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On Two-Tier Femtocell over Fading Environments

Author(s): Joy Iong-Zong Chen | Kai-Chih Chuang | Ching-Chuan Chiu | Deng-Jyi Juang
On an MC-CDMA System Operating with Distinctive Scenarios of Antenna

Author(s): Joy Iong-Zong CHEN | Hau-Wei HUANG | Kai Zhi ZHUANG
The Joint Impact of FBC and CFO in an Asynchronous MC-CDMA System

Author(s): Joy Iong-Zong Chen | Pin Xun Lia | Jhih Yuan Wang | Chi Chung Yu
The Analysis of System Performance of An MC-CDMA System over Two-Tier Femtocell Networks

Author(s): Joy Iong-Zong Chen | Jhih Yuan Wang | Pin Xun Lia | Wen Ching Kuo
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