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Iron oxide and calcite associated with Leptothrix sp. biofilms within an estavelle in the upper Floridan aquifer

Author(s): Florea Lee J. | Noe-Stinson Chasity L. | Brewer Josh | Fowler Rick | Kearns Joe B. | Greco Anthony M.
Revisiting three minerals from Cioclovina Cave (Romania)

Author(s): Onac Bogdan P. | Effenberger Herta S. | Collins Nathan C. | Kearns Joe B. | Breban Radu C.
Vashegyite from Gaura cu Muscă Cave (Locvei Mountains, Romania): a new and rare phosphate occurrence

Author(s): Onac Bogdan P. | Zaharia Luminiţa | Kearns Joe | Veres Daniel

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