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The Frequency and Clinical Significance of Sister Chromatid Exchange in the Lymphocyte of Gastric Cancer Patient Exposed to Hypoxia

Author(s): Dae-Kwang Kim | Jae-Ho Lee | In-Ho Kim | Dae-Kyu Song | In-Jang Choi | Dae-Kwang Kim
Context-Enriched and Location-Aware Services

Author(s): MoonBae Song | Goreti Marreiros | Hoon Ko | Jae-Ho Choi
Outcome after gastrectomy in gastric cancer patients with type 2 diabetes

Author(s): Jong Won Kim | Jae-Ho Cheong | Woo Jin Hyung | Seung-Ho Choi | Sung Hoon Noh
Comparative Study of Protein Immobilization Properties on Calixarene Monolayers

Author(s): Hongxia Chen | Minsu Lee | Sungwook Choi | Jae-Ho Kim | Heung-Jin Choi | Sung-Hoon Kim | Jeabeom Lee | Kwangnak Koh
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