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Smell reduction and disinfection of textile materials by dielectric barrier discharges

Author(s): Siegfried Müller | Rolf-Jürgen Zahn | Torsten Koburger | Klaus-Dieter Weltmann
Evaluation of the PotoClean® decontamination technology for reprocessing of water supply lines in dental units during routine work

Author(s): Axel Kramer | Torsten Koburger | Lisa-Dorothea Taube | Michael Menzel | Georg Meyer | Ojan Assadian
Decontamination of room air and adjoining wall surfaces by nebulizing hydrogen peroxide

Author(s): Koburger, Torsten | Below, Harald | Dornquast, Tina | Kramer, Axel
Minimum inhibitory (MIC) and minimum microbicidal concentration (MMC) of polihexanide and triclosan against antibiotic sensitive and resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli strains

Author(s): Assadian, Ojan | Wehse, Katrin | Hübner, Nils-Olaf | Koburger, Torsten | Bagel, Simone | Jethon, Frank | Kramer, Axel
Microbiocidal efficacy of MedihoneyTM

Author(s): Igelbrink, Dorothee | Koburger, Torsten | Simon, Arne | Kramer, Axel
Microbicidal activity of polihexanide

Author(s): Koburger, Torsten | Müller, Gerald | Eisenbeiß, Werner | Assadian, Ojan | Kramer, Axel
Comparison of the bactericidal efficacy and in vitro cytotoxicity of Lavasept® and Prontosan®

Author(s): Müller, Gerald | Koburger, Torsten | Jethon, Frank U. W. | Kramer, Axel
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