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Drought and Associated Impacts in the Great Plains of the United States—A Review

Author(s): Jeffrey B. Basara | Joanna N. Maybourn | Casey M. Peirano | Jennifer E. Tate | Parker J. Brown | Jake D. Hoey | Brandon R. Smith
Usefulness of peanut and hazelnut molecular components for the diagnosis of nut allergy. Our experience in clinical practice

Author(s): Rotiroti Giuseppina | Gardner James | Coppens Katrien | Parker Jennifer
Integrated Amplification Microarrays for Infectious Disease Diagnostics

Author(s): Darrell P. Chandler | Lexi Bryant | Sara B. Griesemer | Rui Gu | Christopher Knickerbocker | Alexander Kukhtin | Jennifer Parker | Cynthia Zimmerman | Kirsten St. George | Christopher G. Cooney
Involvement of Type IV Pili in Pathogenicity of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria

Author(s): Saul Burdman | Ofir Bahar | Jennifer K. Parker | Leonardo De La Fuente
Reduced MHC and neutral variation in the Galápagos hawk, an island endemic

Author(s): Bollmer Jennifer | Hull Joshua | Ernest Holly | Sarasola José | Parker Patricia
International Collaboration on Air Pollution and Pregnancy Outcomes (ICAPPO)

Author(s): Tracey J. Woodruff | Jennifer D. Parker | Kate Adams | Michelle L. Bell | Ulrike Gehring | Svetlana Glinianaia | Eun-Hee Ha | Bin Jalaludin | Rémy Slama
Leaders, leadership and future primary care clinical research

Author(s): Furler John | Cleland Jennifer | Del Mar Chris | Hanratty Barbara | Kadam Umesh | Lasserson Daniel | McCowan Colin | Magin Parker | Mitchell Caroline | Qureshi Nadeem | Rait Greta | Steel Nick | van Driel Mieke | Ward Alison

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