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Role of FNA and Core Biopsy of Primary and Metastatic Liver Disease

Author(s): John P. McGahan | John Bishop | John Webb | Lydia Howell | Natalie Torok | Ramit Lamba | Michael T. Corwin
Liver Transplant Tolerance and Its Application to the Clinic: Can We Exploit the High Dose Effect?

Author(s): Eithne C. Cunningham | Alexandra F. Sharland | G. Alex Bishop
Monitoring Osteoarthritis: A Cross-sectional Survey in General Practice

Author(s): Lorna E. Clarson | Barbara I. Nicholl | Annette Bishop | John J. Edwards | Rebecca Daniel | Christian D. Mallen
Current Pharmacological and Nonpharmacological Options for the Management of Insomnia

Author(s): Wilfred R. Pigeon | Todd M. Bishop | Jonathan A. Marcus
Influence of gender and race on presentation of eosinophilic esophagitis in children

Author(s): Dangtue Nguyen | Phyllis Bishop | Michael Nowicki
Denosumab Chemotherapy for Recurrent Giant-Cell Tumor of Bone: A Case Report of Neoadjuvant Use Enabling Complete Surgical Resection

Author(s): Amit Agarwal | Brandon T. Larsen | Lawrence D. Buadu | Jack Dunn | Russell Crawford | Jonathan Daniel | Maria C. Bishop

Author(s): S. Bishop | B.J. van der Walt
Inflammatory Factors and Exercise in Chronic Kidney Disease

Author(s): Maurice Dungey | Katherine L. Hull | Alice C. Smith | James O. Burton | Nicolette C. Bishop
Glucocorticoid-Induced TNFR-Related Protein Stimulation Reverses Cardiac Allograft Acceptance Induced by CD40-CD40L Blockade

Author(s): Kenneth T. Krill | Keri Csencsits-Smith | Sherri C. Wood | Susan Faust | Guanyi Lu | D. Keith Bishop
The Dread of Sameness

Author(s): Rebecca Bishop
Alternative Sources of Omega-3 Fats: Can We Find a Sustainable Substitute for Fish?

Author(s): Georgia Lenihan-Geels | Karen S. Bishop | Lynnette R. Ferguson
Accuracy of an Accelerated, Culture-Based Assay for Detection of Group B Streptococcus

Author(s): Jonathan P. Faro | Karen Bishop | Gerald Riddle | Mildred M. Ramirez | Allan R. Katz | Mark A. Turrentine | Sebastian Faro
What lessons can be learned from the launch of generic clopidogrel?

Author(s): Christoph Baumgärtel, MD | Brian Godman, BSc, PhD | Rickard E Malmstrom, MD, PhD | Morten Andersen, MD, PhD | Mohammed Abuelkhair, PharmD | Shajahan Abdu, MD | Marion Bennie, MSc | Iain Bishop, BSc | Thomas Burkhardt, MSc | Sahar Fahmy, PhD | Jurij Furst | Kristina Garuoliene, MD, PhD | Harald Herholz, MPH | Marija Kalaba, MD, MHM | Hanna Koskinen, PhD | Ott Laius, MScPharm | Julie Lonsdale, BSc | Kamila Malinowska, MD | Anne M Ringerud, MScPharm | Ulrich Schwabe, MD, PhD | Catherine Sermet, MD | Peter Skiold, MSc, PhD | Ines Teixeira, BA, MSc | Menno van Woerkom, MSc | Agnes Vitry, PharmD, PhD | Luka Vončina, MD, MSc | Corrine Zara, PharmD | Professor Lars L Gustafsson, MD, PhD
Payers endorse generics to enhance prescribing efficiency: impact and future implications, a case history approach

Author(s): Brian Godman, BSc, PhD | Mohammed Abuelkhair, PharmD | Agnes Vitry, PharmD, PhD | Shajahan Abdu, MD | Marion Bennie, MSc | Iain Bishop, BSc | Sahar Fahmy, PhD | Kristina Garuoliene, MD, PhD | Harald Herholz, MPH | Andrew Martin, BSc, MPharmS | Rickard E Malmstrom, MD, PhD | Professor Saira Jan, PharmD, PhD | Ulrich Schwabe, MD, PhD | Catherine Sermet, MD | Peter Skiold, MSc, PhD | Luka Voncina, MD, MSc | Professor Lars L Gustaffson, MD, PhD
European payer initiatives to reduce prescribing costs through use of generics

Author(s): Brian Godman, BSc, PhD | Bjorn Wettermark, MSc, PhD | Iain Bishop, BSc | Thomas Burkhardt, MSc | Jurij Fürst, PhD | Kristina Garuoliene, MD | Ott Laius, MScPharm | Jaana E Martikainen, Lic Sc(Pharm) | Catherine Sermet, MD | Inês Teixeira, BA, MSc | Corrine Zara, PharmD | Lars L Gustafsson, MD, PhD
Automated global water mapping based on wide-swath orbital synthetic-aperture radar

Author(s): R. S. Westerhoff | M. P. H. Kleuskens | H. C. Winsemius | H. J. Huizinga | G. R. Brakenridge | C. Bishop
Cancer occurrence during follow-up of the CAPP2 study -aspirin use for up to four years significantly reduces Lynch syndrome cancers for up to several years after completion of therapy

Author(s): Burn John | Mathers John C | Gerdes Anne-Marie | Bisgaard MarieLuise | Evans Gareth | Eccles Diana | Lindblom Annika | Macrae Findlay | Maher Eamonn R | Mecklin Jukka-Pekka | Moslein Gabriela | Olschwang Sylviane | Ramesar Raj | Vasen Hans FA | Wijnen Juul | Barker Gail | Elliott Faye | Lynch Henry | Bishop D
Shoes that restrict metatarsophalangeal dorsiflexion cause proximal joint compensations

Author(s): Thewlis Dominic | Paul Gunther | Bishop Chris
The development of a kinematic model to quantify in-shoe foot motion

Author(s): Bishop Chris | Paul Gunther | Thewlis Dominic
Modeling effects of diabetes and obesity co-morbidities in endometrial cancer development and progression

Author(s): Benbrook Doris | Bishop Erin | Nugent Elizabeth | Lightfoot Stan | Elangovan Thavathiru | Long Andy | Zhao Daniel
Using SNP array data to test for host genetic and breed effects on Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Viremia

Author(s): Biffani Stefano | Botti Sara | Bishop Stephen C | Stella Alessandra | Giuffra Elisabetta
Report from the Second International Symposium on Animal Genomics for Animal Health: Critical Needs, Challenges and Potential Solutions

Author(s): Bishop Steve C | Lunney Joan K | Pinard-van der Laan Marie-Hélène | Gay Cyril G
Evidence for genetic variance in resistance to tuberculosis in Great Britain and Irish Holstein-Friesian populations

Author(s): Bermingham Mairead L | Brotherstone Susan | Berry Donagh P | More Simon J | Good Margaret | Cromie Andrew R | White Ian MS | Higgins Isabella M | Coffey Mike | Downs Sara H | Glass Elizabeth J | Bishop Stephen C | Mitchell Andy P | Clifton-Hadley Richard S | Woolliams John A
Riparian zone controls on base cation concentrations in boreal streams

Author(s): J. L. J. Ledesma | T. Grabs | M. N. Futter | K. H. Bishop | H. Laudon | S. J. Köhler
Long term patterns in dissolved organic carbon, major elements and trace metals in boreal headwater catchments: trends, mechanisms and heterogeneity

Author(s): S. K. Oni | M. N. Futter | K. Bishop | S. J. Köhler | M. Ottosson-Löfvenius | H. Laudon
A Close Examination of Jo Boaler's Railside Report

Author(s): Wayne Bishop | Paul Clopton | R. James Milgram
Aging with an adult-onset physical disability: A scoping review

Author(s): Kristen A. Bishop | Sandra Hobson
Editor's Introduction

Author(s): Michael Bishop
Effect of 10 Week Beta-Alanine Supplementation on Competition and Training Performance in Elite Swimmers

Author(s): Weiliang Chung | Greg Shaw | Megan E. Anderson | David B. Pyne | Philo U. Saunders | David J. Bishop | Louise M. Burke
The Dread of sameness

Author(s): Bishop , Rebecca
Selenium, Selenoprotein Genes and Crohn’s Disease in a Case-Control Population from Auckland, New Zealand

Author(s): Liljana Gentschew | Karen S. Bishop | Dug Yeo Han | Angharad R. Morgan | Alan G. Fraser | Wen Jiun Lam | Nishi Karunasinghe | Bobbi Campbell | Lynnette R. Ferguson
The Effect of Amifostine on Submandibular Gland Histology after Radiation

Author(s): Jacqueline C. Junn | James J. Sciubba | Justin A. Bishop | Eva Zinreich | Mei Tang | Marshall A. Levine | Robert A. Palermo | Carole Fakhry | Ray G. Blanco | John R. Saunders | Joseph A. Califano | Patrick K. Ha
Hypofractionated Prostate Radiotherapy with or without Conventionally Fractionated Nodal Irradiation: Clinical Toxicity Observations and Retrospective Daily Dosimetry

Author(s): Andrew M. McDonald | Justin M. Bishop | Rojymon Jacob | Michael C. Dobelbower | Robert Y. Kim | Eddy S. Yang | Heather Smith | Xingen Wu | John B. Fiveash
Ensemble clustering in deterministic ensemble Kalman filters

Author(s): Javier Amezcua | Kayo Ide | Craig H. Bishop | Eugenia Kalnay
Mokola virus infection : description of recent South African cases and a review of the virus epidemiology : case report

Author(s): B.F. Von Teichman | W.C. De Koker | S.J.E. Bosch | G.C. Bishop | C.D. Meredith | J. Bingham
Strengthening Environmental Foresight: Potential Contributions of Futures Research

Author(s): David N. Bengston | George H. Kubik | Peter C. Bishop
Making science real: photo-sharing in biology and chemistry

Author(s): Jenny Waycott | Barney Dalgarno | Gregor Kennedy | Andrea Bishop
Spatial patterns of some trace elements in four Swedish stream networks

Author(s): J. Temnerud | A. Düker | S. Karlsson | B. Allard | K. Bishop | J. Fölster | S. Köhler
Mathematical Literacy: A new literacy or a new mathematics?

Author(s): Renuka Vithal | Alan J. Bishop
Burden of Human Papillomavirus among Haitian Immigrants in Miami, Florida: Community-Based Participatory Research in Action

Author(s): Erin Kobetz | Jonathan K. Kish | Nicole G. Campos | Tulay Koru-Sengul | Ian Bishop | Hannah Lipshultz | Betsy Barton | Lindley Barbee
Centella asiatica Extract Improves Behavioral Deficits in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease: Investigation of a Possible Mechanism of Action

Author(s): Amala Soumyanath | Yong-Ping Zhong | Edward Henson | Teri Wadsworth | James Bishop | Bruce G. Gold | Joseph F. Quinn
Assessment of post-operative pain in children: who knows best?

Author(s): Anjalee Brahmbhatt | Tope Adeloye | Ari Ercole | Steven M. Bishop | Helen L. Smith | Daniel W. Wheeler
Deadwood and saproxylic beetle diversity in naturally disturbed and managed spruce forests in Nova Scotia

Author(s): DeLancey Bishop | Christopher Majka | Søren Bondrup-Nielsen | Stewart Peck
The Tomato Sequencing Project, the First Cornerstone of the International Solanaceae Project (SOL)

Author(s): Lukas A. Mueller | Steven D. Tanksley | Jim J. Giovannoni | Joyce van Eck | Stephen Stack | Doil Choi | Byung Dong Kim | Mingsheng Chen | Zhukuan Cheng | Chuanyou Li | Hongqing Ling | Yongbiao Xue | Graham Seymour | Gerard Bishop | Glenn Bryan | Rameshwar Sharma | Jiten Khurana | Akhilesh Tyagi | Debasis Chattopadhyay | Nagendra K. Singh | Willem Stiekema | P. Lindhout | Taco Jesse | Rene Klein Lankhorst | Mondher Bouzayen | Daisuke Shibata | Satoshi Tabata | Antonio Granell | Miguel A. Botella | Giovanni Giuliano | Luigi Frusciante | Mathilde Causse | Dani Zamir
A Large Nonmetastatic Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer with Complete Thyroidal Confinement

Author(s): Jeffrey C. Xing | Justin A. Bishop | Nestoras Mathioudakis | Nishant Agrawal | Ralph P. Tufano
Age Differences and Changes in Resources Essential to Aging Well: A Comparison of Sexagenarians, Octogenarians, and Centenarians

Author(s): G. Kevin Randall | Peter Martin | Alex J. Bishop | Leonard W. Poon | Mary Ann Johnson
An Online Landscape Object Library to Support Interactive Landscape Planning

Author(s): Subhash Sharma | Christopher Pettit | Ian Bishop | Pang Chan | Falak Sheth
Pattern of BOLD signal in auditory cortex relates acoustic response to perceptual streaming

Author(s): Hill Kevin | Bishop Christopher | Yadav Deepak | Miller Lee
Comparison of pharmacist managed anticoagulation with usual medical care in a family medicine clinic

Author(s): Young Stephanie | Bishop Lisa | Twells Laurie | Dillon Carla | Hawboldt John | O'Shea Patrick
Iris Recognition: The Consequences of Image Compression

Author(s): Ives RobertW | Bishop DanielA | Du Yingzi | Belcher Craig
Global untargeted metabolic profiling of human sweat from exercising men and women

Author(s): Lee Douglas | Kennedy Adam | O’Neal Eric | Bishop Phillip | Haub Mark | Strecker Kelcie | Poulos Sylvia
Comparing the Support-Efficacy Model among Centenarians Living in Private Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Nursing Homes

Author(s): G. Kevin Randall | Peter Martin | Maurice MacDonald | Jennifer Margrett | Alex J. Bishop | Leonard W. Poon
The Role of Molecular Microtubule Motors and the Microtubule Cytoskeleton in Stress Granule Dynamics

Author(s): Kristen M. Bartoli | Darryl L. Bishop | William S. Saunders

Author(s): Youssef Gargani | Paul Bishop | David Denning
Function, Adjustment, Quality of Life and Symptoms (FAQS) in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) Survivors: A Study Protocol

Author(s): Bevans Margaret | Mitchell Sandra | Barrett A John | Bishop Michael | Childs Richard | Fowler Daniel | Krumlauf Michael | Prince Patricia | Shelburne Nonniekaye | Wehrlen Leslie
A polymorphism in the regulatory region of PRNP is associated with increased risk of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Author(s): Sanchez-Juan Pascual | Bishop Matthew | Croes Esther | Knight Richard | Will Robert | van Duijn Cornelia | Manson Jean
Strengthening insights into host responses to mastitis infection in ruminants by combining heterogeneous microarray data sources

Author(s): Genini Sem | Badaoui Bouabid | Sclep Gert | Bishop Stephen | Waddington Dave | Pinard van der Laan Marie-Hélène | Klopp Christophe | Cabau Cédric | Seyfert Hans-Martin | Petzl Wolfram | Jensen Kirsty | Glass Elizabeth | de Greeff Astrid | Smith Hilde | Smits Mari | Olsaker Ingrid | Boman Guro | Pisoni Giuliano | Moroni Paolo | Castiglioni Bianca | Cremonesi Paola | Del Corvo Marcello | Foulon Eliane | Foucras Gilles | Rupp Rachel | Giuffra Elisabetta
Patients as healthcare consumers in the public and private sectors: a qualitative study of acupuncture in the UK

Author(s): Bishop Felicity | Barlow Fiona | Coghlan Beverly | Lee Philippa | Lewith George
How the psychosocial context of clinical trials differs from usual care: A qualitative study of acupuncture patients

Author(s): Barlow Fiona | Scott Clare | Coghlan Beverly | Lee Philippa | White Peter | Lewith George | Bishop Felicity
Functional assays to determine the significance of two common XPC 3'UTR variants found in bladder cancer patients

Author(s): Qiao Boling | Scott Gina | Elliott Faye | Vaslin Laurence | Bentley Johanne | Hall Janet | Bishop D | Knowles Margaret | Kiltie Anne
Microspheres Containing Cibacron Blue F3G-A and Incorporated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Biomarker Harvesting Platforms

Author(s): Alexis Patanarut | Elissa H. Williams | Emanuel Petricoin | Lance A. Liotta | Barney Bishop
Stability of behavioral estimates of activity-dependent modulation of pain

Author(s): Alappattu MJ | Bishop MD | Bialosky JE | George SZ | Robinson ME
ChIP-chip versus ChIP-seq: Lessons for experimental design and data analysis

Author(s): Ho Joshua | Bishop Eric | Karchenko Peter | Nègre Nicolas | White Kevin | Park Peter

Author(s): Tarveen K.R. Singh | Kym J. Guelfi | Grant Landers | Brian Dawson | David Bishop
Surgical Management of Calciphylaxis Associated with Primary Hyperparathyroidism: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Author(s): Jennifer Bishop | Eric Brown | Augusto Podesta | Cathrine Troy | Xiang (Eric) Dong
Understanding Centenarians' Psychosocial Dynamics and Their Contributions to Health and Quality of Life

Author(s): Leonard W. Poon | Peter Martin | Alex Bishop | Jinmyoung Cho | Grace da Rosa | Neha Deshpande | Robert Hensley | Maurice MacDonald | Jennifer Margrett | G. Kevin Randall | John L. Woodard | L. Stephen Miller

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