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Structural Interpretation of the Mamfe Sedimentary Basin of Southwestern Cameroon along the Manyu River Using Audiomagnetotellurics Survey

Author(s): Jean Jacques Nguimbous-Kouoh | Eric M. Takam Takougang | Robert Nouayou | Charles Tabod Tabod | Eliezer Manguelle-Dicoum
Immune Evasion Strategies of Ranaviruses and Innate Immune Responses to These Emerging Pathogens

Author(s): Leon Grayfer | Francisco De Jesús Andino | Guangchun Chen | Gregory V. Chinchar | Jacques Robert
Lymphoid Tumors of Xenopus laevis with Different Capacities for Growth in Larvae and Adults

Author(s): Jacques Robert | Chantal Guiet | Louis Du Pasquier
Book Reviews

Author(s): Victoria J. Baker | Anthony Jackson | Thomas Bargatzky | M.A. van Bakel | W.E.A. van Beek | Victor W. Turner | W. van den Broeke | H. Meyer | R. Buijtenhuijs | S. Bernus et al. | R. Buijtenhuijs | Dominique Casajus | H.J.M. Claessen | Christine Ward Gailey | Alfred E. Daniëls | Richard B. Davis | Alfred E. Daniëls | Gehan Wijeyewardene | P.M.H. Groen | Jacques van Doorn | Rosemarijn Hoefte | Luis H. Daal | W.L. Idema | Claudine Salmon | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Sharon A. Carstens | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Robert Wessing | G.W. Locher | Martine Segalen | Bernd Nothofer | Hans Kähler | J.D.M. Platenkamp | Brigitte Renard-Clamagirand | H.C.G. Schoenaker | Leo Frobenius | M. Schoffeleers | I.M. Lewis | B. Schuch | Ingrid Liebig-Hundius | Henke Schulte Nordholt | S.J. Tambiah | Nico G. Schulte Nordholt | Shamsul Amri Baharuddin | A. Teeuw | I. Syukri | Truong Quang | Andrew Vickerman | Adrian Vickers | H.I.R. Hinzler
Antiviral Immunity in Amphibians

Author(s): Guangchun Chen | Jacques Robert
Lipid Replacement Therapy Drink Containing a Glycophospholipid Formulation Rapidly and Significantly Reduces Fatigue While Improving Energy and Mental Clarity

Author(s): Rita R. Ellithorpe | Cyndee A. Mitchell | Brett Jacques | BA | Robert Settineri | Garth L. Nicolson
Endoscopic ultrasound elastography for evaluation of lymph nodes and pancreatic masses: A multicenter study

Author(s): Marc Giovannini, Thomas Botelberge, Erwan Bories, Christian Pesenti, Fabrice Caillol, Benjamin Esterni, Geneviève Monges, Paolo Arcidiacono, Pierre Deprez, Robert Yeung, Walter Schimdt, Hanz Schrader, Carl Szymanski, Christoph Dietrich, Pierre Eisendrath, Jean-Luc Van Laethem, Jacques Devière, Peter Vilmann, Adrian Saftoiu
Factors associated with incomplete small bowel capsule endoscopy studies

Author(s): Mitchell M Lee, Andrew Jacques, Eric Lam, Ricky Kwok, Pardis Lakzadeh, Ajit Sandhar, Brandon Segal, Sigrid Svarta, Joanna Law, Robert Enns
The CC-Bio Project: Studying the Effects of Climate Change on Quebec Biodiversity

Author(s): Dominique Berteaux | Sylvie de Blois | Jean-François Angers | Joël Bonin | Nicolas Casajus | Marcel Darveau | François Fournier | Murray M. Humphries | Brian McGill | Jacques Larivée | Travis Logan | Patrick Nantel | Catherine Périé | Frédéric Poisson | David Rodrigue | Sébastien Rouleau | Robert Siron | Wilfried Thuiller | Luc Vescovi
Surface electrical stimulation for foot drop: Control aspects and walking performance

Author(s): Stein Richard B. | Rolf Robert | Everaert Dirk G. | Bobet Jacques | Chong Suling
Proton dynamics in cancer

Author(s): Huber Veronica | De Milito Angelo | Harguindey Salvador | Reshkin Stephan | Wahl Miriam | Rauch Cyril | Chiesi Antonio | Pouysségur Jacques | Gatenby Robert | Rivoltini Licia | Fais Stefano
The LIFESTYLE study: costs and effects of a structured lifestyle program in overweight and obese subfertile women to reduce the need for fertility treatment and improve reproductive outcome. A randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Mutsaerts Meike | Groen Henk | ter Bogt Nancy | Bolster Johanna | Land Jolande | Bemelmans Wanda | Kuchenbecker Walter | Hompes Peter | Macklon Nick | Stolk Ronald | van der Veen Fulco | Maas Jacques | Klijn Nicole | Kaaijk Eugenie | Oosterhuis Gerrit | Bouckaert Peter | Schierbeek Jaap | van Kasteren Yvonne | Nap Annemiek | Broekmans Frank | Brinkhuis Egbert | Koks Carolien | Burggraaff Jan | Blankhart Adrienne | Perquin Denise | Gerards Marie | Mulder Robert | Gondrie Ed | Mol Ben | Hoek Annemieke
Predicting late myocardial recovery and outcomes in the early hours of ST-elevation myocardial infarction: traditional measures compared to microvascular perfusion, salvaged myocardium, and necrosis by cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Author(s): Larose Eric | Rodés-Cabau Josep | Pibarot Philippe | Rinfret Stéphane | Proulx Guy | Nguyen Can | Déry Jean-Pierre | Gleeton Onil | Roy Louis | Noel Bernard | Barbeau Gérald | Rouleau Jacques | Boudreault Jean-Rock | Amyot Marc | De Larochellière Robert | Bertrand Olivier
Retained sponge after abdominal surgery: experience from a third world country

Author(s): Alain Chichom Mefire | Robert Tchounzou | Marc Leroy Guifo | Marcus Fokou | Jean Jacques Pagbe | Arthur Essomba | Eimo Elisee Malonga
Ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer in coumarin 343 sensitized TiO2-colloidal solution

Author(s): Josef Wachtveitl | Robert Huber | Sebastian Spörlein | Jacques E. Moser | Michael Grätzel
Association of ABCB1 genetic variants with renal function in Africans and in Caucasians

Author(s): Bochud Murielle | Eap Chin | Maillard Marc | Johnson Toby | Vollenweider Peter | Bovet Pascal | Elston Robert | Bergmann Sven | Beckmann Jacques | Waterworth Dawn | Mooser Vincent | Gabriel Anne | Burnier Michel
The Xenopus FcR family demonstrates continually high diversification of paired receptors in vertebrate evolution

Author(s): Guselnikov Sergey | Ramanayake Thaminda | Erilova Aleksandra | Mechetina Ludmila | Najakshin Alexander | Robert Jacques | Taranin Alexander
A matched-pair cluster design study protocol to evaluate implementation of the Canadian C-spine rule in hospital emergency departments: Phase III

Author(s): Stiell Ian | Grimshaw Jeremy | Wells George | Coyle Doug | Lesiuk Howard | Rowe Brian | Brison Robert | Schull Michael | Lee Jacques | Clement Catherine
Atlas de la France universitaire

Author(s): Armand FRÉMONT | Jacques JOLY | Robert HÉRIN
Low autochtonous urban malaria in Antananarivo (Madagascar)

Author(s): Rabarijaona Léon | Ariey Frédéric | Matra Robert | Cot Sylvie | Raharimalala Andrianavalona | Ranaivo Louise | Le Bras Jacques | Robert Vincent | Randrianarivelojosia Milijaona
Invasion of Africa by a single pfcrt allele of South East Asian type

Author(s): Ariey Frédéric | Fandeur Thierry | Durand Remy | Randrianarivelojosia Milijaona | Jambou Ronan | Legrand Eric | Ekala Marie | Bouchier Christiane | Cojean Sandrine | Duchemin Jean | Robert Vincent | Le Bras Jacques | Mercereau-Puijalon Odile
Evaluation of easily measured risk factors in the prediction of osteoporotic fractures

Author(s): Bensen Robert | Adachi Jonathan | Papaioannou Alexandra | Ioannidis George | Olszynski Wojciech | Sebaldt Rolf | Murray Timothy | Josse Robert | Brown Jacques | Hanley David | Petrie Annie | Puglia Mark | Goldsmith Charlie | Bensen W
Genomic Insights into Methanotrophy: The Complete Genome Sequence of Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath)

Author(s): Ward Naomi | Larsen Øivind | Sakwa James | Bruseth Live | Khouri Hoda | Durkin A. Scott | Dimitrov George | Jiang Lingxia | Scanlan David | Kang Katherine H | Lewis Matt | Nelson Karen E | Methé Barbara | Wu Martin | Heidelberg John F | Paulsen Ian T | Fouts Derrick | Ravel Jacques | Tettelin Hervé | Ren Qinghu | Read Tim | DeBoy Robert T | Seshadri Rekha | Salzberg Steven L | Jensen Harald B | Birkeland Nils Kåre | Nelson William C | Dodson Robert J | Grindhaug Svenn H | Holt Ingeborg | Eidhammer Ingvar | Jonasen Inge | Vanaken Susan | Utterback Terry | Feldblyum Tamara V | Fraser Claire M | Lillehaug Johan R | Eisen Jonathan A
Major Structural Differences and Novel Potential Virulence Mechanisms from the Genomes of Multiple Campylobacter Species

Author(s): Fouts Derrick E | Mongodin Emmanuel F | Mandrell Robert E | Miller William G | Rasko David A | Ravel Jacques | Brinkac Lauren M | DeBoy Robert T | Parker Craig T | Daugherty Sean C | Dodson Robert J | Durkin A. Scott | Madupu Ramana | Sullivan Steven A | Shetty Jyoti U | Ayodeji Mobolanle A | Shvartsbeyn Alla | Schatz Michael C | Badger Jonathan H | Fraser Claire M | Nelson Karen E
A missense mutation (Q279R) in the Fumarylacetoacetate Hydrolase gene, responsible for hereditary tyrosinemia, acts as a splicing mutation

Author(s): Dreumont Natacha | Poudrier Jacques | Bergeron Anne | Levy Harvey | Baklouti Faouzi | Tanguay Robert

Author(s): Silva Simone Helena da | Vieira Enio Cardillo | Nicoli Jacques Robert
Neurocitomas do sistema nervoso central: análise clínico-patológica de três casos


Author(s): OLIVEIRA Marcia Rosa de | TAFURI Wagner Luis | NICOLI Jacques Robert | VIEIRA Enio Cardillo | MELO Maria Norma | VIEIRA Leda Quercia
Allotment of aircraft spare parts using genetic alorithms

Author(s): Batchoun Pascale | Ferland Jacques A. | Cléroux Robert

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