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Differences in body components and electrical characteristics between youth soccer players and non-athletes

Author(s): Seung-Min Yang | Won-Deok Lee | Ju-Hyun Kim | Mee-Young Kim | Junghwan Kim
Analysis of occupational noise for the healthy life according to the job characteristics

Author(s): Lim-Kyu Lee | Ju-Hyun Kim | Bokyung Kim | Junghwan Kim
Endoscopic and clinicopathologic characteristics of early gastric cancer with high microsatellite instability

Author(s): Jaehoon Jahng | Young Hoon Youn | Kwang Hyun Kim | Junghwan Yu | Yong Chan Lee | Woo Jin Hyung | Sung Hoon Noh | Hyunki Kim | Hogeun Kim | Hyojin Park | Sang In Lee
Optimal Detection Range of RFID Tag for RFID-based Positioning System Using the k-NN Algorithm

Author(s): Soohee Han | Junghwan Kim | Choung-Hwan Park | Hee-Cheon Yoon | Joon Heo

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