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Diagnosis and treatment of acute ankle injuries: development of an evidence-based algorithm

Author(s): Hans Polzer | Karl-Georg Kanz | Wolf Christian Prall | Florian Haasters | Ben Ockert | Wolf Mutschler | Stefan Grote
Malfunction of a Heimlich flutter valve causing tension pneumothorax: case report of a rare complication

Author(s): Paul April | Kirchhoff Chlodwig | Kay Michael | Hiebl Albert | Koerner Markus | Braunstein Volker | Mutschler Wolf | Kanz Karl-Georg
Trauma management incorporating focused assessment with computed tomography in trauma (FACTT) - potential effect on survival

Author(s): Kanz Karl-Georg | Paul April | Lefering Rolf | Kay Mike | Kreimeier Uwe | Linsenmaier Ulrich | Mutschler Wolf | Huber-Wagner Stefan
A rare differential diagnosis to occupational neck pain: bilateral stylohyoid syndrome

Author(s): Kirchhoff Gertrud | Kirchhoff Chlodwig | Buhmann Sonja | Kanz Karl-Georg | Lenz Miriam | Vogel Tobias | Kichhoff Rainer
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