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Greenland plateau jets

Author(s): George William Kent Moore | Ian Alasdair Renfrew | John Joseph Cassano
Genomic evaluations with many more genotypes

Author(s): VanRaden, Paul | O'Connell, Jeffrey | Wiggans George | Weigel Kent
Bos taurus genome assembly

Author(s): Liu Yue | Qin Xiang | Song Xing-Zhi | Jiang Huaiyang | Shen Yufeng | Durbin K James | Lien Sigbjørn | Kent Matthew | Sodeland Marte | Ren Yanru | Zhang Lan | Sodergren Erica | Havlak Paul | Worley Kim | Weinstock George | Gibbs Richard
Child feeding and human rights

Author(s): Kent George
Cytogenetic characterization and H-ras associated transformation of immortalized human mammary epithelial cells

Author(s): Rao Krishna | Alper Özge | Opheim Kent | Bonnet George | Wolfe Kristine | Bryant Eileen | Larivee Siobhan | Porter Peggy | McDougall James
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