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Understanding the reasons behind the low utilisation of thrombolysis in stroke

Author(s): Ashraf Eissa | Ines Krass | Christopher Levi | Jonathan Sturm | Rabsima Ibrahim | Beata Bajorek
The Role of Tetrahydrobiopterin and Dihydrobiopterin in Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury When Given at Reperfusion

Author(s): Qian Chen | Elizabeth Eun Jung Kim | Katrina Elio | Christopher Zambrano | Samuel Krass | Jane Chun-wen Teng | Helen Kay | Kerry-Anne Perkins | Sailesh Pershad | Sloane McGraw | Jeffrey Emrich | Jovan S. Adams | Lindon H. Young
Measuring consumer preference for models of diabetes care delivered by pharmacists

Author(s): Taylor S | Hourihan F | Krass I | Armour C
Balancing risk versus benefit: the elderly patient’s perspective on warfarin therapy.

Author(s): Bajorek BV | Ogle SJ | Duguid MJ | Shenfield GM | Krass I
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