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Five years missed small jejunal stromal tumor (GIST) causing recurrent episodes of bleeding: Successful diagnosis by capsule endoscopy

Author(s): K. Soufleris | G. Chatzimavroudis | J. Pilpilidis | G. Lazaraki | C. Zavos | K. Fasoulas | G. Paroutoglou | J. Kountouras | P. Katsinelos
Diagnosing a Patient With Severe and Protracted Diarrhea due to Celiac Disease: When And How Should Capsule Endoscopy Be Used?

Author(s): K. Soufleris | G. Chatzimavroudis | I. Stergiou | C. Zavos | I. Vasiliadis | I. Kapitsinis | I. Triantafillidis | P. Tsolkas | P. Katsinelos
“Giant” lipoma of the sigmoid colon: spontaneous expulsion 12 days after failure of endoscopic resection. Report of a case and review of the literature

Author(s): Georgia. Lazaraki | D. Tzilves | D. Tragiannidis | Frideriki. Patakiouta | I. Pilpilidis | Anthi. Gatopoulou | K. Soufleris | I. Katsos
Endoscopic Balloon Dilatation of NSAID-Induced Sigmoid Diaphragm-Stricture

Author(s): Georgia Lazaraki | G. Chatzimavroudis | I. Pilpilidis | D. Paikos | K. Soufleris | I. Triantafillidis | Anthi Gatopoulou | P. Katsinelos
Management of Ingested Foreign Bodies in the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract in Childhood:An Experience of 66 Cases and Suggested Recommendations

Author(s): P. Katsinelos | G. Paroutoglou | G. Chatzimavroudis | I. Pilpilidis | G. Gelas | C. Zavos | I. Triantafillidis | I. Stergiou | K. Soufleris | T. Vasiliadis
Late postoperative adult intussusception without tumor related cause: an alternative option in management

Author(s): I. Pilpilidis | Anthia Gatopoulou | K. Soufleris | A. Tarpagos | I. Katsos
Eosinophilic Enteritis with Ascites in a Patient with Overlap Syndrome

Author(s): Spyros Aslanidis | Athina Pyrpasopoulou | Kostas Soufleris | Eirini Kazantzidou | Stella Douma
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