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EST and EST-SSR marker resources for Iris

Author(s): Tang Shunxue | Okashah Rebecca | Cordonnier-Pratt Marie-Michele | Pratt Lee | Ed Johnson Virgil | Taylor Christopher | Arnold Michael | Knapp Steven
Local radiotherapy of exposed murine small bowel: Apoptosis and inflammation

Author(s): Polistena Andrea | Johnson Louis | Ohiami-Masseron Salomé | Wittgren Lena | Bäck Sven | Thornberg Charlotte | Gadaleanu Virgil | Adawi Diya | Jeppsson Bengt
Radiation enteropathy and leucocyte-endothelial cell reactions in a refined small bowel model

Author(s): Johnson Louis | Riaz Amjid | Adawi Diya | Wittgren Lena | Bäck Sven | Thornberg Charlotte | Osman Nadia | Gadaleanu Virgil | Thorlacius Henrik | Jeppsson Bengt
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