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Otitis Media and Relevant Clinical Issues

Author(s): Jizhen Lin | Joseph E. Kerschner | Per CayƩ-Thomasen | Tetsuya Tono | Quan-An Zhang
Mucin Production and Mucous Cell Metaplasia in Otitis Media

Author(s): Jizhen Lin | Per Caye-Thomasen | Tetsuya Tono | Quan-An Zhang | Yoshihisa Nakamura | Ling Feng | Jianmin Huang | Shengnan Ye | Xiaohua Hu | Joseph E. Kerschner
The Role of Atoh1 in Mucous Cell Metaplasia

Author(s): Yoshihisa Nakamura | Yuki Hamajima | Masahiro Komori | Makoto Yokota | Motohiko Suzuki | Jizhen Lin
Exons 19 and 21 of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Are Highly Conserved in Squamous Cell Cancer of the Head and Neck

Author(s): Matthew Carlson | Beverly Wuertz | Jizhen Lin | Randy Taylor | Frank Ondrey
Differentiation of cochlear neural progenitors with SV40 in vitro

Author(s): Ling Feng | Yuki Hamajima | Masahiro Komori | John Anderson | Dong Wang | Terry C. Burns | Catherine M. Verfaillie | Walter C. Low | Jizhen Lin

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