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Effects of Instruction-Supported Learning with Worked Examples in Quantitative Method Training

Author(s): Kai Wagner | Martin Klein | Eric Klopp | Thomas Puhl | Robin Stark
Acute effects of whole body vibration on foot sole sensitivity and plantar pressures during gait initiation

Author(s): Alfuth Martin | Beiring Anne | Klein Dieter | Rosenbaum Dieter
Divergent Evolution of Male Aggressive Behaviour: Another Reproductive Isolation Barrier in Extremophile Poeciliid Fishes?

Author(s): David Bierbach | Moritz Klein | Vanessa Sassmannshausen | Ingo Schlupp | Rüdiger Riesch | Jakob Parzefall | Martin Plath
Genotypic tropism testing by massively parallel sequencing: qualitative and quantitative analysis

Author(s): Däumer Martin | Kaiser Rolf | Klein Rolf | Lengauer Thomas | Thiele Bernhard | Thielen Alexander
Comparative efficacy of AHU-377, a potent neprilysin inhibitor, in two rat models of volume-dependent hypertension

Author(s): Hegde Laxminarayan | Yu Cecile | Madhavi Cheruvu | Araki Russell | Villarreal Jennifer | Obedencio Glenmar | Kanta Anne | Sandvick Erik | Hill Craig | Dement Kevin | Klein Uwe | McConn Donavon | Martin William | Hegde Sharath
Representation of Multiplication Facts-Evidence for partial verbal coding

Author(s): Moeller Korbinian | Klein Elise | Fischer Martin | Nuerk Hans-Christoph | Willmes Klaus
Small animal look-locker inversion recovery (SALLI)

Author(s): Messroghli Daniel | Nordmeyer Sarah | Buehrer Martin | Kozerke Sebastian | Dietrich Thore | Hucko Thomas | Berger Felix | Klein Christoph | Kuehne Titus
On the Number of Membranes in Unary P Systems

Author(s): Rudolf Freund | Andreas Klein | Martin Kutrib
Quantitative comparison of microarray experiments with published leukemia related gene expression signatures

Author(s): Klein Hans-Ulrich | Ruckert Christian | Kohlmann Alexander | Bullinger Lars | Thiede Christian | Haferlach Torsten | Dugas Martin
Disturbed functional brain networks and neurocognitive function in low-grade glioma patients: a graph theoretical analysis of resting-state MEG

Author(s): Bosma Ingeborg | Reijneveld Jaap | Klein Martin | Douw Linda | van Dijk Bob | Heimans Jan | Stam Cornelis
The size of the treatment effect: do patients and proxies agree?

Author(s): van der Linden Femke | Kragt Jolijn | Hobart Jeremy | Klein Martin | Thompson Alan | van der Ploeg Henk | Polman Chris | Uitdehaag Bernard
Indole-3-thiouronium nitrate

Author(s): Martin Lutz | Anthony L. Spek | Erwin P. L. van der Geer | Gerard van Koten | Robertus J. M. Klein Gebbink
Indole-3-thiouronium iodide

Author(s): Martin Lutz | Anthony L. Spek | Erwin P. L. van der Geer | Gerard van Koten | Robertus J. M. Klein Gebbink
Longitudinal proxy measurements in multiple sclerosis: patient-proxy agreement on the impact of MS on daily life over a period of two years

Author(s): van der Linden Femke | Kragt Jolijn | van Bon Margarethe | Klein Martin | Thompson Alan | van der Ploeg Henk | Polman Chris | Uitdehaag Bernard
HSV-2- and HIV-1- permissive cell lines co-infected by HSV-2 and HIV-1 co-replicate HSV-2 and HIV-1 without production of HSV-2/HIV-1 pseudotype particles

Author(s): LeGoff Jérôme | Bouhlal Hicham | Lecerf Maxime | Klein Christophe | Hocini Hakim | Si-Mohamed Ali | Muggeridge Martin | Bélec Laurent
Role of activators of ferric sGC in cardiovascular disease

Author(s): Schindler Ursula | Klein Martina | Linz Wolfgang | Rütten Hartmut | Schäfer Stefan | Strobel Hartmut | Schäfer Andreas | Bauersachs Johann | Wassmann Sven | van Eickels Martin
Cytosolic acidification as a signal mediating hyperosmotic stress responses in Dictyostelium discoideum

Author(s): Pintsch Tanja | Satre Michel | Klein Gérard | Martin Jean-Baptiste | Schuster Stephan
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