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Manual Acupuncture and Laser Acupuncture for Autonomic Regulations in Rats: Observation on Heart Rate Variability and Gastric Motility

Author(s): Zhao-Kun Yang | Mei-Ling Wu | Juan-Juan Xin | Wei He | Yang-Shuai Su | Hong Shi | Xiao-Yu Wang | Ling Hu | Xiang-Hong Jing | Gerhard Litscher
Effectiveness of Interstitial Laser Acupuncture Depends upon Dosage: Experimental Results from Electrocardiographic and Electrocorticographic Recordings

Author(s): Wei He | Gerhard Litscher | Xiang-Hong Jing | Hong Shi | Xiao-Yu Wang | Ingrid Gaischek | Yang-Shuai Su | Daniela Litscher | Zhao-Kun Yang | Juan-Juan Xin | Ling Hu
“Intensity-Response” Effects of Electroacupuncture on Gastric Motility and Its Underlying Peripheral Neural Mechanism

Author(s): Yang-Shuai Su | Wei He | Chi Wang | Hong Shi | Yu-Feng Zhao | Juan-Juan Xin | Xiao-Yu Wang | Hong-Yan Shang | Ling Hu | Xiang-Hong Jing | Bing Zhu
Therapeutic effects of Clostridium butyricum on experimental colitis induced by oxazolone in rats

Author(s): Hai-Qiang Zhang, Tomas T Ding, Jun-Sheng Zhao, Xin Yang, Hai-Xia Zhang, Juan-Juan Zhang, Yun-Long Cui
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