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Automatisierung von Systemtests im industriellen Umfeld

Author(s): Kellner Anja | Kropp Martin
Automated GUI Testing on the Android Platform

Author(s): Kropp Martin | Morales Pamela
Fit for Business Process Testing

Author(s): Garcia Garcia Cecilia | Kropp Martin | Schwaiger Wolfgang
Possible criteria for inpatient psychiatric admissions: which patients are transferred from emergency services to inpatient psychiatric treatment?

Author(s): Ziegenbein Marc | Anreis Christoph | Br├╝ggen Bernhard | Ohlmeier Martin | Kropp Stefan
Psychiatric patients turnaround times in the emergency department

Author(s): Kropp Stefan | Andreis Christoph | te Wildt Bert | Reulbach Udo | Ohlmeier Martin | Auffarth Irina | Ziegenbein Marc

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