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The United States Department of Defense and the International Health Regulations (2005): perceptions, pitfalls and progress towards implementation

Author(s): Matthew Johns | David L Blazes | Jose Fernandez | Kevin Russell | DW Chen | Robert Loftis
Round table discussion

Author(s): Julian Lob-Levyt | Jeffrey Sachs | Desmond Johns | Tim Evans | Harvey E. Bale | Jonathan D. Quick | James Orbinski

Author(s): Cynthia S. Johns | Shannon Delawsky
Nonlinear Integer Programming Transportation Models: An Alternative Solution

Author(s): Chin Wei Yang | Hui Wen Cheng | Tony R. Johns | Ken Hung
Cumulative Risk Assessment Toolbox: Methods and Approaches for the Practitioner

Author(s): Margaret M. MacDonell | Lynne A. Haroun | Linda K. Teuschler | Glenn E. Rice | Richard C. Hertzberg | James P. Butler | Young-Soo Chang | Shanna L. Clark | Alan P. Johns | Camarie S. Perry | Shannon S. Garcia | John H. Jacobi | Marcienne A. Scofield
Markedly elevated plasma D-dimer and the prevalence of acute pulmonary embolus

Author(s): Andrew W. Bowman | Gretchen S. Johns | Nolan Karstaedt
Glioma Surgical Aspirate: A Viable Source of Tumor Tissue for Experimental Research

Author(s): Bryan W. Day | Brett W. Stringer | John Wilson | Rosalind L. Jeffree | Paul R. Jamieson | Kathleen S. Ensbey | Zara C. Bruce | Po Inglis | Suzanne Allan | Craig Winter | Gert Tollesson | Scott Campbell | Peter Lucas | Wendy Findlay | David Kadrian | David Johnson | Thomas Robertson | Terrance G. Johns | Perry F. Bartlett | Geoffrey W. Osborne | Andrew W. Boyd
The Pitfalls of a Tool-based Science and the Promise of a Problem-focused Science

Author(s): Patrick E. McKnight | Michael Johns | Patrick McGovern | Julius Najab
Magnetic Accretion Onto T Tauri Stars

Author(s): Christopher M. Johns Krull | Jeff A. Valenti | April D. Gafford
Satellite-Observed Black Water Events off Southwest Florida: Implications for Coral Reef Health in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Author(s): Jun Zhao | Chuanmin Hu | Brian Lapointe | Nelson Melo | Elizabeth M. Johns | Ryan H. Smith
The discovery of S/GSK1265744: a carbamoyl pyridone HIV-1 integrase inhibitor

Author(s): Y Taoda | B Johns | J Weatherhead | D Temelkoff | T Kawasuji | H Yoshida | T Taishi | R Kiyama | M Fuji | H Murai | T Yoshinaga | A Sato | T Fujiwara
MicroRNA profiling of the human stress response

Author(s): Anett Mueller | Magdalena Jurkiewicz | Jamie Ferri | Stephanie Izzi | C. Johns | Xiao Wu | A.A. Stone | Turhan Canli
An Anti-PCSK9 Antibody Reduces LDL-Cholesterol On Top Of A Statin And Suppresses Hepatocyte SREBP-Regulated Genes

Author(s): Liwen Zhang, Timothy McCabe, Jon H. Condra, Yan G. Ni, Laurence B. Peterson, Weirong Wang, Alison M. Strack, Fubao Wang, Shilpa Pandit, Holly Hammond, Dana Wood, Dale Lewis, Ray Rosa, Vivienne Mendoza, Anne Marie Cumiskey, Douglas G. Johns, Barbara C. Hansen, Xun Shen, Neil Geoghagen, Kristian Jensen, Lei Zhu, Karol Wietecha, Douglas Wisniewski, Lingyi Huang, Jing Zhang Zhao, Robin Ernst, Richard Hampton, Peter Haytko, Frances Ansbro, Shannon Chilewski, Jayne Chin, Lyndon J. Mitnaul, Andrea Pellacani, Carl P. Sparrow, Zhiqiang An, William Strohl, Brian Hubbard, Andrew S. Plump, Daniel Blom, Ayesha Sitlani
Integrated and Adaptive Management of Water Resources: Tensions, Legacies, and the Next Best Thing

Author(s): Nathan L. Engle | Owen R. Johns | Maria Carmen Lemos | Donald R. Nelson
Exploring the Next Frontier for Tobacco Control: Nondaily Smoking among New York City Adults

Author(s): Rachel Sacks | Micaela H. Coady | Ijeoma G. Mbamalu | Michael Johns | Susan M. Kansagra
Pharmacodynamics of CNTO 530 and Darbepoetin-α in Human TNF-α Transgenic Mice, a Murine Model of Anemia of Chronic Disease

Author(s): Ram Achuthanandam | Dorie Makropoulos | Laura Johns | Amy Volk | Kerry Brosnan | Jin Lu | Wojciech Krzyzanski | Peter J. Bugelski
Controlling God in The UK: The Vexed Question of Political Accountability and Faith-Based Groups

Author(s): Adrian Barton | Nick Johns | Mark Hyde | Alison Green | Greta Squire
Comprehensive Evidence-Based Assessment and Prioritization of Potential Antidiabetic Medicinal Plants: A Case Study from Canadian Eastern James Bay Cree Traditional Medicine

Author(s): Pierre S. Haddad | Lina Musallam | Louis C. Martineau | Cory Harris | Louis Lavoie | John T. Arnason | Brian Foster | Steffany Bennett | Timothy Johns | Alain Cuerrier | Emma Coon Come | Rene Coon Come | Josephine Diamond | Louise Etapp | Charlie Etapp | Jimmy George | Charlotte Husky Swallow | Johnny Husky Swallow | Mary Jolly | Andrew Kawapit | Eliza Mamianskum | John Petagumskum | Smalley Petawabano | Laurie Petawabano | Alex Weistche | Alaa Badawi
A Comparison of Risk Estimates for the Effect of Short-Term Exposure to PM, NO2 and CO on Cardiovascular Hospitalizations and Emergency Department Visits: Effect Size Modeling of Study Findings

Author(s): Ellen Kirrane | David Svendsgaard | Mary Ross | Barbara Buckley | Allen Davis | Doug Johns | Dennis Kotchmar | Thomas C. Long | Thomas J. Luben | Genee Smith | Lindsay Wichers Stanek
The poems of Hamzah Fansuri

Author(s): A.H. Johns
Chairil Anwar: An interpretation.

Author(s): A.H. Johns
Jaarverslag 1965

Author(s): G.W.J. Drewes | A.H. Johns
Book Reviews

Author(s): J. van Baal | Hans Nevermann | G.W.J. Drewes | A.H. Johns
Duration of Suppression of Adrenal Steroids after Glucocorticoid Administration

Author(s): Fuqua JohnS | Rotenstein Deborah | Lee PeterA
A Feedback-Based Transmission for Wireless Networks with Energy and Secrecy Constraints

Author(s): Krikidis Ioannis | Thompson JohnS | McLaughlin Steve | Grant PeterM
The HadGEM2 family of Met Office Unified Model climate configurations

Author(s): The HadGEM2 Development Team: G. M. Martin | N. Bellouin | W. J. Collins | I. D. Culverwell | P. R. Halloran | S. C. Hardiman | T. J. Hinton | C. D. Jones | R. E. McDonald | A. J. McLaren | F. M. O'Connor | M. J. Roberts | J. M. Rodriguez | S. Woodward | M. J. Best | M. E. Brooks | A. R. Brown | N. Butchart | C. Dearden | S. H. Derbyshire | I. Dharssi | M. Doutriaux-Boucher | J. M. Edwards | P. D. Falloon | N. Gedney | L. J. Gray | H. T. Hewitt | M. Hobson | M. R. Huddleston | J. Hughes | S. Ineson | W. J. Ingram | P. M. James | T. C. Johns | C. E. Johnson | A. Jones | C. P. Jones | M. M. Joshi | A. B. Keen | S. Liddicoat | A. P. Lock | A. V. Maidens | J. C. Manners | S. F. Milton | J. G. L. Rae | J. K. Ridley | A. Sellar | C. A. Senior | I. J. Totterdell | A. Verhoef | P. L. Vidale | A. Wiltshire
Momordica charantia (bitter melon) attenuates high-fat diet-associated oxidative stress and neuroinflammation

Author(s): Nerurkar Pratibha | Johns Lisa | Buesa Lance | Kipyakwai Gideon | Volper Esther | Sato Ryuei | Shah Pranjal | Feher Domonkos | Williams Philip | Nerurkar Vivek
The inpatient burden of abdominal and gynecological adhesiolysis in the US

Author(s): Sikirica Vanja | Bapat Bela | Candrilli Sean | Davis Keith | Wilson Malcolm | Johns Alan
The HadGEM2 family of Met Office Unified Model Climate configurations

Author(s): The HadGEM2 Development Team: Martin, G. M. | N. Bellouin | W. J. Collins | I. D. Culverwell | P. R. Halloran | S. C. Hardiman | T. J. Hinton | C. D. Jones | R. E. McDonald | A. J. McLaren | F. M. O'Connor | M. J. Roberts | J. M. Rodriguez | S. Woodward | M. J. Best | M. E. Brooks | A. R. Brown | N. Butchart | C. Dearden | S. H. Derbyshire | I. Dharssi | M. Doutriaux-Boucher | J. M. Edwards | P. D. Falloon | N. Gedney | L. J. Gray | H. T. Hewitt | M. Hobson | M. R. Huddleston | J. Hughes | S. Ineson | W. J. Ingram | P. M. James | T. C. Johns | C. E. Johnson | A. Jones | C. P. Jones | M. M. Joshi | A. B. Keen | S. Liddicoat | A. P. Lock | A. V. Maidens | J. C. Manners | S. F. Milton | J. G. L. Rae | J. K. Ridley | A. Sellar | C. A. Senior | I. J. Totterdell | A. Verhoef | P. L. Vidale | A. Wiltshire
The Global Emerging Infection Surveillance and Response System (GEIS), a U.S. government tool for improved global biosurveillance: a review of 2009

Author(s): Russell Kevin | Rubenstein Jennifer | Burke Ronald | Vest Kelly | Johns Matthew | Sanchez Jose | Meyer William | Fukuda Mark | Blazes David
A growing global network’s role in outbreak response: AFHSC-GEIS 2008-2009

Author(s): Johns Matthew | Burke Ronald | Vest Kelly | Fukuda Mark | Pavlin Julie | Shrestha Sanjaya | Schnabel David | Tobias Steven | Tjaden Jeffrey | Montgomery Joel | Faix Dennis | Duffy Mark | Cooper Michael | Sanchez Jose | Blazes David
Capacity-building efforts by the AFHSC-GEIS program

Author(s): Sanchez Jose | Johns Matthew | Burke Ronald | Vest Kelly | Fukuda Mark | Yoon In-Kyu | Lon Chanthap | Quintana Miguel | Schnabel David | Pimentel Guillermo | Mansour Moustafa | Tobias Steven | Montgomery Joel | Gray Gregory | Saylors Karen | Ndip Lucy | Lewis Sheri | Blair Patrick | Sjoberg Paul | Kuschner Robert | Russell Kevin | Blazes David
Training initiatives within the AFHSC-Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System: support for IHR (2005)

Author(s): Otto Jean | Baliga Priya | Sanchez Jose | Johns Matthew | Gray Gregory | Grieco John | Lescano Andres | Mothershead Jerry | Wagar Eric | Blazes David
Department of Defense influenza and other respiratory disease surveillance during the 2009 pandemic

Author(s): Burke Ronald | Vest Kelly | Eick Angelia | Sanchez Jose | Johns Matthew | Pavlin Julie | Jarman Richard | Mothershead Jerry | Quintana Miguel | Palys Thomas | Cooper Michael | Guan Jian | Schnabel David | Waitumbi John | Wilma Alisa | Daniels Candelaria | Brown Matthew | Tobias Steven | Kasper Matthew | Williams Maya | Tjaden Jeffrey | Oyofo Buhari | Styles Timothy | Blair Patrick | Hawksworth Anthony | Montgomery Joel | Razuri Hugo | Laguna-Torres Alberto | Schoepp Randal | Norwood David | MacIntosh Victor | Gibbons Thomas | Gray Gregory | Blazes David | Russell Kevin
Glioma Specific Extracellular Missense Mutations in the First Cysteine Rich Region of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Initiate Ligand Independent Activation

Author(s): Susie I. Ymer | Sameer A. Greenall | Anna Cvrljevic | Diana X. Cao | Jacqui F. Donoghue | V. Chandana Epa | Andrew M. Scott | Timothy E. Adams | Terrance G. Johns

Author(s): Mark E. Johns | Lynn C. Moscinski | Lubomir Sokol
Quantification of Acute Renal Denervation Diuresis and Natriuresis in Sprague Dawley and Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats

Author(s): I.M. Salman | M.A. Sattar | N.A. Abdullah | O.Z. Ameer | M.H. Abdulla | Md.A.H. Khan | E.J. Johns
Diversity or Solidarity? Making Sense of the “New” Social Democracy

Author(s): Nick Johns | Mark Hyde | Adrian Barton
The contribution of eastern-boundary density variations to the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation at 26.5° N

Author(s): M. P. Chidichimo | T. Kanzow | S. A. Cunningham | W. E. Johns | J. Marotzke
Comprehensive Primary Health Care in Australia: findings from a narrative review of the literature

Author(s): Catherine Hurley | Fran Baum | Julie Johns | Ron Labonte
Prevention, screening and treatment of colorectal cancer: a global and regional generalized cost effectiveness analysis

Author(s): Ginsberg Gary | Lim Stephen | Lauer Jeremy | Johns Benjamin | Sepulveda Cecilia
Successful treatment of HIV-associated multicentric Castleman's disease and multiple organ failure with rituximab and supportive care: a case report

Author(s): Johns Robin | Doyle Tomas | Lipman Marc | Cwynarski Kate | Cleverley Joanne | Isaacson Peter | Shaw Steve | Agarwal Banwari

Author(s): Paul M. Johns | Warren R. Roper | Scott D. Woodgate | L. James Wright
Mapping and monitoring carbon stocks with satellite observations: a comparison of methods

Author(s): Goetz Scott | Baccini Alessandro | Laporte Nadine | Johns Tracy | Walker Wayne | Kellndorfer Josef | Houghton Richard | Sun Mindy
Antipodal graphs and digraphs

Author(s): Garry Johns | Karen Sleno
Tolerance and rebound with zafirlukast in patients with persistent asthma

Author(s): Reid David | Misso Neil | Aggarwal Shashi | Thompson Philip | Johns David | Walters E Haydn
Are HIV positive patients resistant to statin therapy?

Author(s): Johns Kevin | Bennett Matthew | Bondy Gregory
Magnetic Accretion Onto T Tauri Stars

Author(s): Gafford , April D. | Johns Krull, Christopher M. | Valenti , Jeff A.
Programme costs in the economic evaluation of health interventions

Author(s): Johns Benjamin | Baltussen Rob | Hutubessy Raymond
Characterization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae protein Ser/Thr phosphatase T1 and comparison to its mammalian homolog PP5

Author(s): Jeong Jee-Yeong | Johns Jeremiah | Sinclair Christopher | Park Jung-Min | Rossie Sandra
Round table discussion

Author(s): Lob-Levyt Julian | Sachs Jeffrey | Johns Desmond | Evans Tim | Bale Harvey E. | Quick Jonathan D. | Orbinski James
Prevalence of vitamin A deficiency in children aged 6-9 years in Wukro, northern Ethiopia

Author(s): Kassaye Tarik | Receveur Olivier | Johns Timothy | Becklake Margaret R.
The cost-effectiveness of policies for the safe and appropriate use of injection in healthcare settings

Author(s): Dziekan Gerald | Chisholm Daniel | Johns Benjamin | Rovira Juan | Hutin Yvan J.F.
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