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The Economic Impact of Starting, Stopping, and Restarting an Antibiotic Stewardship Program: A 14-Year Experience

Author(s): Mary A. Ullman | Garry L. Parlier | James Bryan Warren | Noe Mateo | Craig Harvey | Christopher J. Sullivan | Robert Bergsbaken | Isaac F. Mitropoulos | John A. Bosso | John C. Rotschafer
Trace Amine Associated Receptor 1 Modulates Behavioral Effects of Ethanol

Author(s): Laurie J. Lynch | Katherine A. Sullivan | Eric J. Vallender | James K. Rowlett | Donna M. Platt | Gregory M. Miller
MFSD2A is a novel lung tumour suppressor gene whose expression is modulated by a 5’-region polymorphism

Author(s): Colombo Francesca | Spinola Monica | Falvella Felicia S | Sullivan James P | Shames David S | Girard Luc | Spessotto Paola | Minna John D | Dragani Tommaso A
Cryptic species within cryptic moths: new species of Dunama Schaus (Notodontidae, Nystaleinae) in Costa Rica

Author(s): Isidro Chacón | Daniel Janzen | Winnie Hallwachs | James Sullivan | Mehrdad Hajibabaei
Grounded Theory of Barriers and Facilitators to Mandated Implementation of Mental Health Care in the Primary Care Setting

Author(s): Justin K. Benzer | Sarah Beehler | Christopher Miller | James F. Burgess | Jennifer L. Sullivan | David C. Mohr | Mark Meterko | Irene E. Cramer
Malignant carcinoid arising within a mature cystic teratoma of the pelvis

Author(s): Michael Kuncewitch | Kavin Shah | Alan Kadison | Ernesto Molmenti | James Sullivan
Insights Into the Mode of Action of the Anti-Candida Activity of 1,10-Phenanthroline and its Metal Chelates

Author(s): Malachy McCann | Majella Geraghty | Michael Devereux | Denis O'Shea | James Mason | Luzveminda O'Sullivan
MFSD2A is a novel lung tumor suppressor gene modulating cell cycle and matrix attachment

Author(s): Spinola Monica | Falvella Felicia | Colombo Francesca | Sullivan James | Shames David | Girard Luc | Spessotto Paola | Minna John | Dragani Tommaso
Malaria incidence and prevalence on Pemba Island before the onset of the successful control intervention on the Zanzibar Archipelago

Author(s): Jaenisch Thomas | Sullivan David | Dutta Arup | Deb Saikat | Ramsan Mahdi | Othman Mashavu | Gaczkowski Roger | Tielsch James | Sazawal Sunil
The C5a anaphylatoxin receptor CD88 is expressed in presynaptic terminals of hippocampal mossy fibres

Author(s): Crane James | Baiquni Gilang | Sullivan Robert | Lee John | Sah Pankaj | Taylor Stephen | Noakes Peter | Woodruff Trent
Mapping QTL affecting resistance to Marek's disease in an F6 advanced intercross population of commercial layer chickens

Author(s): Heifetz Eliyahu | Fulton Janet | O'Sullivan Neil | Arthur James | Cheng Hans | Wang Jing | Soller Morris | Dekkers Jack
The evolutionary origin of the Runx/CBFbeta transcription factors – Studies of the most basal metazoans

Author(s): Sullivan James | Sher Daniel | Eisenstein Miriam | Shigesada Katsuya | Reitzel Adam | Marlow Heather | Levanon Ditsa | Groner Yoram | Finnerty John | Gat Uri
Association mapping of partitioning loci in barley

Author(s): Cockram James | White Jon | Leigh Fiona | Lea Vincent | Chiapparino Elena | Laurie David | Mackay Ian | Powell Wayne | O'Sullivan Donal
Variation in HIV-1 R5 macrophage-tropism correlates with sensitivity to reagents that block envelope: CD4 interactions but not with sensitivity to other entry inhibitors

Author(s): Peters Paul | Duenas-Decamp Maria | Sullivan W Matthew | Brown Richard | Ankghuambom Chiambah | Luzuriaga Katherine | Robinson James | Burton Dennis | Bell Jeanne | Simmonds Peter | Ball Jonathan | Clapham Paul
Comparison of a low carbohydrate and low fat diet for weight maintenance in overweight or obese adults enrolled in a clinical weight management program

Author(s): LeCheminant James | Gibson Cheryl | Sullivan Debra | Hall Sandra | Washburn Rik | Vernon Mary | Curry Chelsea | Stewart Elizabeth | Westman Eric | Donnelly Joseph
Tissue MicroArray (TMA) analysis of normal and persistent Chlamydophila pneumoniae infection

Author(s): Borel Nicole | Mukhopadhyay Sanghamitra | Kaiser Carmen | Sullivan Erin | Miller Richard | Timms Peter | Summersgill James | Ramirez Julio | Pospischil Andreas
Is the involvement of opinion leaders in the implementation of research findings a feasible strategy?

Author(s): Grimshaw Jeremy | Eccles Martin | Greener Jenny | Maclennan Graeme | Ibbotson Tracy | Kahan James | Sullivan Frank
Comparison of amplification enzymes for Hepatitis C Virus quasispecies analysis

Author(s): Polyak Stephen | Sullivan Daniel | Austin Michael | Dai James | Shuhart Margaret | Lindsay Karen | Bonkovsky Herbert | Di Bisceglie Adrian | Lee William | Morishima Chihiro | Gretch David
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