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Crohn’s disease genotypes of patients in remission vs relapses after infliximab discontinuation

Author(s): Cathy Lu | Alistair Waugh | Robert J Bailey | Raeleen Cherry | Levinus A Dieleman | Leah Gramlich | Kata Matic | Mario Millan | Karen I Kroeker | Daniel Sadowski | Christopher W Teshima | Dennis Todoruk | Clarence Wong | Karen Wong | Richard N Fedorak
Automatic LV localization and view planning for cardiac MRI acquisition

Author(s): Kellman Peter | Lu Xiaoguang | Jolly Marie-Pierre | Bi Xiaoming | Kroeker Randall | Schmidt Michaela | Speier Peter | Hayes Carmel | Guehring Jens | Mueller Edgar
1043 High spatial and temporal resolution MRA of the entire peripheral vascular system using a new 3D time-resolved MRA technique (TWIST)

Author(s): Vogt Florian | Maderwald Stefan | Quick Harald | Kroeker Randall | Schmidt Michaela | Barkhausen Jörg
1044 High spatial and temporal resolution MRA (TWIST) in acute aortic dissection

Author(s): Vogt Florian | Maderwald Stefan | Eggebrecht Holger | Breuckmann Frank | Kroeker Randall | Barkhausen Jörg
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