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How to Track Adaptation to Climate Change: A Typology of Approaches for National-Level Application

Author(s): James D. Ford | Lea Berrang-Ford | Alex Lesnikowski | Magda Barrera | S. Jody. Heymann

Author(s): James A. Johnstone | Paul A. Ford | Gerwyn Hughes | Tim Watson | Andrew C. S. Mitchell | Andrew T. Garrett
Use of BRFSS Data and GIS Technology for Rapid Public Health Response During Natural Disasters

Author(s): James B. Holt, PhD, MPA | Ali H. Mokdad, PhD | Earl S. Ford, MD, MPH | Eduardo J. Simoes, MD, MSc, MPH | William P. Bartoli, MS | George A. Mensah, MD

Author(s): James A. Johnstone | Paul A. Ford | Gerwyn Hughes | Tim Watson | Andrew T. Garrett

Author(s): James A. Johnstone | Paul A. Ford | Gerwyn Hughes | Tim Watson | Andrew T. Garrett
Optimizing Nitrogen Management in Food and Energy Production and Environmental Protection: Summary Statement from the Second International Nitrogen Conference

Author(s): Ellis Cowling | James Galloway | Cari Furiness | Mary Barber | Ton Bresser | Ken Cassman | Jan Willem Erisman | Richard Haeuber | Robert Howarth | Jerry Melillo | William Moomaw | Arvin Mosier | Kaj Sanders | Sybil Seitzinger | Stan Smeulders | Robert Socolow | Daniel Walters | Ford West | Zhaoliang Zhu
Factors Associated with Vitamin D Deficiency and Inadequacy among Women of Childbearing Age in the United States

Author(s): Guixiang Zhao | Earl S. Ford | James Tsai | Chaoyang Li | Janet B. Croft
A rare case of an aldosterone secreting metastatic adrenocortical carcinoma and papillary thyroid carcinoma in a 31-year-old male

Author(s): Stephen M. Wanta | Marina Basina | Steven D. Chang | Daniel T. Chang | James M. Ford | Ralph Greco | Kerry Kingham | Robert E. Merritt | Pamela L. Kunz
Accuracy of Fall Prediction in Parkinson Disease: Six-Month and 12-Month Prospective Analyses

Author(s): Ryan P. Duncan | Abigail L. Leddy | James T. Cavanaugh | Leland E. Dibble | Terry D. Ellis | Matthew P. Ford | K. Bo Foreman | Gammon M. Earhart
Replication of LDL GWAs hits in PROSPER/PHASE as validation for future (pharmaco)genetic analyses

Author(s): Trompet Stella | de Craen Anton | Postmus Iris | Ford Ian | Sattar Naveed | Caslake Muriel | Stott David | Buckley Brendan | Sacks Frank | Devlin James | Slagboom P | Westendorp Rudi | Jukema J
Availability of a pediatric trauma center in a disaster surge decreases triage time of the pediatric surge population: a population kinetics model

Author(s): Barthel Erik | Pierce James | Goodhue Catherine | Ford Henri | Grikscheit Tracy | Upperman Jeffrey
Sequencing of a QTL-rich region of the Theobroma cacao genome using pooled BACs and the identification of trait specific candidate genes

Author(s): Feltus Frank | Saski Christopher | Mockaitis Keithanne | Haiminen Niina | Parida Laxmi | Smith Zachary | Ford James | Staton Margaret | Ficklin Stephen | Blackmon Barbara | Cheng Chun-Huai | Schnell Raymond | Kuhn David | Motamayor Juan-Carlos
Disseminating quality improvement: study protocol for a large cluster-randomized trial

Author(s): Quanbeck Andrew | Gustafson David | Ford James | Pulvermacher Alice | French Michael | McConnell K | McCarty Dennis
Enhanced sensitivity to cisplatin and gemcitabine in Brca1-deficient murine mammary epithelial cells

Author(s): Alli Elizabeth | Sharma Vandana | Hartman Anne-Renee | Lin Patrick | McPherson Lisa | Ford James
Browsing Patterns of White-Tailed Deer Following Increased Timber Harvest and a Decline in Population Density

Author(s): Shawn M. Crimmins | John W. Edwards | W. Mark Ford | Patrick D. Keyser | James M. Crum
Charting the progression of disability in parkinson disease: study protocol for a prospective longitudinal cohort study

Author(s): Dibble Leland | Cavanaugh James | Earhart Gammon | Ellis Terry | Ford Matthew | Foreman Kenneth
Climate Change and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Literature Review

Author(s): Heather E. Thompson | Lea Berrang-Ford | James D. Ford
Physical activity and optimal self-rated health of adults with and without diabetes

Author(s): Tsai James | Ford Earl | Li Chaoyang | Zhao Guixiang | Balluz Lina
X-ray Diffraction of Cotton Treated with Neutralized Vegetable Oil-based Macromolecular Crosslinkers

Author(s): Ericka N. Johnson Ford | Sharathkumar K. Mendon | Shelby F. Thames, Ph.D. | James W. Rawlins, Ph.D.
A cluster randomized trial of standard quality improvement versus patient-centered interventions to enhance depression care for African Americans in the primary care setting: study protocol NCT00243425

Author(s): Cooper Lisa | Ford Daniel | Ghods Bri | Roter Debra | Primm Annelle | Larson Susan | Gill James | Noronha Gary | Shaya Elias | Wang Nae-Yuh
Characterization of the Six1 homeobox gene in normal mammary gland morphogenesis

Author(s): Coletta Ricardo | McCoy Erica | Burns Valerie | Kawakami Kiyoshi | McManaman James | Wysolmerski John | Ford Heide
Identification of a biomarker panel using a multiplex proximity ligation assay improves accuracy of pancreatic cancer diagnosis

Author(s): Chang Stephanie | Zahn Jacob | Horecka Joe | Kunz Pamela | Ford James | Fisher George | Le Quynh | Chang Daniel | Ji Hanlee | Koong Albert
Trends in postpartum hemorrhage in high resource countries: a review and recommendations from the International Postpartum Hemorrhage Collaborative Group

Author(s): Knight Marian | Callaghan William | Berg Cynthia | Alexander Sophie | Bouvier-Colle Marie-Helene | Ford Jane | Joseph KS | Lewis Gwyneth | Liston Robert | Roberts Christine | Oats Jeremy | Walker James
An extensible spatial and temporal epidemiological modelling system

Author(s): Ford Daniel | Kaufman James | Eiron Iris

Author(s): Wiesmüller Lisa | Ford James M. | Schiestl Robert H.
A Prospective Study of Pravastatin in the Elderly at Risk (PROSPER): Screening Experience and Baseline Characteristics

Author(s): Ford Ian | Blauw Gerard | Murphy Michael | Shepherd James | Cobbe Stuart | Bollen Edward | Buckley Brendan | Jukema J Wouter | Hyland Michael | Gaw Allan | Lagaay A Margot | Perry Ivan | Macfarlane Peter | Norrie John | Meinders A Edo | Sweeney Brian | Packard Chris | Westendorp Rudi | Twomey Cillian | Stott David

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