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Labeling dating abuse: Undetected abuse among Spanish adolescents and young adults

Author(s): Luis Rodríguez-Franco | Javier López-Cepero Borrego | Francisco J. Rodríguez-Díaz | Carolina Bringas Molleda | Cristina Estrada Pineda | M. Ángeles Antuña Bellerín | Raúl Quevedo-Blasco
Consumo de drogas y conducta delictiva: Análisis diferencial de la heroína y la cocaína en la trayectoria infractora

Author(s): Carolina Bringas | Luis Rodríguez | Javier López-Cepero | Francisco Javier Rodríguez | Cristina Estrada
Drug abuse and criminal family records in the criminal history of prisoners

Author(s): Francisco J. Rodríguez | Carolina Bringas | Luis Rodríguez | Javier López-Cepero | Beatriz Pérez | Cristina Estrada
Juvenile delinquency and young offender: Bibliographical and bibliometric review of two perspectives of study

Author(s): Francisco Javier Rodriguez | Luis Rodriguez-Franco | Javier Lopez-Cepero | Carolina Bringas
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