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The effects of an interplanetary shock on the high-latitude ionospheric convection during an IMF By-dominated period

Author(s): I. Coco | E. Amata | M. F. Marcucci | D. Ambrosino | J.-P. Villain | C. Hanuise
A statistical approach for identifying the ionospheric footprint of magnetospheric boundaries from SuperDARN observations

Author(s): G. Lointier | T. Dudok de Wit | C. Hanuise | X. Vallières | J.-P. Villain
Comparison of DMSP cross-track ion drifts and SuperDARN line-of-sight velocities

Author(s): R. A. Drayton | A. V. Koustov | M. R. Hairston | J.-P. Villain
A statistical comparison of SuperDARN spectral width boundaries and DMSP particle precipitation boundaries in the morning sector ionosphere

Author(s): G. Chisham | M. P. Freeman | T. Sotirelis | R. A. Greenwald | M. Lester | J.-P. Villain
Ionospheric propagation effects on spectral widths measured by SuperDARN HF radars

Author(s): X. Vallières | J.-P. Villain | C. Hanuise | R. André
HF radar observations of high-aspect angle backscatter from the E-region

Author(s): S. E. Milan | M. Lester | T. K. Yeoman | T. R. Robinson | M. V. Uspensky | J.-P. Villain
The location and rate of dayside reconnection during an interval of southward interplanetary magnetic field

Author(s): M. Pinnock | G. Chisham | I. J. Coleman | M. P. Freeman | M. Hairston | J.-P. Villain
Variations in the polar cap area during two substorm cycles

Author(s): S. E. Milan | M. Lester | S. W. H. Cowley | K. Oksavik | M. Brittnacher | R. A. Greenwald | G. Sofko | J.-P. Villain
Influence of magnetospheric processes on winter HF radar spectra characteristics

Author(s): R. André | M. Pinnock | J.-P. Villain | C. Hanuise
Investigation of the relationship between optical auroral forms and HF radar E region backscatter

Author(s): S. E. Milan | M. Lester | N. Sato | H. Takizawa | J.-P. Villain
SuperDARN studies of the ionospheric convection response to a northward turning of the interplanetary magnetic field

Author(s): J. R. Taylor | S. W. H. Cowley | T. K. Yeoman | M. Lester | T. B. Jones | R. A. Greenwald | G. Sofko | J.-P. Villain | R. P. Lepping | M. R. Hairston

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