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Redox Signaling Is an Early Event in the Pathogenesis of Renovascular Hypertension

Author(s): Stella P. Hartono | Bruce E. Knudsen | Adeel S. Zubair | Karl A. Nath | Stephen J. Textor | Lilach O. Lerman | Joseph P. Grande
Growth and Progression of TRAMP Prostate Tumors in Relationship to Diet and Obesity

Author(s): Melissa J. L. Bonorden | Michael E. Grossmann | Sarah A. Ewing | Olga P. Rogozina | Amitabha Ray | Katai J. Nkhata | D. Joshua Liao | Joseph P. Grande | Margot P. Cleary
C-Type natriuretic peptide: a potential urinary biomarker for renal remodeling and fibrosis during aging

Author(s): Sangaralingham Jeson | Heublein Denise | Grande Joseph | Cataliotti Alessandro | Rule Andrew | McKie Paul | Martin Fernando | Burnett John

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