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Faith as a Resource in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Is Associated with a Positive Interpretation of Illness and Experience of Gratitude/Awe

Author(s): Arndt Büssing | Anne-Gritli Wirth | Knut Humbroich | Kathrin Gerbershagen | Sebastian Schimrigk | Michael Haupts | Klaus Baumann | Peter Heusser
Artificial and Natural Sialic Acid Precursors Influence the Angiogenic Capacity of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

Author(s): Nils B. Bayer | Uwe Schubert | Zehra Sentürk | Silvia Rudloff | Sandra Frank | Heike Hausmann | Hildegard Geyer | Rudolf Geyer | Klaus T. Preissner | Sebastian P. Galuska
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Monitoring Soil Erosion in Morocco

Author(s): Sebastian d'Oleire-Oltmanns | Irene Marzolff | Klaus Daniel Peter | Johannes B. Ries
Diagnostic Potential of Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions in Noninvasive Assessment of Elevated Intracranial Pressure: Different Patterns of DPOAE Alterations in the Guinea Pig

Author(s): Ulrich Strassen | Christoph Deppe | Klaus Mees | Nikolaus Plesnila | Martin Canis | Sebastian Strieth | Bernhard Olzowy
Impact of surface disinfection and sterile draping of furniture on room air quality in a cardiac procedure room with a ventilation and air-conditioning system (extrusion airflow, cleanroom class 1b (DIN 1946-4))

Author(s): Below, Harald | Ryll, Sylvia | Empen, Klaus | Dornquast, Tina | Felix, Stefan | Rosenau, Heike | Kramer, Sebastian | Kramer, Axel
Cost analysis of Topical Negative Pressure (TNP) Therapy for traumatic acquired wounds

Author(s): Kolios, Leila | Kolios, Georg | Beyersdorff, Marius | Dumont, Clemens | Stromps, Jan | Freytag, Sebastian | Stuermer, Klaus
Predator-induced changes of female mating preferences: innate and experiential effects

Author(s): Bierbach David | Schulte Matthias | Herrmann Nina | Tobler Michael | Stadler Stefan | Jung Christian | Kunkel Benjamin | Riesch Rüdiger | Klaus Sebastian | Ziege Madlen | Indy Jeane | Arias-Rodriguez Lenin | Plath Martin
A Security Scheme for Dependable Key Insertion in Mobile Embedded Devices

Author(s): Alexander Klimm | Benjamin Glas | Matthias Wachs | Sebastian Vogel | Klaus D. Müller-Glaser | Jürgen Becker
Scientific Collaboration on Past Speciation Conditions in Lake Ohrid–SCOPSCO Workshop Report

Author(s): Bernd Wagner | Thomas Wilke | Sebastian Krastel-Gudegast | Andon Grazhdani | Klaus Reicherter | Sasho Trajanovski | Giovanni Zanchetta
The TGF-beta-Pseudoreceptor BAMBI is strongly expressed in COPD lungs and regulated by nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae

Author(s): Drömann Daniel | Rupp Jan | Rohmann Kristina | Osbahr Sinia | Ulmer Artur | Marwitz Sebastian | Röschmann Kristina | Abdullah Mahdi | Schultz Holger | Vollmer Ekkehard | Zabel Peter | Dalhoff Klaus | Goldmann Torsten
Pseudonymization in medical research - the generic data protection concept of the TMF

Author(s): Pommerening, Klaus | Reng, Michael | Debold, Peter | Semler, Sebastian
Determination of DPPH Radical Oxidation Caused by Methanolic Extracts of Some Microalgal Species by Linear Regression Analysis of Spectrophotometric Measurements

Author(s): Kai Marxen | Klaus Heinrich Vanselow | Sebastian Lippemeier | Ralf Hintze | Andreas Ruser | Ulf-Peter Hansen
The Neogene Freshwater Crabs of Europe

Author(s): Klaus Sebastian | Gross Martin
Protection against ultraviolet radiation by commercial summer clothing: need for standardised testing and labelling

Author(s): Gambichler Thilo | Rotterdam Sebastian | Altmeyer Peter | Hoffmann Klaus
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