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Neuroacanthocytosis Syndromes

Author(s): Jung Hans | Danek Adrian | Walker Ruth
Impact of Short-Term Systemic Hypoxia on Phagocytosis, Cytokine Production, and Transcription Factor Activation in Peripheral Blood Cells

Author(s): Michael Fritzenwanger | Christian Jung | Bjoern Goebel | Alexander Lauten | Hans R. Figulla
Patient Care Teams in treatment of diabetes and chronic heart failure in primary care: an observational networks study

Author(s): Weenink Jan-Willem | van Lieshout Jan | Jung Hans | Wensing Michel
Stage II/III rectal cancer with intermediate response to preoperative radiochemotherapy: Do we have indications for individual risk stratification?

Author(s): Sprenger Thilo | Rothe Hilka | Jung Klaus | Christiansen Hans | Conradi Lena | Ghadimi B Michael | Becker Heinz | Liersch Torsten
Circulating Levels of Interleukin-1 Family Cytokines in Overweight Adolescents

Author(s): Christian Jung | Norbert Gerdes | Michael Fritzenwanger | Hans Reiner Figulla
Down-regulation of the pro-apoptotic XIAP associated factor-1 (XAF1) during progression of clear-cell renal cancer

Author(s): Kempkensteffen Carsten | Fritzsche Florian | Johannsen Manfred | Weikert Steffen | Hinz Stefan | Dietel Manfred | Riener Marc-Oliver | Moch Holger | Jung Klaus | Krause Hans | Miller Kurt | Kristiansen Glen
The Patients Assessment Chronic Illness Care (PACIC) questionnaire in The Netherlands: a validation study in rural general practice

Author(s): Wensing Michel | van Lieshout Jan | Jung Hans | Hermsen Jan | Rosemann Thomas
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