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Determination of Resistance to Phytophthora infestans on Potato Plants in Field, Laboratory and Greenhouse Conditions

Author(s): Buddhi P. Sharma | Gregory A. Forbes | Hira K. Manandhar | Sundar M. Shrestha | Resham B. Thapa
Inhibitors of Urokinase Type Plasminogen Activator and Cytostatic Activity from Crude Plants Extracts

Author(s): Xueqiang Zha | Ricardo Diaz | Jose Javier Rosado Franco | Veronica Forbes Sanchez | Ezio Fasoli | Gabriel Barletta | Augusto Carvajal | Vibha Bansal
Michelangelo’s Message

Author(s): Raymond L. Forbes
Female genital mutilation/cutting in The Gambia: long-term health consequences and complications during delivery and for the newborn

Author(s): Kaplan A | Forbes M | Bonhoure I | Utzet M | Martín M | Manneh M | Ceesay H
Diagnosing the average spatio-temporal impact of convective systems – Part 1: A methodology for evaluating climate models

Author(s): M. S. Johnston | P. Eriksson | S. Eliasson | M. D. Zelinka | R. M. Forbes | K. Wyser
Redesigning an intensive insulin service for patients with type 1 diabetes: a patient consultation exercise

Author(s): Ozcan S | Rogers H | Choudhary P | Amiel SA | Cox A | Forbes A
A world review of fungi, yeasts, and slime molds in caves

Author(s): Vanderwolf Karen | Malloch David | McAlpine Donald F. | Forbes Graham J.
Hydrophobic analogues of rhodamine B and rhodamine 101: potent fluorescent probes of mitochondria in living C. elegans

Author(s): Laurie F. Mottram | Safiyyah Forbes | Brian D. Ackley | Blake R. Peterson
Study protocol: systematic review of the burden of heart failure in low- and middle-income countries

Author(s): Bennett Derrick A | Eliasz Thomas K | Forbes Anna | Kiszely Alastair | Khosla Rajit | Petrinic Tatjana | Praveen Devarsetty | Shrivastava Roohi | Xin Du | Patel Anushka | MacMahon Stephen | Rahimi Kazem
Live imaging of Rab8 trafficking defects in cc2d2a mutant zebrafish

Author(s): Bachmann-Gagescu R | Phelps IG | Forbes A | Doherty D | Moens CB
Mining cancer genomes in COSMIC

Author(s): Jia Mingming | Forbes Simon A | Beare David | Bindal Nidhi | Gunasekaran Prasad | Leung Kenric | Kok Chai | Bamford Sally | Cole Charlotte | Ward Sari | Teague Jon | Stratton Michael R | Campbell Peter | Futreal Andrew
Borinki identity in Hawai`i: present and future

Author(s): Iris López | David Forbes
Cross-cultural and factorial validity of PTSD check list—military version (PCL-M) in Sinhalese language

Author(s): Saveen N. Semage | Sivagurunadan Sivayogan | David Forbes | Meaghan O'Donnell | Roshan M. M. Monaragala | Emma Lockwood | David Dunt
Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of a Vibrating Turbine Blade

Author(s): Osama N. Alshroof | Gareth L. Forbes | Nader Sawalhi | Robert B. Randall | Guan H. Yeoh
Promoting Early Presentation of Breast Cancer in Older Women: Implementing an Evidence-Based Intervention in Routine Clinical Practice

Author(s): Lindsay J. L. Forbes | Alice S. Forster | Rachael H. Dodd | Lorraine Tucker | Rachel Laming | Sarah Sellars | Julietta Patnick | Amanda J. Ramirez
Family caregivers' experience of in-home knowledge translation

Author(s): S. Lynn Jansen | Carol McWilliam | Dorothy Forbes | Cheryl Forchuk
(1S*,2R*,3S*,4R*,5R*)-5-Tetradecyloxymethyl-7-oxabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-2,3-dicarboxylic anhydride

Author(s): Colin N. Kelly | Sarah M. Sulon | Lam N. Pham | Kang Rui Xiang | Richard E. Sykora | David C. Forbes
An Opportunity for Hydrogen Fueled Supersonic Airliners

Author(s): Alex Forbes | Anant Patel | Chris Cone | Pierre Valdez | Narayanan Komerath
Ileal Inflammation May Trigger the Development of GP2-Specific Pancreatic Autoantibodies in Patients with Crohn’s Disease

Author(s): Polychronis Pavlidis | Ourania Romanidou | Dirk Roggenbuck | Maria G. Mytilinaiou | Faris Al-Sulttan | Christos Liaskos | Daniel S. Smyk | Andreas L. Koutsoumpas | Eirini I. Rigopoulou | Karsten Conrad | Alastair Forbes | Dimitrios P. Bogdanos
Anxiety and depression in severely obese pregnancy: associations with gestational weight gain and birthweight

Author(s): Rebecca M. Reynolds | James O'Reilly | Shareen Forbes | Fiona C. Denison | Jane E. Norman
Performing New Tasks with Old Skills: Is Prediction Possible?

Author(s): Speelman Craig P. | Forbes John D. | Giesen Kris
Design issues in the production of hyper-books and visual-books

Author(s): Nadia Catenazzi | Monica Landoni | Forbes Gibb
Trends In Academic Content for Mobile Devices [video]

Author(s): Dan D'Agostino | Sarah Forbes
Geography Influences Dietary Intake, Physical Activity and Weight Status of Adolescents

Author(s): Shauna M. Downs | Shawn N. Fraser | Kate E. Storey | Laura E. Forbes | John C. Spence | Ronald C. Plotnikoff | Kim D. Raine | Rhona M. Hanning | Linda J. McCargar
Spinal Clinic for Obese Out-Patient Project (SCOOP)—A 1 Year Report

Author(s): Samford Wong | Allison Graham | George Grimble | Alastair Forbes

Author(s): Bojan Leskošek | Ivan Čuk | Jernej Pajek | Warwick Forbes | Maja Bučar-Pajek
An OIE-Approved Reference Laboratory for Veterinary Mycobacteriology in Iran

Author(s): K Tadayon | K Forbes | N Mosavari | A Thomson | F Sadeghi
The Lepidoptera of the Dry Tortugas

Author(s): Wm. T. M. Forbes
The Protocoleoptera

Author(s): Wm. T. M. Forbes
How a Beetle Folds its Wings

Author(s): Wm. T. M. Forbes
On the Tymipanum of Certain Lepidoptera

Author(s): William T. M. Forbes
The North American Families of Lepidoptera

Author(s): Wm. T. M. Forbes
Experiments With Chinch-Bugs

Author(s): S. A. Forbes
Note on Chinch Bug Diseases

Author(s): Stephen Alfred Forbes
A New Parasite of the Hessian Fly

Author(s): Stephen Alfred Forbes
Adolescent Weight Status and Related Behavioural Factors: Web Survey of Physical Activity and Nutrition

Author(s): Kate E. Storey | Laura E. Forbes | Shawn N. Fraser | John C. Spence | Ronald C. Plotnikoff | Kim D. Raine | Linda J. McCargar
Reducing depression in older home care clients: design of a prospective study of a nurse-led interprofessional mental health promotion intervention

Author(s): Markle-Reid Maureen | McAiney Carrie | Forbes Dorothy | Thabane Lehana | Gibson Maggie | Hoch Jeffrey | Browne Gina | Peirce Thomas | Busing Barbara
Recruiting South Asians to a lifestyle intervention trial: experiences and lessons from PODOSA (Prevention of Diabetes & Obesity in South Asians)

Author(s): Douglas Anne | Bhopal Raj | Bhopal Ruby | Forbes John | Gill Jason | Lawton Julia | McKnight John | Murray Gordon | Sattar Naveed | Sharma Anu | Tuomilehto Jaakko | Wallia Sunita | Wild Sarah | Sheikh Aziz
Dementia Home Care Resources: How Are We Managing?

Author(s): Catherine Ward-Griffin | Jodi Hall | Ryan DeForge | Oona St-Amant | Carol McWilliam | Abram Oudshoorn | Dorothy Forbes | Marita Klosek
Accurate measurement of microscopic forces and torques using optical tweezers

Author(s): Melanie McLaren | Elias Sidderas-Haddad | Andrew Forbes
The Relevance of Local-Scale Relationships to Habitat Management and Landscape Patterns

Author(s): Joseph J. Nocera | Graham J. Forbes | G. Randy Milton
The generation and evaluation of recombinant human IgA specific for Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 1-19 (PfMSP119)

Author(s): Shi Jianguo | McIntosh Richard | Adame-Gallegos Jaime | Dehal Prabhjyot | van Egmond Marjolein | van de Winkel Jan | Draper Simon | Forbes Emily | Corran Patrick | Holder Anthony | Woof Jenny | Pleass Richard
CAES-workshop "Reindeer 2000", Tromsø, Norway 1999

Author(s): R.E. Haugerud (ed. in chief) | P. Soppela | B. Forbes (iss. eds.)
A serological survey for brucellosis in reindeer in Finnmark county, northern Norway

Author(s): Kjetil Åsbakk | Snorre Stuen | Hilde Hansen | Lorry Forbes
Lateral wedge shoe insoles for medial knee osteoarthritis: a 12-month randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Bennell Kim | Bowles Kelly-Ann | Payne Craig | Cicuttini Flavia | Williamson Elizabeth | Forbes Andrew | Hanna Fahad | Davies- Tuck Miranda | Hinman Rana
Pediatric functional magnetic resonance neuroimaging: tactics for encouraging task compliance

Author(s): Schlund Michael | Cataldo Michael | Siegle Greg | Ladouceur Cecile | Silk Jennifer | Forbes Erika | McFarland Ashley | Iyengar Satish | Dahl Ronald | Ryan Neal
Saskatchewan Residents’ Use of The Cochrane Library

Author(s): Dorothy Anne Forbes | Christine Neilson | Janet Bangma | Jennifer Forbes | Daniel Fuller | Shari Furniss

Author(s): Michael S. South | Adirika J. Obiako | Richard E. Sykora | David C. Forbes
CAES-workshop "Reindeer 2000", Tromsø, Norway 1999

Author(s): R.E. Haugerud (ed. in chief) | P. Soppela | B. Forbes (iss. eds.)
Formation of tungsten oxide nanostructures by laser pyrolysis: stars, fibres and spheres

Author(s): Govender Malcolm | Shikwambana Lerato | Mwakikunga Bonex | Sideras-Haddad Elias | Erasmus Rudolph | Forbes Andrew
A randomised, feasibility trial of a tele-health intervention for Acute Coronary Syndrome patients with depression ('MoodCare'): Study protocol

Author(s): O'Neil Adrienne | Hawkes Anna | Chan Bianca | Sanderson Kristy | Forbes Andrew | Hollingsworth Bruce | Atherton John | Hare David | Jelinek Michael | Eadie Kathy | Taylor C Barr | Oldenburg Brian
The spatial distribution of esophageal and gastric cancer in Caspian region of Iran: An ecological analysis of diet and socio-economic influences

Author(s): Mohebbi Mohammadreza | Wolfe Rory | Jolley Damien | Forbes Andrew | Mahmoodi Mahmood | Burton Robert
Situación de pobreza extrema: Un caso en Colombia

Author(s): Everly Castellar Paternina | Luz Marina Montes | Edwin Forbes | Carmen Martínez
Modulation of the Cellular Expression of Circulating Advanced Glycation End-Product Receptors in Type 2 Diabetic Nephropathy

Author(s): Karly C. Sourris | Brooke E. Harcourt | Sally A. Penfold | Felicia Y. T. Yap | Amy L. Morley | Philip E. Morgan | Michael J. Davies | Scott T. Baker | George Jerums | Josephine M. Forbes
Efficacy of a multimodal physiotherapy treatment program for hip osteoarthritis: a randomised placebo-controlled trial protocol

Author(s): Bennell Kim | Egerton Thorlene | Pua Yong-Hao | Abbott J Haxby | Sims Kevin | Metcalf Ben | McManus Fiona | Wrigley Tim | Forbes Andrew | Harris Anthony | Buchbinder Rachelle
The Entropy of Health and Disease: Dementia in Canada

Author(s): Gerry B. Hill | William F. Forbes | Jean-Marie Berthelot | Joan Lindsay | Ian McDowell | Russell Wilkins
The Use of Mannan-Oligosaccharides and/or Tannin in Broiler Diets

Author(s): M.E.E. McCann | E. Newell | C. Preston | K. Forbes
Geographic determinants of reported human Campylobacter infections in Scotland

Author(s): Bessell Paul | Matthews Louise | Smith-Palmer Alison | Rotariu Ovidiu | Strachan Norval | Forbes Ken | Cowden John | Reid Stuart | Innocent Giles
Comparison of three methods for ascertainment of contact information relevant to respiratory pathogen transmission in encounter networks

Author(s): McCaw James | Forbes Kristian | Nathan Paula | Pattison Philippa | Robins Garry | Nolan Terence | McVernon Jodie
Development of an invasively monitored porcine model of acetaminophen-induced acute liver failure

Author(s): Newsome Philip | Henderson Neil | Nelson Leonard | Dabos Costas | Filippi Celine | Bellamy Chris | Howie Forbes | Clutton Richard | King Tim | Lee Alistair | Hayes Peter | Plevris John
Semi-parametric risk prediction models for recurrent cardiovascular events in the LIPID study

Author(s): Cui Jisheng | Forbes Andrew | Kirby Adrienne | Marschner Ian | Simes John | Hunt David | West Malcolm | Tonkin Andrew
A serological survey for brucellosis in reindeer in Finnmark county, northern Norway

Author(s): Kjetil Åsbakk | Snorre Stuen | Hilde Hansen | Lorry Forbes
Model-Independent 3D Descriptors of Vertebral Cancellous Bone Architecture

Author(s): Ian H. Parkinson | Danielle Forbes | Peter Sutton-Smith | Nicola L. Fazzalari
Detection of in vivo atherosclerotic plaque progression with a fibrin-targeted MR contrast agent

Author(s): Makowski Marcus | Forbes Sarah | Blume Ulrike | Botnar René | Wiethoff Andrea
Discourse control and leadership in Spanish conflict talk

Author(s): Marisa Cordella | Katie Forbes
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