoma: a case-report

Author(s): K.V. Sreedhar Babu | A.K. Chowhan | N. Rukmangadha | B.C.M. Prasad | M. Kumaraswamy Reddy
HIV seropositivity and its ethical implications for blood donors in a tertiary care hospital of Andhra Pradesh

Author(s): Dr.I.S. Chaitanya Kumar | Dr.K.V. Sreedhar Babu | Dr.A. Yashovardhan | Dr.D. S.Jothi Bai
A Critical Approaches to Identification of Disambiguation Words in NLP: Current State of the Art

Author(s): J. Sreedhar, Dr. S. Viswanadha Raju, Dr. A. Vinaya Babu, Amzan shaik , Dr. P. Pavan Kumar
A Study on Cloud Computing and its Security Issues

Author(s): Mr. Venkata Sreedhar Ventrapragada | Daniel Ravuri | G Jyothi
Evaluation of aspartate aminotransferase levels in saliva of patients with different periodontal conditions - a biochemical study

Author(s): Padma R | Usha P | Nagasri M | Aravind Kumar P | Chetan kumar S | Sreedhar A | Anand Tegginamani S
Oral health behaviour among adolescents in Kerala, India

Author(s): Jayakumary Muttappallymyalil | Binoo Divakaran | Jayadevan Sreedharan | K. Salini | Santhosh Sreedhar
Structural, Electrical, and Optical Properties of Reactively Sputtered Ag-Cu-O Films

Author(s): P. Narayana Reddy | A. Sreedhar | M. Hari Prasad Reddy | S. Uthanna
17AAG Treatment Accelerates Doxorubicin Induced Cellular Senescence: Hsp90 Interferes with Enforced Senescence of Tumor Cells

Author(s): Upasana Sarangi | Khande Rao Paithankar | Jonnala Ujwal Kumar | Vaidyanathan Subramaniam | Amere Subbarao Sreedhar
Stoichiometric Analysis of Inorganic Compounds Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy with Gated and Nongated Spectrometers

Author(s): Sreedhar Sunku | Ashwin Kumar Myakalwar | Manoj Kumar Gundawar | Prem Kiran Paturi | Surya Praksh Tewari | Venugopal Rao Soma

Author(s): N.Y. Sreedhar*, A. Sreenivasulu, M. Sunil Kumar and M. Nagaraju
The Role of ICT in the Economic Development of North East Africa: Eritrea

Author(s): Mungamuru Nirmala | Kaliyaperumal Karthikeyan | Sreedhar Appalabatla | J.Patharaj
Word Sense Disambiguation: An Empirical Survey

Author(s): J. Sreedhar | S. Viswanadha Raju | A. Vinaya Babu | Amjan Shaik | P. Pavan Kumar
8. Protective effects of prosopis juliflora against staphylococcus aureus induced hepatotoxicity in rats

Author(s): O. Hari Prasad | A. Navya | D. Vasu | T. Chiranjeevi | M. Bhaskar | K.V. Sreedhar Babu | P.V.G.K. Sarma
Electrochemical Reduction Behaviour of Zileuton at a Dropping Mercury Electrode by Polarography

Author(s): N. Y. Sreedhar | M. Sankara Nayak | K. Srinivasa Prasad | P. R. Prasad | C. Nageswar Reddy
Isolation and Characterization of Process-Related Impurity in Azoxystrobin

Author(s): S. G. Hiriyanna | K. Basavaiah | K. Sreedhar
Query Processing for Content Based Image Retrieval

Author(s): J. Sreedhar | S. Viswanadha Raju | A. Vinaya Babu
Changing Scenario of Pharmaceutical Industry

Author(s): D Sreedhar *1, Manthan D Janodia 1, Virendra S Ligade 1, Ajay G Pise1, S G Vasantharaju 2 and N Udupa 1
Nanostructured AgBr loaded TiO2: An efficient sunlight active photocatalyst for degradation of Reactive Red 120

Author(s): Velmurugan Rengasamy | Sreedhar Bojja | Swaminathan Meenakshisundaram
Authors′ reply

Author(s): Gadhinglajkar Shrinivas | Sreedhar Rupa | Jayant Aveek
Cheilitis Glandularis: A Case Report

Author(s): Gadiputi Sreedhar | Sumalath MN
Repercussion of Mitochondria Deformity Induced by Anti-Hsp90 Drug 17AAG in Human Tumor Cells

Author(s): Chaturvedi Vishal | Jonnala Ujwal Kumar | Cherukuvada Veera Brahmendra Swamy | Rangaraj Nandini | Gunda Srinivas | Rathinam Kumaresan | Singh Shashi | Amere Subbarao Sreedhar
A Simple Sol Gel Protocol Towards Synthesis of Semiconducting Oxide Nanomaterial

Author(s): G.S. Devi | H.Z.R. Hamoon | A. Nanaji | K.R. Reddy | B. Sreedhar | J.V. Ramana Rao
A Schematic Technique Using Data type Preserving Encryption to Boost Data Warehouse Security

Author(s): M. Sreedhar Reddy | M. Rajitha Reddy | R. Viswanath | G. V. Chalam | Rajya Laxmi | Md. Arif Rizwan

Modern moulage

Author(s): Krishna Sreedhar
A Survey on Security Issues in Wireless Ad hoc Network Routing Protocols

Author(s): C. Sreedhar | Dr. S. Madhusudhana Verma | Prof. N. Kasiviswanath
Normative and perceived orthodontic needs among 12 year old school children in Chennai, India - A comparative study

Author(s): P. Sreedhar Reddy | Joseph John | S. Sarvanan | I. Meignana Arumugham
Conformations of the monomeric hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Author(s): Sreedhar Chinnaswamy | Ayaluru Murali | Hui Cai | et al
Normative and perceived orthodontic needs among 12 year old school children in Chennai, India - A comparative study

Author(s): P. Sreedhar Reddy | Joseph John | S. Sarvanan | I. Meignana Arumugham
Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell lymphoma: A critical analysis of clinical, morphologic and immunophenotypic features

Author(s): Bal Munita | Gujral Sumeet | Gandhi Jatin | Shet Tanuja | Epari Sreedhar | Subramanian P
Potential Security Attacks on Wireless Networks and their Countermeasure

Author(s): Sreedhar. C | S. Madhusudhana Verma | N. Kasiviswanath
Cardiac herniation following completion pneumonectomy for bronchiectasis

Author(s): Gadhinglajkar Shrinivas | Siddappa Shivananda | Sreedhar Rupa | Madathipat Unnikrishnan
Fixed dilatation of pupils at the end of posterior fossa surgery due to bupivacaine scalp infiltration

Author(s): Gadhinglajkar Shrinivas | Sreedhar Rupa | Gopalkrishnan C
Bioinformatic analysis of gene regulation in the metal-reducing bacterial family Geobacteraceae

Author(s): Krushkal Julia | Adkins Ronald | Qu Yanhua | Peeples Jeanette | Sontineni Sreedhar | Leang Ching | Brown Peter | Young Nelson | Ueki Toshiyuki | Juarez Katy | Lovley Derek
Deep overbite—A Review

Author(s): CVVR sreedhar | Sreenivas Baratam
Firefighters′ boot : angiocardiographic appearance of an unruptured aneurysm of the sinus of valsalva.

Author(s): Betigeri Vithal | Banerjee A | Sharma V | Nagesh A | Sreedhar K | Trehan Vijay
A study of correlation between transhilar diameter and P pulmonale in COPD patients

Author(s): Ravindran C | Padmanabhan K | Sreedhar Rejna
Pulsus alternans after aortic valve replacement: Intraoperative recognition and role of TEE

Author(s): Gadhinglajkar Shrinivas | Sreedhar Rupa | Jayant Aveek
Tricuspid valve excision using off-pump inflow occlusion technique: Role of intra-operative trans-esophageal echocardiography

Author(s): Gadhinglajkar Shrinivas | Sreedhar Rupa | Karunakaran Jayakumar | Misra Manoranjan | Somasundaram Ganesh | Mathew Thomas
A Qualitative and Quantitative Frame Work for effective Website Design

Author(s): G. Sreedhar | A.A. Chari | V.V.Venkata Ramana
Sulforaphane induces cell cycle arrest by protecting RB-E2F-1 complex in epithelial ovarian cancer cells

Author(s): Bryant Christopher | Kumar Sanjeev | Chamala Sreedhar | Shah Jay | Pal Jagannath | Haider Mahdi | Seward Shelly | Qazi Aamer | Morris Robert | Semaan Assaad | Shammas Masood | Steffes Christopher | Potti Ravindra | Prasad Madhu | Weaver Donald | Batchu Ramesh
Role of intraoperative echocardiography in surgical correction of the superior sinus venosus atrial septal defect

Author(s): Gadhinglajkar Shrinivas | Sreedhar Rupa | Jayakumar K | Misra Manoranjan | Ganesh S | Mathew Thomas
Evaluating Qualitative Measures for Effective Website Design

Author(s): G. Sreedhar | Dr. A.A.Chari | Dr. V.V.Venkata Ramana
Genetic analysis of HIV-1 Circulating Recombinant Form 02_AG, B and C subtype-specific envelope sequences from Northern India and their predicted co-receptor usage

Author(s): Neogi Ujjwal | Sood Vikas | Chowdhury Arpita | Das Shukla | Ramachandran Vishnampettai | Sreedhar Vijesh | Wanchu Ajay | Ghosh Nilanjana | Banerjea Akhil
Salivary duct carcinoma of parotid gland

Author(s): Kinnera Vijay Sreedhar | Mandyam Kumaraswamy | Chowhan Amit | Nandyala Rukmangadha | Bobbidi Venkata | Vutukuru Venkatarami
Anal extrusion of a ventriculo peritoneal shunt tube: Endoscopic removal

Author(s): Vuyyuru Sreedhar | Ravuri Sreenivas | Tandra Vamsidhar | Panigrahi Manas
6-Bromo-2-(4-nitrophenoxy)-3-(1-phenylethyl)-3,4-dihydro-1,3,2-benzoxazaphosphinine 2-oxide

Author(s): V. H. H. Surendra Babu | M. Krishnaiah | K. Srinivasulu | C. Naga Raju | B. Sreedhar
Life on the British Ward

Author(s): Krishna Sreedhar
Temozolomide and cisplatin in relapsed/refractory acute leukemia

Author(s): Seiter Karen | Katragadda Sreedhar | Ponce Doris | Rasul Muhammad | Ahmed Nasir
Ritonavir blocks AKT signaling, activates apoptosis and inhibits migration and invasion in ovarian cancer cells

Author(s): Kumar Sanjeev | Bryant Christopher | Chamala Sreedhar | Qazi Aamer | Seward Shelly | Pal Jagannath | Steffes Christopher | Weaver Donald | Morris Robert | Malone John | Shammas Masood | Prasad Madhu | Batchu Ramesh
TLIF With Minimally Invasive Spinal Fixation For Spondylolisthesis

Author(s): Abdul Qayum*, Manas Kumar Panigrahi**,V. Sreedhar** M. Vijayasaradhi ***,Amit Kumar****
Manifest Anxiety In Bronchial Asthma

Author(s): Sreedhar Krishna Prasad
Cosmeceuticals: Are they truly worth the cost?

Author(s): Ligade Virendra | Sreedhar D | Manthan J | Udupa N
Usage Pattern of Multivitamin Preparations

Author(s): Dr. N. Udupa | D. Sreedhar | Ajay Pise | Virendra Ligade | Laxmidhar Naik | Manthan Janodi
Proton Pump Inhibitors - An Overview

Author(s): D. Sreedhar | Dilip Kumar | Ajay Pise | Manthan D Janodia | G. Subramanian, | N. Udupa
Demarketing Of Injurious Consumption: An Indian Scenario

Author(s): N. Udupa | Ajay Pise | Shilpa Dua | D. Sreedhar | Manthan J. | Virendra Ligade
Customer Relationship Management and Customer Managed Relationship -Need of the hour

Author(s): Udupa N | Sreedhar D | Manthan J | Ajay P | Virendra S Ligade
Six Sigma : Profit Enhancement Tool for Various Organizations

Author(s): D. Sreedhar | Ajay G. Pise | Virendra S. Ligade | Manthan D. Janodia
Posterior urethral valve associated with orthotopic ureterocele

Author(s): Chawla Arun | Reddy Sreedhar | Natarajan K | Thomas Joseph | Sasidharan K
Letters to the Editor

Author(s): Sreedhar Krishna
Experiences with carotid endarterectomy at Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute

Author(s): Unnikrishnan Madathipat | Siddappa Shivananda | Anto Rajesh | Babu Vivek | Paul Benny | Kapilamoorthy Thirur | Sivasankaran Sivasubramanian | Sandhyamani Samavedam | Sreedhar Rupa | Radhakrishnan Kuruppath
Life on the British Ward

Author(s): Sreedhar Krishna
Individual reflections

Author(s): Krishna Sreedhar
Transoesophageal echocardiography during Senning′s operation

Author(s): Gadhinglajkar Shrinivas | Sreedhar Rupa
Interference Mitigation in Cooperative SFBC-OFDM

Author(s): D. Sreedhar | A. Chockalingam
Botulinum toxin in high-risk BPH patients in retention

Author(s): Reddy Sreedhar | Chawla Arun | Thomas Joseph
Cerebral Aspergilloma in an immunocompetent patient

Author(s): Ravi S | Bushan J V | Reddy K | Chandrashekar K | Rao S | Sreedhar
Risk factors for persistent stress urinary incontinence after mid-urethral procedures

Author(s): Chawla Arun | Reddy Sreedhar | Thomas Joseph
Relevance of inflammatory pseudotumor associated with bladder tumor

Author(s): Kurien Annamma | Thomas Joseph | Reddy Sreedhar | Chawla Arun

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