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Efficacy and Safety of Gwakhyangjeonggi-San Retention Enema in Normal Rats and Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats

Author(s): Eunyoung Song | Euiju Lee | Yongmin Bu | Junhee Lee | Seungwon Shin | Junghee Yoo | Jaewoo Park | Jinhyeok Kwon
Impedance Spectroscopic Study of p-i-n Type a-Si Solar Cell by Doping Variation of p-Type Layer

Author(s): Sunhwa Lee | Seungman Park | Jinjoo Park | Youngkuk Kim | Hyeongsik Park | Juyeun Jang | Chonghoon Shin | Youn-Jung Lee | Seungsin Baek | Minbum Kim | Junhee Jung | Junsin Yi
Sasang Constitutional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Comparative Overview

Author(s): Junghee Yoo | Euiju Lee | Chungmi Kim | Junhee Lee | Lao Lixing
Perspective of the Human Body in Sasang Constitutional Medicine

Author(s): Junhee Lee | Yongjae Jung | Junghee Yoo | Euiju Lee | Byunghee Koh

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