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Ethical Perspectives on Sámi School Research

Author(s): Pigga Keskitalo | Kaarina Määttä | Satu Uusiautti
How to Raise Children to Be Good People?

Author(s): Kaarina Määttä | Satu Uusiautti
Changes in Teacher Profession in Finland during the War Years 1939-1945

Author(s): Satu Uusiautti | Merja Paksuniemi | Kaarina Maatta
Classroom Teachers’ Perceptions of Ethical Educational Work

Author(s): Veera Aijasaho | Kyösti Vaismaa | Satu Uusiautti | Kaarina Määttä
Teacher Students’ School Memories as a Part of the Development of Their Professional Identity

Author(s): Virpi Heikkilä | Satu Uusiautti | Kaarina Määttä
The Prospects of Ethnography at the Sámi School

Author(s): Pigga Keskitalo | Kaarina Määttä | Satu Uusiautti
How to Overcome Bullying at School? – The Adult Survivors’ Perspective

Author(s): Sanna Hoisko | Satu Uusiautti | Kaarina Määttä
How to Ensure Ethicality of Action Research in the Classroom?

Author(s): Eeva-Liisa Peltokorpi | Kaarina Määttä | Satu Uusiautti
Critical viewpoint to early childhood education teachers’ well-being at work

Author(s): Outi Ylitapio-Mäntylä | Satu Uusiautti | Kaarina Määttä
See-sawing between work and home: Shift-working mothers’ perceptions on work/family balance

Author(s): Huhtala, Eija | Uusiautti, Satu | Määttä, Kaarina
How to enhance the smoothness of university students’ study paths?

Author(s): Määttä, Kaarina | Uusiautti, Satu
Love and Play: Are They the Same?

Author(s): Kaarina Määttä | Satu Uusiautti
Love and Creativity – Paradoxal but Important Human Virtues

Author(s): Kaarina Määttä | Satu Uusiautti
The Other Side of Well-being – What Makes a Young Woman Become an Anorectic?

Author(s): Marika Savukoski | Kaarina Määttä | Satu Uusiautti
The Process of Becoming a Top Worker

Author(s): Satu Uusiautti | Kaarina Määttä
Expertise of Early Childhood Educators

Author(s): Iiris Happo | Kaarina Määttä

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