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Luminescence Properties of Si Nanocrystals Fabricated by Ion Beam Sputtering and Annealing

Author(s): Sung Kim | Dong Hee Shin | Dong Yeol Shin | Chang Oh Kim | Jae Hee Park | Seung Bum Yang | Suk-Ho Choi | Seung Jo Yoo | Jin-Gyu Kim
Application of FFT Data from HREM images to Electron crystallography

Author(s): Snag-Gil Lee | Youn-Joong Kim | Seung-Jo Yoo | Seok-Hoon Lee | Jin-Gyu Kim
MHz Broadline NMR and HRTEM in the Study of Novel Strongly Correlated Electron Materials

Author(s): Georgios Papavassiliou | D. Argyriou | Nikos Panopoulos | Dimitris Koumoulis | Nikos Boukos | Michael Fardis | Michael Pissas | Hae Jin Kim | Jin-Gyu Kim
Application of electron crystallography to structure characterization of ZnS nanocrystals

Author(s): Jin-Gyu Kim | Sang-Gil Lee | Hyun-Min Park | Youn-Joong Kim
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