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Prevalence of retinopathy of prematurity in Brunei Darussalam

Author(s): Nadir Ali Mohamed Ali | Joshua George | Nayan Joshi | Elizabeth Chong
Mental Health Outreach at a Community Behavior Health Center

Author(s): Kristen Finley Sobota, PharmD, BCPS, CGP | Joshua Blackwell, PharmD Candidate | Brittany Dye, PharmD Candidate | Kanika Kapoor, PharmD Candidate | Elizabeth Roediger, PharmD Candidate | Micah Jared Sobota, PharmD, BCPS, CGP, FASCP
Scientific and Societal Considerations in Selecting Assessment Endpoints for Environmental Decision Making

Author(s): Elizabeth M. Strange | Joshua Lipton | Douglas Beltman | Blaine D. Snyder
Barriers to Initiation of Pediatric HIV Treatment in Uganda: A Mixed-Method Study

Author(s): T. Sonia Boender | Kim C. E. Sigaloff | Joshua Kayiwa | Victor Musiime | Job C. J. Calis | Raph L. Hamers | Lillian Katumba Nakatudde | Elizabeth Khauda | Andrew Mukuye | James Ditai | Sibyl P. Geelen | Peter Mugyenyi | Tobias F. Rinke de Wit | Cissy Kityo
Effect of Reduced Spatial Resolution on Mineral Mapping Using Imaging Spectrometry—Examples Using Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI)-Simulated Data

Author(s): Fred A. Kruse | James V. Taranik | Mark Coolbaugh | Joshua Michaels | Elizabeth F. Littlefield | Wendy M. Calvin | Brigette A. Martini
Assessment of left ventricular filling pressure using mean left atrial transit time from contrast enhanced dynamic MRI

Author(s): Cao JJ | Wang Yi | McLaughlin Jeannette | Haag Elizabeth | Passick Michael | Toole Rena | Cheng Joshua | Lachman Justine | Reichek Nathaniel
Ageing and its implications

Author(s): Jayanthi P | Joshua Elizabeth | Ranganathan K
Health hazards of chewing arecanut and products containing arecanut

Author(s): Rooban T | Elizabeth Joshua | Anusa Rooban | Girish Kumar Govind
Prolonged pulmonary transit time by cardiac MRI is a marker of hemodynamic derangement in patients with congestive heart failure

Author(s): Cao Jie | Wang Yi | McLaughlin Jeannette | Haag Elizabeth | Passick Michael | Toole Rena | Cheng Joshua | Lachmann Justine | Reichek Nathaniel
Impaired lung perfusion in patients with congestive heart failure by quantitative MRI perfusion

Author(s): Cao Jie | Wang Yi | McLaughlin Jeannette | Haag Elizabeth | Passick Michael | Cheng Joshua | Lachmann Justine | Reichek Nathaniel
From the Editor′s Desk

Author(s): Joshua Elizabeth
Know this field

Author(s): Lavanya N | Joshua Elizabeth | Umadevi K | Ranganathan K
The HAART cell phone adherence trial (WelTel Kenya1): a randomized controlled trial protocol

Author(s): Lester Richard | Mills Edward | Kariri Antony | Ritvo Paul | Chung Michael | Jack William | Habyarimana James | Karanja Sarah | Barasa Samson | Nguti Rosemary | Estambale Benson | Ngugi Elizabeth | Ball T Blake | Thabane Lehana | Kimani Joshua | Gelmon Lawrence | Ackers Marta | Plummer Francis
The prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in alcohol misusers in Chennai, south India

Author(s): Rooban T | Rao Anita | Joshua Elizabeth | Ranganathan K
Evaluation of prognostic markers for canine mast cell tumors treated with vinblastine and prednisone

Author(s): Webster Joshua | Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan Vilma | Thamm Douglas | Hamilton Elizabeth | Kiupel Matti
Dental and oral health status in drug abusers in Chennai, India: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Rooban T | Rao Anita | Joshua Elizabeth | Ranganathan K
Oral submucous fibrosis: A clinico-histopathological study in Chennai

Author(s): Kiran Kumar K | Saraswathi T | Ranganathan K | Uma Devi M | Elizabeth Joshua
Identification of genes involved in alcohol consumption and cigarettes smoking

Author(s): de Andrade Mariza | Olswold Curtis | Slusser Joshua | Tordsen Larry | Atkinson Elizabeth | Rabe Kari | Slager Susan
Sorghum Genome Sequencing by Methylation Filtration

Author(s): Bedell Joseph A | Budiman Muhammad A | Nunberg Andrew | Citek Robert W | Robbins Dan | Jones Joshua | Flick Elizabeth | Rohlfing Theresa | Fries Jason | Bradford Kourtney | McMenamy Jennifer | Smith Michael | Holeman Heather | Roe Bruce A | Wiley Graham | Korf Ian F | Rabinowicz Pablo D | Lakey Nathan | McCombie W. Richard | Jeddeloh Jeffrey A | Martienssen Robert A
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