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The entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana reduces instantaneous blood feeding in wild multi-insecticide-resistant Culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes in Benin, West Africa

Author(s): Howard Annabel FV | N'Guessan Raphael | Koenraadt Constantianus JM | Asidi Alex | Farenhorst Marit | Akogbéto Martin | Thomas Matthew B | Knols Bart GJ | Takken Willem
Population genetic structure of Anopheles arabiensis and Anopheles gambiae in a malaria endemic region of southern Tanzania

Author(s): Ng'habi Kija | Knols Bart | Lee Yoosook | Ferguson Heather | Lanzaro Gregory
Impact of promoting longer-lasting insecticide treatment of bed nets upon malaria transmission in a rural Tanzanian setting with pre-existing high coverage of untreated nets

Author(s): Russell Tanya | Lwetoijera Dickson | Maliti Deodatus | Chipwaza Beatrice | Kihonda Japhet | Charlwood J Derek | Smith Thomas | Lengeler Christian | Mwanyangala Mathew | Nathan Rose | Knols Bart | Takken Willem | Killeen Gerry
The infectivity of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana to insecticide-resistant and susceptible Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes at two different temperatures

Author(s): Kikankie Christophe | Brooke Basil | Knols Bart | Koekemoer Lizette | Farenhorst Marit | Hunt Richard | Thomas Matthew | Coetzee Maureen
Factors affecting fungus-induced larval mortality in Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles stephensi

Author(s): Bukhari Tullu | Middelman Anthonieke | Koenraadt Constantianus | Takken Willem | Knols Bart
Infection of the malaria mosquito, Anopheles gambiae, with two species of entomopathogenic fungi: effects of concentration, co-formulation, exposure time and persistence

Author(s): Mnyone Ladslaus | Kirby Matthew | Lwetoijera Dickson | Mpingwa Monica | Knols Bart | Takken Willem | Russell Tanya
Cultured skin microbiota attracts malaria mosquitoes

Author(s): Verhulst Niels | Beijleveld Hans | Knols Bart | Takken Willem | Schraa Gosse | Bouwmeester Harro | Smallegange Renate
Ethical, legal and social aspects of the approach in Sudan

Author(s): El Sayed Badria | Malcolm Colin | Babiker Ahmed | Malik Elfatih | El Tayeb Mohammed | Saeed Nageeb | Nugud Abdel | Knols Bart
Colonisation and mass rearing: learning from others

Author(s): Benedict Mark | Knols Bart | Bossin Hervé | Howell Paul | Mialhe Eric | Caceres Carlos | Robinson Alan
Radiation biology of mosquitoes

Author(s): Helinski Michelle | Parker Andrew | Knols Bart
Conceptual framework and rationale

Author(s): Robinson Alan | Knols Bart | Voigt Gabriella | Hendrichs Jorge
Historical applications of induced sterilisation in field populations of mosquitoes

Author(s): Dame David | Curtis Christopher | Benedict Mark | Robinson Alan | Knols Bart
Male mating biology

Author(s): Howell Paul | Knols Bart
Field site selection: getting it right first time around

Author(s): Malcolm Colin | El Sayed Badria | Babiker Ahmed | Girod Romain | Fontenille Didier | Knols Bart | Nugud Abdel | Benedict Mark
Spatial and temporal distribution of the malaria mosquito Anopheles arabiensis in northern Sudan: influence of environmental factors and implications for vector control

Author(s): Ageep Tellal | Cox Jonathan | Hassan M'oawia | Knols Bart | Benedict Mark | Malcolm Colin | Babiker Ahmed | El Sayed Badria
Clarification of anomalies in the application of a 2La molecular karyotyping method for the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae

Author(s): Ng'habi Kija | Meneses Claudio | Cornel Anthony | Slotman Michel | Knols Bart | Ferguson Heather | Lanzaro Gregory
Establishment of a large semi-field system for experimental study of African malaria vector ecology and control in Tanzania

Author(s): Ferguson Heather | Ng'habi Kija | Walder Thomas | Kadungula Demetrius | Moore Sarah | Lyimo Issa | Russell Tanya | Urassa Honorathy | Mshinda Hassan | Killeen Gerry | Knols Bart
A 15N stable isotope semen label to detect mating in the malaria mosquito Anopheles arabiensis Patton

Author(s): Helinski Michelle | Hood Rebecca | Gludovacz Doris | Mayr Leo | Knols Bart
Towards a sterile insect technique field release of Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes in Sudan: Irradiation, transportation, and field cage experimentation

Author(s): Helinski Michelle | Hassan Mo'awia | El-Motasim Waleed | Malcolm Colin | Knols Bart | El-Sayed Badria
A reliable morphological method to assess the age of male Anopheles gambiae

Author(s): Huho Bernadette | Ng'habi Kija | Killeen Gerry | Nkwengulila Gamba | Knols Bart | Ferguson Heather
Ecologists can enable communities to implement malaria vector control in Africa

Author(s): Mukabana W | Kannady Khadija | Kiama G Michael | Ijumba Jasper | Mathenge Evan | Kiche Ibrahim | Nkwengulila Gamba | Mboera Leonard | Mtasiwa Deo | Yamagata Yoichi | van Schayk Ingeborg | Knols Bart | Lindsay Steven | de Castro Marcia | Mshinda Hassan | Tanner Marcel | Fillinger Ulrike | Killeen Gerry
Effect of larval crowding on mating competitiveness of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes

Author(s): Ng'habi Kija | John Bernadette | Nkwengulila Gamba | Knols Bart | Killeen Gerry | Ferguson Heather
Daily oviposition patterns of the African malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae Giles (Diptera: Culicidae) on different types of aqueous substrates

Author(s): Sumba Leunita | Okoth Kenneth | Deng Arop | Githure John | Knols Bart | Beier John | Hassanali Ahmed
A simulation model of African Anopheles ecology and population dynamics for the analysis of malaria transmission

Author(s): Depinay Jean-Marc | Mbogo Charles | Killeen Gerry | Knols Bart | Beier John | Carlson John | Dushoff Jonathan | Billingsley Peter | Mwambi Henry | Githure John | Toure Abdoulaye | Ellis McKenzie F
Entomopathogenic fungi for mosquito control: A review

Author(s): Ernst-Jan Scholte | Bart G.J. Knols | Robert A. Samson | Willem Takken
MalariaSphere: A greenhouse-enclosed simulation of a natural Anopheles gambiae (Diptera: Culicidae) ecosystem in western Kenya

Author(s): Knols Bart | Njiru Basilio | Mathenge Evan | Mukabana Wolfgang | Beier John | Killeen Gerry
Egg hatching, larval movement and larval survival of the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae in desiccating habitats

Author(s): Koenraadt Constantianus | Paaijmans Krijn P | Githeko Andrew K | Knols Bart GJ | Takken Willem
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