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Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin: Its Response to Hypoxia and Association with Acute Mountain Sickness

Author(s): Adrian Mellor | Christopher Boos | Mike Stacey | Tim Hooper | Chris Smith | Joe Begley | Jo Yarker | Rick Piper | John O'Hara | Rod King | Steve Turner | David R. Woods

Does journal endorsement of reporting guidelines influence the completeness of reporting of health research? A systematic review protocol

Author(s): Shamseer Larissa | Stevens Adrienne | Skidmore Becky | Turner Lucy | Altman Douglas G | Hirst Allison | Hoey John | Palepu Anita | Simera Iveta | Schulz Kenneth | Moher David
Protocol for the Foot in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis trial (FiJIA): a randomised controlled trial of an integrated foot care programme for foot problems in JIA

Author(s): Hendry Gordon J | Turner Deborah E | McColl John | Lorgelly Paula K | Sturrock Roger D | Watt Gordon F | Browne Michael | Gardner-Medwin Janet | Friel Lorraine | Woodburn Jim
A unified phylogeny-based nomenclature for histone variants

Author(s): Talbert Paul B | Ahmad Kami | Almouzni Geneviève | Ausió Juan | Berger Frederic | Bhalla Prem L | Bonner William M | Cande W | Chadwick Brian P | Chan Simon W L | Cross George A M | Cui Liwang | Dimitrov Stefan I | Doenecke Detlef | Eirin-López José M | Gorovsky Martin A | Hake Sandra B | Hamkalo Barbara A | Holec Sarah | Jacobsen Steven E | Kamieniarz Kinga | Khochbin Saadi | Ladurner Andreas G | Landsman David | Latham John A | Loppin Benjamin | Malik Harmit S | Marzluff William F | Pehrson John R | Postberg Jan | Schneider Robert | Singh Mohan B | Smith M | Thompson Eric | Torres-Padilla Maria-Elena | Tremethick David | Turner Bryan M | Waterborg Jakob | Wollmann Heike | Yelagandula Ramesh | Zhu Bing | Henikoff Steven
Risk Stratification after Biochemical Failure following Curative Treatment of Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer: Data from the TROG 96.01 Trial

Author(s): Allison Steigler | James W. Denham | David S. Lamb | Nigel A. Spry | David Joseph | John Matthews | Chris Atkinson | Sandra Turner | John North | David Christie | Keen-Hun Tai | Chris Wynne
Complex Land Systems: the Need for Long Time Perspectives to Assess their Future

Author(s): John A. Dearing | Ademola K. Braimoh | Anette Reenberg | Sander van der Leeuw | Billie L. Turner
Update in medical education for pediatrics: insights and directions from the 2010 literature

Author(s): Helen Barrett Fromme | Shari A. Whicker | John D. Mahan | Teri Lee Turner
Correlative and dynamic species distribution modelling for ecological predictions in the Antarctic: a cross-disciplinary concept

Author(s): Julian Gutt | Damaris Zurell | Thomas J. Bracegridle | William Cheung | Melody S. Clark | Peter Convey | Bruno Danis | Bruno David | Claude De Broyer | Guido di Prisco | Huw Griffiths | Rémi Laffont | Lloyd S. Peck | Benjamin Pierrat | Martin J. Riddle | Thomas Saucède | John Turner | Cinzia Verde | Zhaomin Wang | Volker Grimm
Adjunctive long-acting risperidone in patients with bipolar disorder who relapse frequently and have active mood symptoms

Author(s): Macfadden Wayne | Adler Caleb | Turkoz Ibrahim | Haskins John | Turner Norris | Alphs Larry
Impacts of Silver Nanoparticle Ingestion on Pigmentation and Developmental Progression in Drosophila

Author(s): S. Catherine Silver Key | Denise Reaves | Fran Turner | John J. Bang
The Effect of Exercise on the Skeletal Muscle Phospholipidome of Rats Fed a High-Fat Diet

Author(s): Todd W. Mitchell | Nigel Turner | Paul L. Else | Anthony J. Hulbert | John A. Hawley | Jong Sam Lee | Clinton R. Bruce | Stephen J. Blanksby
Structure and reactivity in neutral organic electron donors derived from 4-dimethylaminopyridine

Author(s): Jean Garnier | Alan R. Kennedy | Leonard E. A. Berlouis | Andrew T. Turner | John A. Murphy
ApoE mimetic peptide decreases Aβ production in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Minami S Sakura | Cordova Antoinette | Cirrito John | Tesoriero Joseph | Babus Lenard | Davis Gary | Dakshanamurthy Sivanesan | Turner R Scott | Pak Daniel | Rebeck G William | Paige Mikell | Hoe Hyang-Sook
Information management for high content live cell imaging

Author(s): Jameson Daniel | Turner David | Ankers John | Kennedy Stephnie | Ryan Sheila | Swainston Neil | Griffiths Tony | Spiller David | Oliver Stephen | White Michael | Kell Douglas | Paton Norman
Bioinformatic analysis of the neprilysin (M13) family of peptidases reveals complex evolutionary and functional relationships

Author(s): Bland Nicholas | Pinney John | Thomas Josie | Turner Anthony | Isaac R Elwyn
Remote Instrument Control with CIMA Web Services and Web 2.0 Technology

Author(s): Douglas John du Boulay | Sandor Brockhauser | Clinton Chee | Kenneth Chiu | Tharaka Devadithya | Richard Leow | Donald Frederick McMullen | Romain Quilici | Peter Turner
Identification of multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates that are highly disruptive to the intestinal epithelial barrier

Author(s): Zaborina Olga | Kohler Jonathan | Wang Yingmin | Bethel Cindy | Shevchenko Olga | Wu Licheng | Turner Jerrold | Alverdy John
Developing a realistic sexual network model of chlamydia transmission in Britain

Author(s): Turner Katherine | Adams Elisabeth | Gay Nigel | Ghani Azra | Mercer Catherine | Edmunds W John
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