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Addiction training for undergraduate nurses using screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment

Author(s): Helen K. Burns | Kathryn Puskar | Michael T. Flaherty | Ann M. Mitchell | Holly Hagle | Betty Braxter | Marie Fioravanti | Heather J. Gotham | Irene Kane | Kimberly S. Talcott | Lauren Terhorst | Gail R. Woomer
Crown Ratio and Relative Spacing Relationships for Loblolly Pine Plantations

Author(s): Dehai Zhao | Michael Kane | Bruce E. Borders
Spontaneous Resolution of Primary Hyperparathyroidism in Parathyroid Adenoma

Author(s): Sara J. Micale | Michael P. Kane | Robert S. Busch
Communicating Ecological Indicators to Decision Makers and the Public

Author(s): Andrew Schiller | Carolyn T. Hunsaker | Michael A. Kane | Amy K. Wolfe | Virginia H. Dale | Glenn W. Suter | Clifford S. Russell | Georgine Pion | Molly H. Jensen | Victoria C. Konar
Construction of a Drug Safety Assurance Information System Based on Clinical Genotyping

Author(s): John A. Springer | Nicholas V. Iannotti | Jon E. Sprague | Michael D. Kane Bioinformatic Tools for Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics

Author(s): Michael S. Barker | Katrina M. Dlugosch | Louie Dinh | R. Sashikiran Challa | Nolan C. Kane | Matthew G. King | Loren H. Rieseberg
Culturally-adapted and audio-technology assisted HIV/AIDS awareness and education program in rural Nigeria: a cohort study

Author(s): Ofotokun Ighovwerha | Binongo Jose | Rosenberg Eli | Kane Michael | Ifland Rick | Lennox Jeffrey | Easley Kirk
Immunological considerations of modern animal models of malignant primary brain tumors

Author(s): Sughrue Michael | Yang Isaac | Kane Ari | Rutkowski Martin | Fang Shanna | James C David | Parsa Andrew
Interactive analysis of systems biology molecular expression data

Author(s): Zhang Mingwu | Ouyang Qi | Stephenson Alan | Kane Michael | Salt David | Prabhakar Sunil | Burgner John | Buck Charles | Zhang Xiang
Agile methods in biomedical software development: a multi-site experience report

Author(s): Kane David | Hohman Moses | Cerami Ethan | McCormick Michael | Kuhlmman Karl | Byrd Jeff
Lack of support for the association between GAD2 polymorphisms and severe human obesity.

Author(s): Swarbrick Michael M | Waldenmaier Björn | Pennacchio Len A | Lind Denise L | Cavazos Martha M | Geller Frank | Merriman Raphael | Ustaszewska Anna | Malloy Mary | Scherag André | Hsueh Wen-Chi | Rief Winfried | Mauvais-Jarvis Franck | Pullinger Clive R | Kane John P | Dent Robert | McPherson Ruth | Kwok Pui-Yan | Hinney Anke | Hebebrand Johannes | Vaisse Christian

Author(s): Praveen Putlur | Carl Foster | Jennifer A. Miskowski | Melissa K. Kane | Sara E. Burton | Timothy P. Scheett | Michael R. McGuigan
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