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Comparison of Clinical Problems in Thoracoscopic Esophagectomy between Prone Position with Pneumothorax Procedure and Lateral Position

Author(s): Yoshihiro Kasagi | Ryu Okutani | Yukiko Komatsu | Yutaka Oda | Yoshito Yamashita
TGF-beta1 on osteoimmunology and the bone component cells

Author(s): Kasagi Shimpei | Chen Wanjun
Determination of organic components of milk as method for evaluating energy status of dairy cows

Author(s): Savić Đorđe | Matarugić D. | Delić N. | Kasagić D. | Stojanović M.
Endocrine and metabolic profile in Holstein and red Holstein heifers during peripartal period

Author(s): Kasagić D. | Radojičić Biljana | Gvozdić D. | Mirilović M. | Matarugić D.
Chemo-radionuclide therapy for thyroid cancer: initial experimental study with cultured cells.

Author(s): Misaki T | Iwata M | Iida Y | Kasagi K | Konishi J
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