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A Systems Biology Strategy for Predicting Similarities and Differences of Drug Effects: Evidence for Drug-specific Modulation of Inflammation in Atherosclerosis

Author(s): Kleemann Robert | Bureeva Svetlana | Perlina Ally | Kaput Jim | Verschuren Lars | Wielinga Peter | Hurt-Camejo Eva | Nikolsky Yuri | van Ommen Ben | Kooistra Teake
Improving the analysis of designed studies by combining statistical modelling with study design information

Author(s): Thissen Uwe | Wopereis Suzan | van den Berg Sjoerd | Bobeldijk Ivana | Kleemann Robert | Kooistra Teake | Willems van Dijk Ko | van Ommen Ben | Smilde Age
Phase transition and random-field induced domain wall response in quantum ferroelectrics SrTi18O3: review and perspective

Author(s): Mitsuru Itoh, Toshirou Yagi, Yoshiaki Uesu, Wolfgang Kleemann and Robert Blinc
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