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Assessing Quality of Life in Older Adult Patients with Skin Disorders

Author(s): Miranda A. Farage | Kenneth W Miller | Susan N. Sherman | Joel Tsevat
Valuation of scleroderma and psoriatic arthritis health states by the general public

Author(s): Khanna Dinesh | Frech Tracy | Khanna Puja | Kaplan Robert | Eckman Mark | Hays Ron | Ginsburg Shaari | Leonard Anthony | Tsevat Joel
Cognitive impairment and preferences for current health

Author(s): King Joseph | Tsevat Joel | Roberts Mark
Self-rated health of primary care house officers and its relationship to psychological and spiritual well-being

Author(s): Yi Michael | Mrus Joseph | Mueller Caroline | Luckhaupt Sara | Peterman Amy | Puchalski Christina | Tsevat Joel
Gender differences in health-related quality of life of adolescents with cystic fibrosis

Author(s): Arrington-Sanders Renata | Yi Michael | Tsevat Joel | Wilmott Robert | Mrus Joseph | Britto Maria
Do medical house officers value the health of veterans differently from the health of non-veterans?

Author(s): Yi Michael | Luckhaupt Sara | Mrus Joseph | Tsevat Joel

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