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Enhancement of Phosphate Absorption by Garden Plants by Genetic Engineering: A New Tool for Phytoremediation

Author(s): Keisuke Matsui | Junichi Togami | John G. Mason | Stephen F. Chandler | Yoshikazu Tanaka
Cortisol awakening response and cortisol/DHEA ratio associations with hippocampal volume in MDD

Author(s): Owen M. Wolkowitz | Jin Rowen | Sara Mason | Synthia H. Mellon | Victor I. Reus | Elissa S. Epel | Heather M. Burke | Rebecca Rosser | John Coetzee | Laura Mahan | Michelle Coy | J. Craig Nelson | Steven P. Hamilton | Sally Mendoza | Michael W. Weiner | Susanne Mueller
Waterford Formation in the south-eastern Karoo: Implications for basin development

Author(s): Bruce S. Rubidge | P. John Hancox | Richard Mason
Child Acute Malnutrition and Mortality in Populations Affected by Displacement in the Horn of Africa, 1997–2009

Author(s): John B. Mason | Jessica M. White | Linda Heron | Jennifer Carter | Caroline Wilkinson | Paul Spiegel
Voice Biometrics over the Internet in the Framework of COST Action 275

Author(s): Besacier Laurent | Ariyaeeinia Aladdin M | Mason John S | Bonastre Jean-François | Mayorga Pedro | Fredouille Corinne | Meignier Sylvain | Siau Johann | Evans Nicholas WD | Auckenthaler Roland | Stapert Robert
Data-Model Relationship in Text-Independent Speaker Recognition

Author(s): Mason John SD | Evans Nicholas WD | Stapert Robert | Auckenthaler Roland
The transcription factor Foxg1 regulates telencephalic progenitor proliferation cell autonomously, in part by controlling Pax6 expression levels

Author(s): Manuel Martine | Martynoga Ben | Molinek Mike | Quinn Jane | Kroemmer Corinne | Mason John | Price David
Determinants of Catch-Up Growth in International Adoptees from Eastern Europe

Author(s): Bradley S. Miller | Maria G. Kroupina | Patrick Mason | Sandra L. Iverson | Christine Narad | John H. Himes | Dana E. Johnson | Anna Petryk
Novel lines of Pax6-/- embryonic stem cells exhibit reduced neurogenic capacity without loss of viability

Author(s): Quinn Jane | Molinek Michael | Nowakowski Tomasz | Mason John | Price David
Independent evolution of neurotoxin and flagellar genetic loci in proteolytic Clostridium botulinum

Author(s): Carter Andrew | Paul Catherine | Mason David | Twine Susan | Alston Mark | Logan Susan | Austin John | Peck Michael
Adenomatous polyposis coli is required for early events in the normal growth and differentiation of the developing cerebral cortex

Author(s): Ivaniutsin Uladzislau | Chen Yijing | Mason John | Price David | Pratt Thomas
Can urinary exosomes act as treatment response markers in prostate cancer?

Author(s): Mitchell Paul | Welton Joanne | Staffurth John | Court Jacquelyn | Mason Malcolm | Tabi Zsuzsanna | Clayton Aled
Newly identified patterns of Pax2 expression in the developing mouse forebrain

Author(s): Fotaki Vassiliki | Price David | Mason John
Voice Biometrics over the Internet in the Framework of COST Action 275

Author(s): Robert Stapert | Roland Auckenthaler | Nicholas W. D. Evans | Johann Siau | Sylvain Meignier | Corinne Fredouille | Pedro Mayorga | Jean-François Bonastre | John S. Mason | Aladdin M. Ariyaeeinia | Laurent Besacier
Data-Model Relationship in Text-Independent Speaker Recognition

Author(s): John S. D. Mason | Nicholas W. D. Evans | Robert Stapert | Roland Auckenthaler
A new journal with a new approach to research in developing countries

Author(s): Salvatore Rubino, Mark Cameron, Piero Cappuccinelli, Tulsi D. Chugh, Rajni Gaind, Salih Hosoglu, David J. Kelvin, Nikki Kelvin, Peter Mason, Iruka Okeke, Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales, Abiola Senok, John Wain
Functional conservation of Pax6 regulatory elements in humans and mice demonstrated with a novel transgenic reporter mouse

Author(s): Tyas David | Simpson T Ian | Carr Catherine | Kleinjan Dirk | van Heyningen Veronica | Mason John | Price David
Regulation of the Pax6 : Pax6(5a) mRNA ratio in the developing mammalian brain

Author(s): Pinson Jeni | Mason John | Simpson T Ian | Price David
Systems for grading the quality of evidence and the strength of recommendations II: Pilot study of a new system

Author(s): Atkins David | Briss Peter | Eccles Martin | Flottorp Signe | Guyatt Gordon | Harbour Robin | Hill Suzanne | Jaeschke Roman | Liberati Alessandro | Magrini Nicola | Mason James | O'Connell Dianne | Oxman Andrew | Phillips Bob | Schünemann Holger | Edejer Tessa | Vist Gunn | Williams John
Retrotransposition-Competent Human LINE-1 Induces Apoptosis in Cancer Cells With Intact p53

Author(s): Haoudi Abdelali | Semmes O. John | Mason James M. | Cannon Ronald E.
Aplicações da ressonância magnética para medidas espectroscópicas da neurotransmissão

Author(s): Mason Graeme F | Behar Kevin L | Krystal John H | Rothman Douglas L
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