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A call for an international network of genomic observatories (GOs)

Author(s): Davies Neil | Meyer Chris | Gilbert Jack A | Amaral-Zettler Linda | Deck John | Bicak Mesude | Rocca-Serra Philippe | Assunta-Sansone Susanna | Willis Kathy | Field Dawn
Predicted Relative Metabolomic Turnover (PRMT): determining metabolic turnover from a coastal marine metagenomic dataset

Author(s): Larsen Peter E | Collart Frank R | Field Dawn | Meyer Folker | Keegan Kevin P | Henry Christopher S | McGrath John | Quinn John | Gilbert Jack A
Evidence of novel fine-scale structural variation at autism spectrum disorder candidate loci

Author(s): Hedges Dale J | Hamilton-Nelson Kara L | Sacharow Stephanie J | Nations Laura | Beecham Gary W | Kozhekbaeva Zhanna M | Butler Brittany L | Cukier Holly N | Whitehead Patrice L | Ma Deqiong | Jaworski James M | Nathanson Lubov | Lee Joycelyn M | Hauser Stephen L | Oksenberg Jorge R | Cuccaro Michael L | Haines Jonathan L | Gilbert John R | Pericak-Vance Margaret A
A noise-reduction GWAS analysis implicates altered regulation of neurite outgrowth and guidance in autism

Author(s): Hussman John P | Chung Ren-Hua | Griswold Anthony J | Jaworski James M | Salyakina Daria | Ma Deqiong | Konidari Ioanna | Whitehead Patrice L | Vance Jeffery M | Martin Eden R | Cuccaro Michael L | Gilbert John R | Haines Jonathan L | Pericak-Vance Margaret A
An X chromosome-wide association study in autism families identifies TBL1X as a novel autism spectrum disorder candidate gene in males

Author(s): Chung Ren-Hua | Ma Deqiong | Wang Kai | Hedges Dale J | Jaworski James M | Gilbert John R | Cuccaro Michael L | Wright Harry H | Abramson Ruth K | Konidari Ioanna | Whitehead Patrice L | Schellenberg Gerard D | Hakonarson Hakon | Haines Jonathan L | Pericak-Vance Margaret A | Martin Eden R
The Immune Response and Its Therapeutic Modulation in Bronchiectasis

Author(s): Massoud Daheshia | James D. Prahl | Jacob J. Carmichael | John S. Parrish | Gilbert Seda
Short-Term Rationing of Combination Antiretroviral Therapy: Impact on Morbidity, Mortality, and Loss to Follow-Up in a Large HIV Treatment Program in Western Kenya

Author(s): April J. Bell | Kara Wools-Kaloustian | Sylvester Kimaiyo | Hai Liu | Adrian Katschke | Changyu Shen | Gilbert Simiyu | Beverly S. Musick | John E. Sidle | Abraham Siika | Paula Braitstein
Editorial: JRIPE, a new journal with a distinct function, content, and identity

Author(s): Hassan Soubhi | John Gilbert | Gwen Halaas
Array CGH Phylogeny: How accurate are Comparative Genomic Hybridization-based trees?

Author(s): Gilbert Luz | Kasuga Takao | Glass N Louise | Taylor John
Design of the Xylitol for Adult Caries Trial (X-ACT)

Author(s): Bader James | Shugars Daniel | Vollmer William | Gullion Christina | Gilbert Gregg | Amaechi Bennett | Brown John
Predator-induced defences in Daphnia pulex: Selection and evaluation of internal reference genes for gene expression studies with real-time PCR

Author(s): Spanier Katina | Leese Florian | Mayer Christoph | Colbourne John | Gilbert Don | Pfrender Michael | Tollrian Ralph
poolMC: Smart pooling of mRNA samples in microarray experiments

Author(s): Kainkaryam Raghunandan | Bruex Angela | Gilbert Anna | Schiefelbein John | Woolf Peter
Germline-dependent gene expression in distant non-gonadal somatic tissues of Drosophila

Author(s): Parisi Michael | Gupta Vaijayanti | Sturgill David | Warren James | Jallon Jean-Marc | Malone John | Zhang Yu | Gilbert Lawrence | Oliver Brian
HCV co-infection in HIV positive population in British Columbia, Canada

Author(s): Buxton Jane | Yu Amanda | Kim Paul | Spinelli John | Kuo Margot | Alvarez Maria | Gilbert Mark | Krajden Mel
Decentralized Sensor Fusion for Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Areas

Author(s): Alberto Sanfeliu | Juan Andrade-Cetto | Marco Barbosa | Richard Bowden | Jesús Capitán | Andreu Corominas | Andrew Gilbert | John Illingworth | Luis Merino | Josep M. Mirats | Plínio Moreno | Aníbal Ollero | João Sequeira | Matthijs T. J. Spaan
Identification of the 'basal' human LINE-1 retrotransposition complex

Author(s): Doucet Aurélien | Sahinovic Elodie | Bucheton Alain | Moran John | Gilbert Nicolas
The influence of the Cyclin D1 870 G>A polymorphism as an endometrial cancer risk factor

Author(s): Ashton Katie | Proietto Anthony | Otton Geoffrey | Symonds Ian | McEvoy Mark | Attia John | Gilbert Michael | Hamann Ute | Scott Rodney
Environmental adversity and uncertainty favour cooperation

Author(s): Andras Peter | Lazarus John | Roberts Gilbert
Comparative genomic analysis of Campylobacter jejuni associated with Guillain-Barré and Miller Fisher syndromes: neuropathogenic and enteritis-associated isolates can share high levels of genomic similarity

Author(s): Taboada Eduardo | van Belkum Alex | Yuki Nobuhiro | Acedillo Rey | Godschalk Peggy | Koga Michiaki | Endtz Hubert | Gilbert Michel | Nash John
A comparative analysis of the information content in long and short SAGE libraries

Author(s): Li Yi-Ju | Xu Puting | Qin Xuejun | Schmechel Donald | Hulette Christine | Haines Jonathan | Pericak-Vance Margaret | Gilbert John
wFleaBase: the Daphnia genome database

Author(s): Colbourne John | Singan Vasanth | Gilbert Don
Ordered subset linkage analysis supports a susceptibility locus for age-related macular degeneration on chromosome 16p12

Author(s): Schmidt Silke | Scott William | Postel Eric | Agarwal Anita | Hauser Elizabeth | De La Paz Monica | Gilbert John | Weeks Daniel | Gorin Michael | Haines Jonathan | Pericak-Vance Margaret
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