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MathematicalModeling of Transient Heat Conduction and Analysis of Thermal Stresses in a Thin Circular Plate

Author(s): K.S. Patil | Sunita Patil | Yogesh Sharma | J.S.V.R. Krinshna Prasad
Exploring the onset of quasifission by measurement of mass distribution in 19F+184W

Author(s): Nath S. | Golda K.S. | Jhingan A. | Gehlot J. | Prasad E. | Kalkal Sunil | Naik M.B. | Sugathan P. | Madhavan N. | Madhusudhana Rao P.V.
Unexpected show up of incomplete fusion at low projectile energies

Author(s): Singh Pushpendra P. | Yadav Abhishek | Sharma Vijay R. | Singh D.P. | Gupta Unnati | Sharma Manoj K. | Kumar R. | Golda K.S. | Singh R.P. | Muralithar S. | Singh B.P. | Bhowmik R.K. | Prasad R.
Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome

Author(s): Sayal S.K | Dhillon K.S | Prasad G.K | Sanghi S | Das A.L | Satyanarayana S
Incomplete fusion at energies ≈ 4-7 MeV/nucleon: recent results

Author(s): Singh P.P. | Yadav A. | Singh D.P. | Gupta U. | Sharma M.K. | Golda K.S. | Kumar R. | Singh R.P. | Muralithar S. | Singh B.P. | Bhowmik R.K. | Prasad R.
Potential productivity and yield gap of selected crops in the rainfed regions of India, Thailand, and Vietnam

Author(s): Piara Singh | D Vijaya | NT Chinh | Aroon Pongkanjana | KS Prasad | K Srinivas | SP Wani
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